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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply and clarification. As I mentioned, that wasn't the main problem (should've opened a separate post I think ) and also the fuel values are not injected (to my knowledge) but set manually in-sim to correspond to what AH2 thinks you have in the tank or whatever you set it to (like your FSE example). Same goes for cargo/payload values. The main problem as I see it, is the 'engines running' datarefs being custom and therefore making tracking a human operated flight in the CL650 in AH2 not possible at this time.
  2. Hi, Like everyone else here, absolutely gobsmacked with this amazing module! Congrats! After some training flights I took the plunge and added the CL650 to my Air Hauler 2 stable of aircraft. 2 Observations/Issues I encountered: 1. Is the CL650.acf value for P acf/_m_fuel_max_tot correct? By default it's 44092440.0 ? This causes an exception when attempting to import the aircraft into AH2. Presumably when importing an aircraft, AH2 expects a value in pounds (lbs) here and was throwing its toys out of the pram. Temporarily changing this to approx. realworld value
  3. Hello again, So after some more digging, I found that my SAM plugin was not up to date. I updated (XP11 dir/Resources/plugins/SAM/content_manager/windows/sam3_content_manager.exe)the base plugin from v3.0.10 to v3.0.13 The CL650 save state loaded without crashing, albeit with AP and ATS disabled. I will need to learn how to reset ATS and get that going again as it's not reactivating, but that's not for this ticket If you are happy to do so, please mark this as resolved.
  4. Hi, First off, congratulations on an amazing product and release. I've been enjoying the CL immensely! Unfortunately, I've stumbled upon a persistent CTD when trying to load a save state of when I was cruising on AP at FL400 on a flight from KFSD to KEGE. I seem to hit the same Exception Access Violation every time I try loading the save state and the sim CTDs. The save state will load in the cockpit with the sim paused. As soon as I unpause, it hangs and crashes to Desktop. I am able to use Training mode without any apparent issues, just this particular Career save s
  5. That's great news! Thanks and apologies for the duplication.
  6. Hi guys, I am using XP 10.51r2 (64-bit) on Windows 10 with the Saab 340A v1.4.1 update. Minor issue here: when using mouse scroll wheel (or mouse click/drag) to manipulate Nav2 heading selector knob I get an errror: error: 353.976: MouseWheelEventTrigger: OnMouseWheel: [string "JGX.1.Saab.SCRL.lua.ra1"]:1241: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'CHP_OBS2_dial_pos' (a nil value) Mouse click on Nav2: error: 92.663: Run(xp): OnMouseClick: [string "JGX.1.Saab.SCRL.lua.ra1"]:1248: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'CHP_OBS2_dial_pos' (a nil value)
  7. FYI: from the supplied SAAB 340A Systems pdf page 194: A/P Disconnect Pushbuttons When either A/P Disconnect button is initially pressed, the autopilot and yaw damper disengage, the AP and YD engage levers return to the DISENGAGED position, and a red AP and a yellow YD annunciator in a box flash on each EADI. Also, when the autopilot disengages, an aural warning (cavalry charge) sounds. Pushing the button a second time stops the flashing, changes the AP annunciator to white, and removes the YD annunciator.
  8. Hi, This happens to me very sporadically as well. Similar sort of incidence to what alpha12125 describes and similarly, only 1 engine that becomes inoperative. Generally, a Gizmo reboot or Aircraft reload from the X-plane menu will resolve the issue though on occasion, I have needed to reload X-plane to clear the issue. So far with v1.3 this has only happened once since installing making this a tricky customer to pin down and reproduce reliably, but the frequency has definitely decreased substantially since upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone guys To
  9. Thanks Jim, great to hear. Sorry for the duplication.
  10. Hello again Regarding the Altimeter preselector digit alignment someone else I think commented on earlier, ie. the digits not lining up straight - I see this tonight as well. Yesterday, all the digits were nicely aligned. The day before the second digit (second thousands) was out of alignment - today it's the turn of the third (hundreds) digit. I've tried scrolling forwards and backwards like a madman to see if the numbers would eventually sync up, but alas they don't. Minor issue for me I can defo live with, but for your delectation and perusal I attach a screenshot, gizmo log and xp
  11. Hi Cameron, Thanks very much for the prompt reply - much appreciated! I re-downloaded and re-installed and we're all good again. Radios popout in all their convenient glory. Back to flying this bewt. Thanks again! Alex
  12. Hello, I appear to have lost the radios pop-out functionality on the Passenger variant today. It was working fine last night (yeah I know, not very useful ). If I load the cargo variant it works fine for that, but reverting back to passenger variant does loses the popout functionality. I can see the mouse icon change on the radio clickspot to a pointy finger (have tried all the radios, with and without TrackIR disabled), but clicking does nothing. I have tried restarting X-plane a number of times and reloading the Saab at different airports to no avail. Help! Hopefully the attached
  13. Hi LES team! Just wanted to express my huge thanks for the hard work that's gone into this update and making the Saab 340a even better! Absolutely loving it and racking up the hours nicely! On a side note: when I started it up this afternoon - first time since update - I did have that strange 'engine 1 not starting issue', where it spools up and the eng1 Temp readout remains stuck at 32(0) degrees Annoyingly, I can't reproduce the problem now, but for future reference, what would you require from me to help you gain a better insight into what's going on? The x-plane Log file? For what
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