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  1. How long were you on battery power before getting the generator online?
  2. I'll say it again... set your max frames per second to 30 or 35 and your stutters will stop.
  3. Try this: in Nvidia control panel, 3d settings, set Max Frame Rate to around 35 frames per second. That's all the FPS you'll get but the stutters will be gone and it looks great. I have all my X-Plane settings at or near maxed out. GTX 1080, I9 processor, 32 gigs ram. Play around with the frames per second setting till you find what works for your system. Mine works great at 45 fps.
  4. I agree. MSFS is more an arcade game than a flight simulator. The Hot Start TBM is so much better!
  5. A trick I found that works well to eliminate stutters on Vulcan is to set "maximum frame rate" in NVidia control panel to around 35. I have a high end system and before I was getting 70 fps or more, with settings mostly maxed out, but the stutters were horrible at the same time. Now I get a solid 35 fps but NO stutters. The TBM is smooth as butter inside and out.
  6. Flaps full for T.O? Is that procedure or technique?
  7. mrogers0547

    No P-Factor

    I agree... Bring it back! It was a bear to learn how to handle at the beginning but so much more rewarding to be able to t/o and land successfully.
  8. Most assuredly NOT a P.O.S.! Maybe someone just needs to go back to playing xbox.
  9. I've had this as well every time a saved situation is loaded. Upper left, Flight/Edit failures, then fix all systems. Or click the categories to see what is failed. Not a TBM thing, it's X-Plane's menu.
  10. Same here. Only on starting a saved flight.
  11. Cannot find this anywhere... What is the yellow and black hashed circle that appears on the MFD map and sometimes expands and sometimes contracts?
  12. I also have a terrible time on takeoff roll; landing roll out as well but not so much as T.O. Could this be a nose wheel steering issue vs a rudder problem? Other X-Plane aircraft have the "toggle nose wheel steering" ability but this TBM does not. Just saying...
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