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  1. I really don’t know but most of xplane users do have addons or plug-ins installed ( thats the xplane community ) and not fly vanilla. Its easy for dev to say „oh sorry“ for troubles that the plane isn’t working - but in vanilla xplane it works. I really use plugins with good reputations so i think ever bevor install it. But ok - other planes work good especially IXEG 737........ I hope someday your plane works as well as it should.
  2. Yeah.... i know xp11 is in beta.....but i bought the tbm because on your homepage it’s mentioned that it is vulkan compatible. I reinstalled and removed plugins but still absolutely heavy stutters. Also when engaging the power/battery the gear suddenly collapse. Its such an awesome plane - but at the moment unusable. For such a big investment/money i tought you get quicker bug updates ! Also because of the mentioned Vulkan ino !! I hope you fix it soon !
  3. Anyone else experince really bad stutters in the cockpit view even with framesrates around 40/50 ? Outside it seems ok ! Running xp11.50b15
  4. Hallo, any time range for the upcoming update v3.1 ? could remember that they said in 2-3 weeks ! that would be now..... sorry wrong topic thread......my fault
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