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  1. Just with regards to the ignition. Our SOP is to start with the Right ignition on the first flight of the day, as it provides a check of the AC standby bus. Our airline currently does not apply the alleviation from the MEL with the right ignition system inop. Apparently the Boeing service Bulletin SB 737-74-1001 and subsequent, are not incorporated in any of our 737-300 aircraft. We also don't have an approved alternate configuration that connects the left igniter to the AC standby Bus. Craig
  2. The config horn also happened to me on the second flight. I will try and fiddling with the speed brake lever and see what happens. Craig
  3. Well... I'm loving this 1.3 update and it has got me back into the classic, that left my licence just over a year ago. Do you plan on doing a 22k variant? Not a priority at all but would be cool. Save me reducing my ZFM so I can make the longer flights anyway haha. Cheers
  4. The one thing we would always forget to reset is the DH to -20 when someone pulls the GPU on us during a turnaround. haha 90% of the time at our base the APU, IRS's, Hydraulics and brewer is on! But that's no fun in a simulator....... apart from the coffee.
  5. Yeah, Gone of the 300 days....Just press Vnav now and drink my tea. Although it did work until you wound up the missed approach alt
  6. I know on all of FMC's on the 300's we could put a runway fix in. I would always use it for putting range rings for some SA on approach. I Just get around it in the IXEG by using the Aerodrome in the fix instead. Regards Craig
  7. The taxi light and runway turnoff lights on the real 300 are not very good at all. This was modelled accurately. :-). Craig.
  8. The speed intervene also doesn't appear on all 737NG's, we have some a Jet2 without it. It only really becomes a pain for us when doing VNAV approach's to VNAV minimums. You just have to feed the approach speed for wind additive on approach reference page. Regards Craig
  9. Do you live in Jerez by the way? I did all my training at FTEjerez, loved the place! Shifty
  10. Ah gotcha, my bad.... yeah it does have more buttons and a DME hold option, hehe. Most of our 300's now have GPS for primary position updating so you rarely get the "Unable-RNP" FMC's messages on approach anymore. You're spot on with the inability for the aircraft to update it's position using VOR/DME when both in Manual without GPS. The other system works differently so you can tune any NAV freq but it doesn't effect the positing updating using VOR/DME. I guess it has a separate system to allow this. I could look it up in the tech manual but I'm too busy drinking beer tonight . Regards Shifty
  11. I wouldn't call that tuner more advanced, we operate all types at my company and that one is the worst! If you don't have GPS you loose your position all the time during an approach when in manual mode, and the FMC cries unable RNP. I much prefer the version IXEG have gone with :-). Shifty
  12. Jojo, Different 300's have different options for the alert horn, some of ours at Jet2 give you the horn all the time when approaching the altitude even with the autopilot in and any mode. Some will only give you the horn if you deviate 300ft or more from your MCP level. The deviating one is important as it's an RVSM requirement. Examples below of 3 different type of aircraft options. Shifty
  13. Hi Len, Uplift fuel each flight unless the fuel is very expensive down route, in which case you could tanker fuel for a round trip if able. The main reason is it costs money to carry the extra fuel, for example on my real world flight today we would burn an extra 7kgs of fuel for every 100kgs of extra fuel we carried. Shifty
  14. It's in the Unreliable airspeed section of our QRH. But rule of thumb 6 and 60.. 6 degrees pitch and 60% N1 for level flight clean and level flight flap 5 speed 180/170. This will change with weight but it's a good starting point. 3 degree ILS is about 2.5 pitch and 56% N1, again ball park figs Sihfty
  15. All our aircraft our different, even on some of our NG's we don't get the horn when approaching our level. You should get it if you deviate more than 300ft from your selected altitude, I believe this is an RVSM requirement. Shifty
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