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  1. Thank you Tom! I really appreciate your hard work guys! //Robert
  2. I tried to select debug mode in preferences window before flight preparation and I could continue CDU procedure without any crash. Now I am able to fly to EDDN //Robert
  3. Thank you Jan for your reply! I tried right now the same flight preparation I experienced crash yesterday. It happens everytime I start from cold and dark and prepare my flight from beginning (EDDT-EDDN). I tried to do the same procedure with engine started and I did not have that crash. I have IXEG 1.32. //Robert 20200714_180520.mp4 Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  4. Hi! When I try to select SID BRANE2T for rwy 08R in EDDT Gizmo64 console window appears and I can not select any SID in FMC. I use Navigraph navdata. //Robert Log.txt
  5. Thank you Jan for reply! I selected the 18.5K derate and I thought that the engines will spool up to 85.2% N1 when TO/GA button is pressed. I am still learning this amazing aircraft since the release day. //Robert
  6. HI! I have a question about take off thrust settings. When I selected TOGA thrust on the runway and I increased my hardware throttle to full power, N1 thrust never achieved derated N1 thrust 85.2 I set in the FMC take off page. I do not know if I do something wrong or it is because of the runway elevation in EPKT 1007 feet? I have version 1.31 //Robert
  7. Hi! I need some help with the views. In previous version I could hit the "w" key and the FOV jumped to my chosen view, but now it is only default view. Is there any option to save chosen view I can jump to by hitting "w" key? //Robert
  8. Thank you Jan! Have you the same setting for the Pitch? I have still my control response(pitch,roll,yaw) on 25% and stability augmentation at 0%. Is that still correct? //Robert
  9. Hello! What is the recommended control sensitivity settings for the yoke with the new flight model? //Robert
  10. Hi! I have updated to v1.3 with Gizmo 20 Beta and now I can not open IXEG boeing, x-plane 11 crashes Maybe anybody knows how to solve this issue? I send log.text. //Robert Log.txt
  11. Thank you Jan! I cant wait for the next update of this amazing project I enjoy since the release date //Robert
  12. Look at time 1.31 in this video
  13. Hi! In the real aircraft you can hear a short "click" sound when you are airborn after VR. Is it possible to have this "click" sound in the next update? //Robert
  14. Hi! Experienced the same problem when approaching ILS for rwy 26R in EDDT, loc and g/s became crazy //Robert
  15. Thanks guys! It seems that I had last version of nvidia drivers that crashed x-plane. I tried to rollback nvidia drivers to the previous version and everything works fine now I am very glad to fly IXEG again Cheers,Robert
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