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  1. Check you circuit breaker panels, I had one randomly popped before.
  2. Flight idle indeed seems a bit high. It's hard to slow down the MU-2 in flight.
  3. Landing lights work fine put to the RET position to retract.
  4. The overspeed governor does not look like it`s working. Prop still on the stops but engine percent inceases to like 190% it spins almost a full turn on the dial over the limit. Tried with legacy throttle and modern throttle both same result. Overspeed governor test was working fine with 2.0.0
  5. Interesting way of starting. Battery and external air only never thought of that.
  6. Just guessing: The main gear does not have an overcentering like bigger jets, but I think an internal lock in the actuator. With A pin installed you can force the internal lock to stay engaged.
  7. During an evening walk around I found the map light on the cockpit window post on. And the same for the exit sign at the entrance. Also none of the emergency lights seem to work. Minor issue but still a thing that can be fixed.
  8. Engine pylon is mounted a bit high on the fuselage IRL they are more in line with the cabin windows
  9. During a detailed look at the 3d model I noticed the LH wing does not have any tank panels like the RH side does.
  10. Watching the previews, what an amazing job you guys have done. The FBO is a really nice feature.
  11. Thanks looks great!
  12. The updates really boosted the fps. It flies so smooth now.
  13. Kimo

    Garmin G530

    Weird mine still works fine in 11.20.
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