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  1. Since the update is coming close I would like to request a livery that is very near to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossair_Flight_498#/media/File:39bb_-_Crossair_Saab_340B;_HB-AKK@ZRH;09.09.1998_(8296142611).jpg Me and my dad used to look at the planes land in Agno LSZA when I was a kid and they had this livery. This was before the collapse and then we moved from there so it is still in my memory. There are 2 other Crossair liveries out there but I would really appreciate this one.
  2. I am jumping in as a neutral new customer of the plane. The bank angle problem is annoying and since it is fixed in the new update I do not understand why a hotfix can't be released. Most of the other stuff is working ok (engine temps are broken but we can survive without them). Also by the devs it was mentioned that the plane is actually an XP10 plane but ported to XP11. In the store site it isn't really clear that it is an XP10 plane. It says XP11 compatible and "X-Plane 11 Only" so I would expect that it works perfectly. It isn't like XP11 is something new. I do appreciate that the devs are still updating it though and what is clear is that a lot of love has gone into making the Saab. What I want to bring out is that there are reasons to be a bit disappointed after buying the plane, at least for now. Also communication is important and I wish that LES would give a bit more info than "we do not release dates" kinda answer. I understand that people get disappointed when a "deadline" is missed but a LevelDsim approach where you say little for years is also a bad way for communication. It just ends with frustration. Saab V2 has been announced for a long time but there has been no update at all so it will cause curiosity and frustration. Is there anything bad in just sharing a bit of planned upgrades and a loose percentage of how done it is. FlyJsim have a fantastic way of communication via their Discord where they livestream their update programming and 3d designing and so has HotStart (yes I know Goran is in there) so it would be nice to improve communication to loosen the tension. It is up to you if you choose to answer but please don't become defensive. I mean this meant as positive criticism since it is clear that you guys do care and love the plane and want us to have a great simulation experience. Regards, Manfred
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