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  1. Just tried to download one livery and I get this. Yes, I've updated to 1.33.
  2. Pretty sure it's a known issue that they're working on with the next update. I'm on Windows and can't load charts (US/FAA) either.
  3. Thank you! I'll keep this in mind from now on when refueling in FSE.
  4. FSEconomy. When I start the flight, it loads much less fuel that I should. I don't know if this is an issue with the FSE client or the TBM. For example, most recent flight, I had loaded 250 gal (both in sim/TBM and FSeconomy refueling). When I hit start flight, the fuel indicated was instead 220 gallons. Anyone else noticed this?
  5. I think that's just a Zibo thing if that's where you got the idea from. As far as I know the NG doesn't chime when you hit the exec button.
  6. I've had the TOPER addon for a while now (it's a takeoff performance calculator), but I noticed that for the 300 it only has data for the 22k engines, whereas I believe the IXEG has 20K. So lets say TOPER says use an assumed temp of 67C, I imagine a 20K engine shouldn't derate quite as much as that since the engines aren't as powerful. I usually shave a few degrees off whatever temp TOPER gives me, but is there a more precise way of calculating it?
  7. This happens with a few other planes too, including the Rotate MD80 (at least for me). As a rule of thumb now I load the default 172 before loading whatever I'm flying, even if the particular plane doesn't normally have the issue.
  8. Okay, today I had an issue - the cockpit just turns white once a few thousand feet airborne. Catstrator had the same bug on his recent stream: https://www.twitch.tv/catstrator/clip/ShyRespectfulBurritoRlyTho?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time EDIT: I noticed this bug has already been reported, and the suggestion was to turn off "draw vortices". I'm 90% sure I had it turned off, but I'll try again.
  9. Alright, so while I don't have time to do a proper flight, I did restore the original .acf and cockpit files, and the lighting issue isn't present with those (and yes, I turned off the "draw vortices" option with the avitab version to no avail). So I know that is probably related to avitab. As for parts of the cockpit disappearing, I'll have to test that out later tonight.
  10. Ah yes, I just realized this might be the first time I've flown the IXEG in 11.30. I'll give that a shot and report back, thanks!
  11. Nice work, but I'm having a couple issues. Once I get up to altitude, when I go to an overhead panel view, the overhead panel disappears and all I see is sky (the lower part of the cockpit is still there). Secondly, the background panel light (the big fluorescent one) is way too dim at night, even with the knob turned all the way to the right. Normally that light, when you turn it all the way to max, flickers for a sec then comes on nice and bright. The panel light issue I can live with, but I gotta be able to access my overhead panel! I'm not using this in VR, just regular monitor.
  12. I haven't had any issues with it so far
  13. Going through all the manuals and getting set up for take off. I can't seem to trim the rudder over to the right as typically required for TO. I've tried both my joystick assignment for rudder trim right as well as physically clicking the electric trim tab to the right, but the rudder trim doesn't seem to be moving on the center CAS. I'm using version 1.1.1, XP 11.26. Edit: Same with the elevator trim - joystick keys don't do anything, but there is a physical wheel for elev trim so it'd doable.
  14. I haven't read the whole thread so maybe somebody has already mentioned it, but the issue with this plane is the same one I have with the Rotate MD80: If the TBM is the first plane I load after starting XP, the frames are pretty bad. But if I either a. reload the aircraft or b. load the default Cessna (or other default plane) prior to loading the TBM, frames are smooth and normal. From what I've heard in the past, this is more an issue with XP itself and not necessarily a single product. So as a workaround, just initially load into the default Skyhawk and then load the TBM.
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