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  1. So, what does "high enough" mean? How high has the reflection setting be to see those effects?
  2. Regarding FMC buttons - why doesn't the CLR button make a sound while all the other ones do?
  3. Sorry to bring up an old thread - with Cross The Pond coming up and people wishing to use IXEG for a transatlantic flight, could you propose any workarounds to solve this issue? Such a shame as it would be possible in the real thing. Willing to mess around a bit as necessary.
  4. So is the crashing with Jardesign's Ground handling with Ixeg fixed?
  5. RTE Page 3, I was just about to enter an airway by selecting LSK1 but accidentally pressed LSK2. This triggered a soft crash and from there on that LSK was unusable and I had to reload the aircraft. Unfortunately did not take a screenshot but a similar thing happened to my friend and it should be easily reproducible. Excuse me if it has already been reported, just a nasty bug there to get you if you are a bit clumsy like me.
  6. But theoretically, on these older software model FMCs, would the throttles advance and take the aircraft to the air, or would it just not engage?
  7. From what I gather, it is never done on the ground. My question is, would pressing FLCH or VNAV on the ground also activate TO/GA and advance throttles in the real aircraft like it does in the IXEG? Or are other reasons why you should never do it in a Classic? I know it is a hypothetical question but I'd greatly value anyone's input with knowledge! Thanks!
  8. I'd like to know that as well, please, if there is a way!
  9. KLGA KBOS. 22 DCT MERIT ROBUC2 22L. Soft crash appeared when selecting TAKEOFF 2. page.
  10. EETN, rw 08 ORTA1S departure. TN720 has been manually entered, as it didn't come up with the SID, but either way the direction of departure is wrong. I have seen it in several other airports but unfortunately did not write them down. Bug?
  11. Let me start of by saying I am immensely enjoying flying this beauty. Best add-on for XP yet, hands down. Hopefully the quirks I'm bringing out are not too nitpicky and I'm sure you have quick answers for most of the questions. And I apologize for the errors in my knowledge. The CDU "guides" the pilot through various CDU pages. Following Mike Ray's book and various other Boeing simulations these pages should be IDENT - POS INIT - RTE 1 - PERF INIT - N1 LIMIT - TAKEOFF. The reality in the sim is somewhat different, taking us through IDENT - POS INIT - RTE - TAKEOFF, where we can take a step back to PERF INIT. Furthermore the steps are different moving back and forth. Is there something I'm missing, or will the CDU be modified later on? I also don't get a PRE-FLIGHT COMPLETE message. Is this something that will be implemented in the future, possibly with the ability to update FMC position? On my last flight I noticed unpressurised aircraft showing cabin pressure 0 at KPHX at 1100 something feet. Is this normal or is there a bug? Trans altitude sometimes shows default value of 5000, sometimes 18000, both occurring in USA. Is it dependent on navdata? I am using navigraph. Last, admittedly very picky request - would it be possible to also sync stby altimeter to last used value, as primary instruments remember your last flight. Might be a limitation but could make things that little bit more immersive. I apologize once more if these questions have been addressed or are simply a fruit of my ignorance. Congrats for superb work and THANK YOU!
  12. You don't have to copy it manually. You can select the desired path into the coroutes folder. Make the Aerosoft Airbus field active under in export window and select Browse.
  13. I like the look of the digital gauges so that's what I'll rock.
  14. XP crashed multiple times for me aswell - looks like it might be VRAM overload for me though.
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