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  1. So it is still in development. That's great, but be aware, competition is not sleeping. Airfoillabs has announced a C47/DC3. However, I'm still looking forward to the LES DC-3.
  2. Ist it still in development or can I stop waiting?
  3. I still have hope that the release will be prior to XP12 .... impatient I am
  4. AFAIK Simcoders does not alter the AP logic. They are focussed on engine and flight model.
  5. I did that and I will see what happens next time. But obvisously the TBM900 is writing something into the joystick preferences file. It shouldn't do that.
  6. I have the same issue and deleting the X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf solves this issue until the next time I fly the TBM900.
  7. I have purchased the C310L developed by Digital Replica from X-Aviation store. Now I see that the support forum and the shop item have been removed. Is customer support still provided if an update is released? Thanks. Stefan
  8. Hi, by coincidence or let's say I was curious, I opened the electrical info window. I don't understand the dynamic condition of the battery shown there. It seems to be illogic for me. The resistance is continously increasing and the capacity is continously decreasing. Temp is stable, as well as voltage current showed 0,4 A slowly decreasing until 0A. The generator is on main position, so the capacity should rather increase than decrease. Can somebody explain this? [edit] ok, I closed the window for some minutes and re-opened, now the capacity has changed from 630 W/Hr to 659W/Hr and the resistance is at -1.0 Ohms (was >2000 Ohm before). A negative internal battery resistance isn't common I guess ;-)
  9. Hm...hm... I hope at least that they acknowledge that it would be a great improvement for developers having an API. Or maybe they have other plans regarding SVS.
  10. Great! But a bummer that it can't implemented into the stock G1000. Have you been in contact with Laminar with this? Maybe they can implement such a interface in future.
  11. I was yet not able to make aflight with the Saab and provide a logfile. But I'm glad you fixed it anyway
  12. I had this yesterday, too. I found no reason for this until now and I don't know yet how to reproduce, but I was able to switch the GNS back on with the dataref editor ( I think it was sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_on which was permanently 0 even when the GNS530 was switched on.
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