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  1. Had same issue when trying to make a direct to SOPET waypoint. Attached log. Also notice that lights arent working as the should. They seem a bit dark (backlights). I thought it was fixed. Also noticed that the ammount of polygons here are visible. Did not remember that. Log.txt
  2. It did it couple of times but now its working just fine. Maybe was a smartcopilot thing. Solved
  3. v1.31 seems to have something weird with the sounds. You can tell there is a stock engine sound (XP11 stock turbine sound) cause if you are ready for takeoff and set the aircraft cold and dark you can hear a spool down sound wich is in fact a stock xplane sound.
  4. Testing the bird right now. Everything seems to work very well. I'll be testing smart copilot this afternoon. I do have a hotas warthog but I do prefer fliying with to oculus remote controllers. That's how I like it. I even have an IRL 737 pilot who fly x plane with an Xbox controller. It's all preferences.
  5. Got it... Time to gift the IXEG to some friends!
  6. Hello Jan. I started flying almost exclusively in VR from last summer and the IXEG was one of my fav planes. A couple of questions/suggestions here before posting them in the dedicated VR thread you mentioned. Regarding the resolution, it depends on the VR headset but I get a crystal clear picture with my Rift-S using OVR plugin and locking frames at 27 or 40 and setting supersampling at 1.3. The yoke, yeah, that was hard to get it center to set AP on. Is it possible to get a back to neutral hotspot? If not, I saw a video of a 737 classic and it had a very distinguish clicking sound when crossing the neutrals positions. That would help a lot. Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to getting back into the cockpit. PD: The new manipulators will make Smart-Copilot unusable right? Please let me know if you guys need a nerd using VR for the next 40hrs! Love flying using VR! I can help with the debbug face of the VR config
  7. Can someone just check if your IXEG dose a weird thing on the MCP when you turn your runway turn off lights? It appears to bright the mcp when you turn on the runway turn off lights. Also, map and background lights don't work as they used to.
  8. Hi Jan thanks for answering. Sorry didn't explained very well. Was talking about "CRT style" of the panels. Did a picture. I think is caused by XP11 light wich is pretty dark. 1.bmp
  9. Hi. Are WIP the cockpit panels? I've noticed that they look awesome on xp10 but in xp11 they look flat. Thanks
  10. Dose "ninja" fixes includes engine parameters for xp11? Cause I've done it manually but suppose that they will include that.
  11. Just 5ft before touch down pop up gizmo show me this I'm using Xenviro, this was in LEMD. Then sim almost crashes and I had to respawn in other airport LELN then CTD (but I think was caused by other addon) GizmoLog.txt
  12. yeah shut up and give me more money! What's going wrong here? Few days Jan said he was gonna upload some pics... Even pics are coming later...
  13. Would be awesome to have a little tablet (like ipad or something ) to see charts,procedures and so on.Like a EFB. I think it would give a definitive touch. You won't need to use pop ups menus anymore. m1M1c/s1600/DSC_0058.jpg
  14. Yes It's still there...I can hear the sound and I got a poor sound card
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