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  1. Hi I had the same problem as luiz_monza. I came across this page while looking for a solution to the problem. After several attempts, I found the solution (I would like to share it with everyone who also has this problem): Solution: In the "Navigraph FMS Data Manager" you have to enter manually the main directory from the IXEG B737 (.... / X-Aviation / IXEG 737 Classic). If you let Navigraph create "automatically" the path for the IXEG B737 himself, he creates a ("second") sub-directory fmc_data (.... / X-Aviation / IXEG 737 Classic / fmc_data / fmc_data) in the fm
  2. Hi My Groundhandling Deluxe works very very well. Except when I want to fly with my IXEG B737. I have the set Boeing737-300Pu.set but Groundhandling does not work with this plane. I can also not call the "control panel" (no pop up). Nothing happens. The "Built Aircarft set" pop ups and I can work with them. But also after that I have no Groundhandling for this aircraft. Very strange situation. I hope that somebody can help me or give me a tip. I'm grateful for any help. Regards d'Hondt
  3. Thanks cmbaviator for your feedback. I will wait patiently in this case
  4. Dear X-Aviation-Crew First many thanks for your very sympathetic feedback after I purchased this aircraft. The B737 Classic of IXEG seems to be a very good aircraft (not yet flown with it; purchased yersterday). But what I'm already miss is the component "entertaintment" liks open/close doors, PA (Passengers Announcements) etc. That belongs in my opinion also for a good aviation-feeling (and for this aircraft-price category). Regards
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