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  1. They do go right back to idle, it's not just you.
  2. To add to this one other major thing I ran into was that there's no combined throttle manipulator and they'd immediately snap back to idle upon releasing them. Also there were a couple three way switches that did work, just mostly the testing related ones that did not.
  3. Is it possible in the future to get a few improvements for us VR users such as the ability to teleport around the cabin (therefore being able to also close the doors) and maybe a way via the menus to interact with the refueler and cell phone for instance? Currently there's no way to do any of that in VR. I'm not fussed if the FBO doesn't work, but these are a bit important to be left out. The fire test switches also cannot be centered in VR to turn them off.
  4. At least I know it's going to be fixed sometime. Thanks! Looking forward to flying this wonderful craft hopefully soon.
  5. I've noticed that the VR yoke nose up/down axis for the 340 are backwards as well as it being very difficult to use the roll axis. If I pull back it pushes the yoke forwards and so on and it's very sensitive making any adjustments near impossible. Whereas the roll axis is extremely non sensitive and it takes a lot of movement to get it to go anywhere. I've noticed it with every version of 1.6 so far so I'm not sure if it's a known issue or what. The SimVRlabs VR mod is quite outdated by this point so I suspect it won't work with how the condition levers work now (unless I'm mistaken about that). I'm using an HTC Vive with normal Vive controllers with version 11.53 of XP through Steam with SteamVR. I've attached my log file though I'm not sure if it's of too much use here. Everything else works pretty much as expected in VR but the yoke makes it basically unflyable using VR controllers Log.txt
  6. It is in VR yes, my bad for not mentioning that at first. It does work in 2D mode but not in VR, it's the only plane I have that does not have working audio in VR.
  7. For some reason, even after un and reinstalling the Saab about three times now I cannot get any sound out of it. I have checked the control panel for it and other aircraft work fine. Log.txt
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