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IXEG 737 Classic Plus - Releasing Friday, September 15th!


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Mark your calendars! This Friday, September 15th, we're releasing the IXEG 737 Classic Plus! This is a next era re-brand for what the IXEG 737 Classic has become after many months of labor. The primary goal in this endeavor was to bring full X-Plane 12 compatibility to this amazing aircraft, squeeze in a few new features, and set the stage for improvements in the future. To us, it's a rebirth of a classic, tailored for X-Plane 12. Truly, stepping into the cockpit feels so good in the new X-Plane 12 environment!

A Special Note on Pricing:

For our customers who acquired the IXEG 737 Classic on or after February 7th, 2022, this update is for  free for you to honor our promise of a free update at the time you made the purchase. As for our dedicated pilots who've been with us since the beginning and purchased the IXEG 737 Classic on or before February 6th, 2022, the upgrade to the Classic Plus version will be available at a nominal fee of $14.95 USD. We believe this price point offers tremendous value, and you'll have 60 days to take advantage of this upgrade offer once the product is released. The IXEG 737 Classic Plus doesn't just bring new features; it rejuvenates the entire flying experience, making this aircraft feel brand new.

Here's a quick rundown of what's been brewing over the past 9 months:

Fixes & Enhancements (from the XP11 version):

  • Engine Bleed Configuration: Now accurately impacts Takeoff N1.
  • FMS PERF Page: Resets to blank entries post-landing and deceleration below 60kts.
  • Code Optimization: Streamlined and revamped for quicker future updates.

Brand New Features for the XP12 Version:

  • Wingflex: Experience the subtle flex of the 737's sturdy wing in our 3D model.
  • 3D Cabin: Dive into a fully detailed cabin, complete with operational galleys (Fancy a cup of coffee?).
  • Moving Cabin Doors: Open and close each cabin door, influencing differential pressure just like the cockpit windows.
  • Loading Stations Concept: Assign weights to specific seat rows and cargo holds for accurate physical effects on the aircraft.
  • Cockpit & Cabin Lighting: Updated for XP12's lighting engine, including interactive cabin lights.
  • X-Plane GUI Integration: Set up your load and fuel seamlessly.
  • GUI Enhancements: A fresh look for the IXEG interface, now VR-accessible.
  • Hide Yoke: With default XP12 key assignment.
  • FOV Slider: Added to preferences for a tailored viewing experience.
  • Cockpit Windows: Upgraded to XP12 tech, showcasing rain and ice effects.
  • Outside Lighting: Balanced for an immersive XP12 photometric experience.
  • Aerodynamics & Engine Tuning: Optimized for XP12's advanced modeling.

To our loyal customers transitioning from the X-Plane 11 version, we've poured countless hours into this upgrade, ensuring it's worth every penny. We're confident you'll find the enhancements enjoyable, and with the help of full X-Plane 12 compatibility, transformative! We can't wait for you to take to the skies with the IXEG 737 Classic Plus this Friday.





















Clear skies and happy flying!

IXEG and X-Aviation

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35 minutes ago, wahltho said:

Coming back to my question: Is Apple Native Silicon Mode on Mac supported?

Native support for Apple's M1/M2 chips is not available at release. However, you can run the product using Apple's Rosetta mode for the time being. We'll announce any changes regarding this support in the future, as it is planned.


23 minutes ago, jeepster said:

Correct me, If I remember it wrong,but you can't fly a holding by FMS. This bird has never been finished in XP 10/11. Now we have a useless 3D-Cabin and still no capability to fly a holding. 

Firstly, regarding the FMS holding capability: You're absolutely right, and we recognize the importance of this function. As highlighted in our recent X-Plane 12 announcement, the transition to this new update allows us the opportunity to implement a range of updates to the FMS, which includes improving its existing capabilities. I invite you to read more about our upcoming plans and updates here: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/26540-ixeg-737-classic-for-x-plane-12-announcement/

Regarding the 3D cabin: Feedback from our users is crucial to our development process. The addition of the 3D cabin was in response to frequent requests from our user community. While we understand that not every feature will be essential for every user, we strive to cater to the broader preferences of our community. The 3D cabin, wings, and doors achieves that in our initial update.

Most importantly, this update allows the aircraft to even work in X-Plane 12. Without this update, the aircraft is quite literally dead in the water, as things as basic as even flaps did not work. It was actually a fairly significant amount of work getting this product running properly in X-Plane 12, and many improvements came with it (like lighting and rain effects).

Rest assured, your feedback is valued and helps us prioritize our future updates. We're committed to improving this product going forward.

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12 minutes ago, Cameron said:

Native support for Apple's M1/M2 chips is not available at release. However, you can run the product using Apple's Rosetta mode for the time being. We'll announce any changes regarding this support in the future, as it is planned.

Sorry no sale then. This is a show stopper.

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