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  1. Ok, thank you. I restarted X-Plane and it's working normally again. I think the standard speed indicator was also showing 60knots, when now, after restart, it was on zero. It's like the speeds were "locked" on 60knots? And when I quit XP after the failure, it didn't ask me "Do you really want to quit?", it just went puf, so it was something wrong with X-Plane, not the plane. I think.
  2. Hi Jan, and D-ETSN. This just happened to me. Both (cpt and FO) speed indicators' white and red needles moved to zero, in my case, after 45knots, and no speed indication on the EADI(?) either. It doesn't look like a bug, though. I thought it was some normal malfunction. I took off anyway to see what would happen and as soon as a got off the ground, the stall warning started. I flew a bit and came back, using the standard speed indicator - and landed safely, for which I expect a resounding round of applause, of course. As soon as I touched down, the stall warning stopped and below 45knots, the
  3. You lucky bastards. I drive a Fiat Sienna 2001.
  4. I guess you're right. These "improvements" are irresistible sometimes. Ok, thanks a lot for the advises. I'll fix this, if it's the last thing I do!
  5. Unfortunately taking the plugins out didn't solve it. The only fix is to open "show sky colors" and change it either to hialt, or socked etc. Did something mess the "art controls" in the dataref editor? I mess with it only to fix the shadows in the cockpit. So maybe some of the plugins/scripts - true shade or Xvisibility - changed something there and it stayed forever in the dataref? I'm guessing a lot. But my next try would be to reinstall, trying to redo the dataref or something? What's strange is that it was fine before. It started after the last Gizmo install, which I chose the stable one.
  6. Holly shhoot. Ha ha. But no, Jan. They're not drivers, they're "automation managers". Now THAT was mean. Come on, AB guys! Just joking.
  7. Hmm. Ok, will do that. (I would say "WILCO", but I'm not a pilot so it would sound too arrogant).
  8. Ha. In that case, here it is. I'm not reluctant, I just didn't want to waste your time with some mistake of mine. I'm noticing something else now, apparently unrelated. I'm doing the FMC and when I enter a waypoint, it hangs for a bit (longer than usual), the waypoint appears and the sound goes up and down a bit, very fast. Like a cough. I know I'm weird, sorry about that. Maybe you'll see something in the log that will make you go "aha". Log.txt
  9. I turned off all lua scripts and no change. Actually I'm starting a flight in Rio and the whole scenery was dark. So I messed with "Sky Colors" (menu/developer/ShowSkyColors) and then I found one preset that brought lights back. I don't know how SkyColors work, but it seems to change depending on.....? Weather? So I set it to "hialt" for the time being, and now I can see! Does that ring any bells with anyone?
  10. Hi, Jan. I thought so too. Maybe X-Visibility, TrueShade or something like this. I'll troubleshoot and if I find it, I'll let you know.
  11. Jan, maybe this is a bug, maybe not. Some instruments lights are really really dim and after takeoff I couldn't see anything without using the flashlight. BUT....after getting some altitude, it fixed itself? Is this normal or is it a bug? I just installed 1.31. Below a before and after pic. Thanks
  12. The guys will respond properly, but I was watching Jan's video and when he talked about center of gravity, it made me wonder if that's not the problem.
  13. The planemaker change works perfect. Thank you, Jan. BetterPushback is back.
  14. This plane is just fantastic. It's flying even better (I think), even with my old screwed up joystick, just so smooth. The "breaks" help thing also, hallelujah. That one drove me crazy (I don't have rudder pedals...) so thank you, thank you. I just sent a message on the X-Aviation site with just two things. -BetterPushback says it has no tugs for this type of aircraft (I guess I have to update BP?) -and the IXEG tug still doesn't turn the aircraft. Was this ever solved and I missed? Glass materials look a lot better. Hurray for the IXEG guys.
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