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  1. Not sure if it's related but I'm on the gate and the altitude alert is blinking, but kind of randomically. Like....on...of.....onoffonoff.....on..............offon.....and so on. Like something is in the brink of something. Now, THAT's tech talk for ya.
  2. Jpee27, you have a beer and a meat empanada to your credit. I was just gonna say I can't run XP with textures on max. The card seems good enough (I think - GTX1070 / 8G) but it was stuttering and taking ages to load. So thank you for that one!
  3. Well, Pedro, waddya know. Being a CGI man myself, I was sure it was a phong / softness thingy, but raising the texture quality to maximum fixed it. It's another kind of rendering, obviously, so I'll throw an egg on mi face. With Vulkan off, setting texture to max doesn't fix it, though. It only works with Vulkan. If I can't fly with textures on max, I'll complain again :-) On X-Plane 10 this doesn't happen (and I must confess I still like XP10 a lot). Ok, thanks guys for the replies. It's not a big deal, really.
  4. Increase texture quality to the max, on X-Plane Graphics menu!! Vai resolver, Axmiha! Abraço!!

  5. More noticeable in the morning light. Here's a later light for comparison.
  6. I'm quite sure it's the smooth on that geometry (like the phong angle thing), since the rest is smoothed. Funny I never noticed it before.
  7. Hi, anyone. I have these triangles showing now. I never noticed before, but I'm almost sure they weren't there. It's like the "smooth" is set to zero in the geometry or something like that. Is this a bug or some setup in X-Plane? Pic:
  8. Ok, thank you. I restarted X-Plane and it's working normally again. I think the standard speed indicator was also showing 60knots, when now, after restart, it was on zero. It's like the speeds were "locked" on 60knots? And when I quit XP after the failure, it didn't ask me "Do you really want to quit?", it just went puf, so it was something wrong with X-Plane, not the plane. I think.
  9. Hi Jan, and D-ETSN. This just happened to me. Both (cpt and FO) speed indicators' white and red needles moved to zero, in my case, after 45knots, and no speed indication on the EADI(?) either. It doesn't look like a bug, though. I thought it was some normal malfunction. I took off anyway to see what would happen and as soon as a got off the ground, the stall warning started. I flew a bit and came back, using the standard speed indicator - and landed safely, for which I expect a resounding round of applause, of course. As soon as I touched down, the stall warning stopped and below 45knots, the
  10. You lucky bastards. I drive a Fiat Sienna 2001.
  11. I guess you're right. These "improvements" are irresistible sometimes. Ok, thanks a lot for the advises. I'll fix this, if it's the last thing I do!
  12. Unfortunately taking the plugins out didn't solve it. The only fix is to open "show sky colors" and change it either to hialt, or socked etc. Did something mess the "art controls" in the dataref editor? I mess with it only to fix the shadows in the cockpit. So maybe some of the plugins/scripts - true shade or Xvisibility - changed something there and it stayed forever in the dataref? I'm guessing a lot. But my next try would be to reinstall, trying to redo the dataref or something? What's strange is that it was fine before. It started after the last Gizmo install, which I chose the stable one.
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