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  1. I meant an X-Plane update. Sorry for the bad manners, I was a frustrated and irritated by other things. I'll follow the suggestion from jmf55 above. Apologies. ax
  2. Why this novelty now? It starts with plane ready to go, even though choosing "dark and cold", and no menu anywhere. What happened? Some new update by Laminar that f*cked IXEG yet again? This is very frustrating.
  3. I see. Ok, thanks. But could that be why people are having sound problems, or is it some other thing?
  4. Some feedback. I made a flight with Zibo737. After arrival, changed to IXEG to make the flight back, and no sounds. I had airport and weather sounds, but nothing on the plane. Restarted X-Plane, got sounds back. It's like the sound systems of each plane takes over the XP sound and don't "give it back", as it were. Like when you fly with IXEG, if you take down the volume on IXEG's panel, when you open another XP aircraft, the X-Plane sound is at that low volume.
  5. Good enough. Thanks. I thought the "phong" thing because I sometimes forget and get that in some models, which is a pain in the arse. Awaiting the wipers, then. Funny that I almost never use the wipers, but now that the plane is out, it's raining everywhere I go! Followed your instructions and managed a much better landing, but still, as soon as I touch down, the nose goes down and bangs on the runway really quick. Do you cut the power completely off around 10f or something? Or just after touching down? I see guys cutting off around 30 or 20. Maybe I'm coming in too slow, already at ref speed before touch down. But I'll get there.
  6. Could be, I'll check. Did you check at night with the cabin lights? I think it depends on some angle the light comes in. But it's no big deal, whatever it is. You guys have bigger birds to land (as in "bigger fish to fry"). Thanks for the reply.
  7. So, Litjan, you say there's no backlight for the letters and numbers on the FMC, is that it? I'm flying with the newly sent fix and everything working fine, but the windshield wipers are still not working. I get the polys and lighting problem, so no worries. One thing I noticed that's pretty minor, but it's noticeable at night is the "phong" (or no phong) in the throttle base and the trim wheel. You can see the polygons, so it's a thing for the art department to fix, but as I said it's pretty minor. Pic attached. (Phong or "soft edges" or "round", it goes by many names, but it's a thing that rounds off the polys, so it appears like a smooth curve. Didn't notice that in daylight.
  8. FMC panel. (Is that the FMC? Yes, the "typewriter" pad thingy down there. (Can you tell I'm a pilot?) Letters and numbers veeeery dim at night, but I'll read the other replies. Thanks about the taxi lights, and for the landing tip. I'll try...
  9. Is it harder to land than the XP11 version? I'm having a hard time not "kerr-boong" on the runway. Three landings, three broken backs. I didn't use to break backs on 11, at least not that often.
  10. One minor thing that may be an X-Plane rendering / material / polygons problem is that when you turn the cabin lights on, the cockpit gets illuminated even with the doors closed. Another is the taxi light, which seems too dim from the cockpit. Is it like that in real life? One more - backlight on some panels too low or non-existent.
  11. I was having that. Took out some plugins from plugins folder, restarted sim, plane worked. Put them all back, restarted sim, and it's still working fine.
  12. I posted some posts ago that I took out some plugins (list there), and it worked, then I put them all back and it's still working. Don't know how that works, because I thought it was an incompatibility with one specific plugin, but it worked.
  13. Just thought I'd share some pics here, arriving in Calama, Chile.
  14. Wing lights also not working. But what a joy to be flying this guy on 12.
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