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  1. I’ve tried 4.9.2 but it turned out to be a FPS eater, even with vulkan enabled, i only had an average off 25 FPS... i’ll give another try with 4.9.3 and ser what gives. Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  2. That solved it. I would never imagine to be a licence issue. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I've just installed 4.9.2 update, with Real Weather Connector, and i'm getting this error message: I've tried to reinstall both but i'm getting the same message always I'm using XP 11.50 on a Windows 10 machine. It happens with vulkan enabled or disabled. Any help? thank you
  4. How didn't I noticed it before... everything is fine now! fantastic work!
  5. It's up from the beggining, i've never touched it... still can't engage the AP... maybe i'm missing some button or command, but i can't figure witch is it...
  6. Thank you. Now i'm trying to arm / activate de AP, If i'm not mistaken I need to turn ON both FD's, after setting MCP I click AP button but nothing happens... This plane flys beautifly, but really needs to have a manual. Any help?
  7. What beta mode are you talking about?
  8. Thank you, so no more X-Aviation installer, correct? it's just download and unzip it to Aicrafts folder?
  9. should I uninstall 2.1 and extract 2.3.0 ? or just overwrite previous version? Thank you
  10. I had that same issue, glady I understand it now. What exactly are "vortices" ?
  11. I used to do it in their forums in x-pilot.com they were pretty straight forward then, i don’t know how it is now... Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  12. So, in the end, who should look up for a fix to this issue? X-Aviation or Laminar ? Your sky model is beautiful and it would be great to get that fix, instead of disabling it to default sky colors.
  13. So to minimize cloud rotating effect, I need to set both settings as low as possible, right? "God rays" are also something I still don't get as it should be...
  14. I've notice something strange, maybe a bug, I don't know, but when we "look" outside up at the sky and rotate view to the left or right, clouds rotate in the same fashion... I can post a vídeo later to better explain what I mean. Regarding lens flare, when the sun is behind the clouds we can still notice lens flare effect through the clouds, maybe this coube fixed in a future update? About raindrop effect in the aircraft's windshield, do you plan to introduce it in SMP ? That would be really cool! Thank you and keep up the good work!
  15. It also happens with moon reflections..
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