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The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver


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Really impressed too .. such fast progress with a such beautiful model ... Speechless.

Just to be " annoying ", again about the prop. I like you " corrected " the white stripes.

But I have the impression the pitch angle is really flat. I know on that prop there aren't as pitch as a BF 109 but it's almost flat isn't it ?

Except those " nothing details " I don"t see any bad point, will definitely be a masterpiece ! And the fact that I've saw the " Jim the pilot " videos make me even more excited about !

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I am glad you all like it! :)

After looking at hundreds of pictures on airlinersnet, I decided for this livery, because I like earth like colors. The other versions will feature their own liveries, but this one was one of my favorites.

With respect to the prop twist, I will have another look. However,the 3d model is not really flat . If somebody has some info about prop twist for a HC-B3 Hartzell prop, I am happy to use it.

Texturing is done in photoshop. The key is having a good and efficient uv unwrap of the 3d mesh. If you are interested in it, here is a good starting point to understand the basics and more advanced things.



Progress is nice so far, but like I said before, there will be times when there is not much progress to show. I will report about it, but showing will not be easy. Unless you would be interested in software design pictures and screenshots of my source code editor ;)

Nice picture of the Beaver near Richardson Bay! Colors look very intense.

Thought that you might like to see another angle...


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Guess it's about time to start requesting liveries eh?

No pressure or anything but I decided I'd put up a few links of nice DHC-2's.

Here is SeaAir's C-GOBC, both in her current and former liveries:



Here is Pacific Coastal Airways' Mk.1 C-FMAZ:


Pacific Coastal's C-FDSG:


Another PASCO Mk.1 C-FUVQ:


Now a privately owned Beaver with a fitting registration:


Another privately owned Beaver C-FFHC, supposedly one of the oldest still flying:


Also, not to forget NW Seaplanes

Wheels Beaver N67689:


And on floats N90YC:


Those are some of my long time favorites.


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Adventures of Tintin, a Beaver at 0:16 ???? I win a Beaver free copy ... :)


Nope, that's not a Beaver, but as far as I can tell it is also not a real plane...

If anything it looks more like a Max Holste Broussard, but even that is not right because of the singe vertical stabilizer.


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Hey guys,

Thanks for the livery request. However, even they look nice and I had a look at them myself before, I want to keep the livery authentic. That means, I will use real world liveries which fit to my aircraft setup of the modernized Beaver. Beavers with a three blade prop, same spinner type and two passenger windows behind the passenger door will fit and I more or less made my selection already.

However, you are getting a neutral color paint kit for the SoulMade Simulations Beaver and you can create any livery you like for yourself and others.

Adventures of Tintin, a Beaver at 0:16 ???? I win a Beaver free copy ...

Like eaglewing said, this is not really a Beaver. I looks pretty much different in the details. However, I could imagine that they were inspired by the Beaver shape and created a cartoon model for it.

So you have to try a little harder to win that free Beaver copy. :)

Watch out when the Beaver is close to release, though. There WILL be the chance to win 5 free Beaver copies. How? That is something I will talk about when the time has come. ;)

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I want to give you a sneak peek of the interior today, before the leather seats move in.

About 8 weeks ago I started this thread and it already has around 9,400 views. Wow, I was never expecting such an interest in the Beaver. Well, for me it is an awesome and gorgeous aircraft, but I would have never thought that so many of you seem to like it as well.

That is really motivating and I would like to thank you for your interest so far!

Hope you enjoy the interior shots.



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