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  1. You'd be amazed at the stuff you see at some flight schools. Alright, you'll never manage to retract the gear, but flattening tires is certainly a common sight. The worst offenders are students with ratcheting tie downs, which generally are a godsend after using ropes or pull tight straps - but not when students are less than attentive to what they are doing...
  2. eaglewing7

    Why I fly

    I just looked in Aperture, I ended up keeping 41 pictures, which means I probably took somewhere around 80. Which is surprising, but also makes sense at the same time. Sometimes you just end up flying around with your camera slung around your neck, and then you land and remember oh shit I was going to take pictures wasn't I... I'll take a look at posting a few later today or tomorrow.
  3. eaglewing7

    Why I fly

    Congrats on finding someone to be a regular passenger. And ferries can be interesting. I did one September 2015, one of four C172R's from Ontario to British Columbia. Three days, and 21.5 hours.
  4. eaglewing7

    Why I fly

    I've always found flying with passengers to be a much more rewarding experience than flying alone. And I've had some really awesome flights by myself as well, but having passengers on board especially when they start nervous and then through explanation and your own enthusiasm become enthusiastic as well, is very rewarding. Unfortunately, I've only done a sum total of 1.1 hours this year, today specifically - although it was a fun flight by myself doing low level circuits in the Citabria.
  5. eaglewing7

    New Website Design

    Roger that.
  6. eaglewing7

    New Website Design

    Is there a way to remove the right side columns, as was possible with the previous incarnation of the forum's software? Otherwise, it certainly looks slick.
  7. I have heard of different airlines using single engine taxi procedures, both before takeoff and after landing. From what I can recall, Jazz uses it on the Q300/Q400 series, and Porter on the Q400. I would imagine Encore would use it as well. It makes a difference at large airports, especially with lengthy taxi durations, delays, etc. I've also heard of more than a few companies that use the procedure on jets, for the same reasons.
  8. It depends on the individual aircraft. I've seen injected 172s where you need to prime only until you see peak fuel flow indication. Others are happy to peak and then hold, etc... As for a warm engine, you should not have to prime at all (warm being 30 minutes or less since shut down). If you do prime a warm engine, you are asking for trouble.
  9. Your last interpretation is correct. Consider the province of Quebec. Being a Francophone province, they tend to speak French, and ATC will be provided in French - but they are required to speak English as required (then again they don't like it but that is another story).
  10. Time and again people think that English is the only language allowed for ATC/radio communication, and that is simply not true. ICAO has mandated that there are six standard languages that can be used. They are; English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.
  11. eaglewing7


    You are landing in a significant crosswind. As shown on the display the wind is from 249° at 61KTS. That is an incredible amount of wind. I for one cannot see any aircraft landing safely with that amount of wind, especially at nearly 90° of crosswind. Next time choose a more into wind runway. The reason you crashed was likely due to the fact that the aircraft ran out of rudder authority, and at that point you're dead on a crosswind.
  12. And why, in a 172 do you need two altimeters, especially when they are set to two different pressures?
  13. Big green circles - those would be irrigation circles. A round field, with an irrigation system that rotates around a pivot at the centre of the field. Completely realistic, and used all around the world. At least be somewhat knowledgeable before you spout off about inaccuracies.
  14. She looks better than new, any chance of giving the panel a bit of wear, just to give her some of the character of the birds plying the BC coast? One other thing I wasn't going to mention, you left out the dents on each side of the panel, directly in front of the pilots seats... Most Beavers have them, especially the ones that have been operating for a lot of years - they are imprints of foreheads, the original Beaver never had shoulder harnesses, so if a Beaver came to grief (which most have in their time), the pilot and forward passenger often ended up getting a rather hard knock to the head on the panel. Ouch.
  15. Sneaking in just before official night?
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