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  1. Hi Pete! First of all I want to say that you are doing a great job with that Beaver:-) Trust your feeling and don't add autopilot to your cockpit. It's not necessary! Looking foward to flying that beauty in x-plane:-) Steph
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. I'll bear it in mind Cheers, Steph
  3. Hello, I am thinking about using Gizmo for a payware project and was wondering if there is a way to encrypt my code, because I don't want to make it visible to everybody. Since Lua needs no compilation, I was wondering if it is possible at all. If I remember correctly, Cameron stated in a post that it is possible to encrypt the code, especially for a payware project, but how can I do it? Is it only possible if I would sell the final product via X-Aviation, and yould I need to send my code to somebody else, in order to get it encrypted? I am just asking, in order to find out what my possibilities and options are, before I make my final decision to use Gizmo or the official C/C++ SDK. If there is no chance to encrypt it myself, I will probably use Gizmo for prototyping, but will make the final implementation in C++. That would be really a pitty, because Gizmo looks awesome and I would love to work with it. Steph
  4. Hey Pete, as it looks like you are not getting any help, I talked to a colleague about your problem. He is a flight simulation engineer and is also working with X-Plane. He was the one who recommended X-Plane for my flight training preparation. I told him about the problem you have and he said you can contact him any time with respect to questions. He knows that it is tough going from classic simulation to planemaker, airfoilmaker and finally X-Plane, without knowing the details of X-Plane internals. Send me your e-mail address and I will get you in contact with him. Cheers, Steph
  5. Welcome to X-Plane and X-Pilot/X-Aviation, Steph If you need help or want to ask questions or simply say what's on your mind, don't be afraid to post. You'll find we're all a pretty decent bunch of people. Goran Thanks a lot Goran... I am sure I will come back to you I saw some pics of your Saab... real good work... Steph
  6. Thank you for this detailed and helpful article. I am new here and was looking for some information about X-Plane. Now I am really looking forward to starting flying here;-) Steph
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