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  1. Everyone, I'd like to officially create a post for Attitude Simulations upcoming San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) scenery for X-Plane. The airport will include the following: -28SQkm coverage area around the airport, not including Downtown San Antonio. -Inner Downtown San Antonio modeled -High quality Orthoimagery -Completely modeled surroundings of the airport including Warehouses, Car dealerships, Retail stores, etc.. -Hand placed houses -Completely hand placed, custom foliage -Higher detail modelings of known areas surrounding the airport such as North Star Mall, Blossum Athletic Center.. -Highly detailed Terminal, Hangar, and FBO modeling -Custom HD ground textures for concrete, asphalt, airport markings, etc.. -Corrected default roads, roads highways and railways overlay the Orthoimagery -X-Plane 11 PBR completely implemented in every aspect possible! -And much more as development continues! Here are some in sim screenshots to show our progress over the last 6 months. No estimated release date as of yet. Enjoy!
  2. Ikzay Iker Youtube channel

    Hello my name is Iker, I'm 18 and this is my youtube channel: Here you can find 2 videos of X-Plane every week and a livestream some weekends. I upload varied content in planes and destinations. I have 2500 hours of experience in the X-Plane which I put into practice modifying some airplane and uploading a tutorial. I fly in IVAO and also control, from time to time upload some video controlling in the tower of Bilbao. The main language of the channel is Spanish but sometimes I upload videos in English so that I can understand them all. I am about to reach 1000 subscribers and I would like to continue growing. I hope your support and that you like my channel. a cordial greeting Here you can see an example:
  3. CLICK HERE to see video ad --- ‪KS Aviation Twitch Stream --- Join KS Aviation 4FEB2017 at 1900z (2pm Eastern) for a live interview with John Spahn (Maxx-Xp) as he speaks to the community for the first time about his work with SkyMaxxPro, the history of the product and what it is today. He will also be clearing up some misunderstandings about SMP version 4 and will be showing us how to optimize it for your system. We will be taking questions throughout the stream, so be sure to create a free Twitch account so that you may interact in the chat and ask questions! We look forward to seeing you there!
  4. Hi everyone. While it seems to be the economically "smart" thing to do to NOT talk about the shortcomings of your product (and then sometimes to just ignore the complaints after you cash in the money), we are trying to run things a bit differently here at IXEG. I would therefore like to share a list of things that will NOT be in version 1.0, and also give a little background of why, and wether we are planning to add it later. I will try to make this list as encompassing as possible, if I forget something, please don´t sue me! I will add/remove from this list as warranted. Aircraft visual 3D model Operating doors (passenger, service, cargo) - omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later Outboard landing lights moving lamps - omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later (the light effect itself is working) Ancilliary vehicles (catering, fuel truck, loading crew) - this is now accomplished by using the XP11 native ground vehicles, the docking locations for those are correctly added in planemaker. Wingflex - not added because its a lot of effort and the real wings don´t flex much. Might be added at a later stage, dependent on user feedback 3D Pilots in Cockpit - not added because we don´t have a good model and its hard to get that right. Will the guy just sit there? Smile at you? Pick his nose? Very hard to get a realistic person. Not ruling out taking a stab at that later. Fully fleshed out galleys and cabin interior. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. For now a basic, low-res placeholder 3D cabin is in place. Cockpit keypad entry mechanism Omitted due to security reasons. Opening cockpit windows. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. The mechanism is in place, but we need to code the ensuing effects (pressurization, noise level, etc.) Deployable emergency slides.Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Deploying oxygen masks. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Sound effects/visual model for passengers and their (assumed) behaviour. Too complex a simulation off it´s own, most likely won´t be added for fear of having something repetitive or cheesy. Cabin crew interaction. Omitted due to time constraints. Planning to have basic interaction, for opening doors, for example. Need to get sound-samples first, basic infrastructure in place, though. Spoiler state showing correctly during replay. Since our spoiler code is fully customized, the default X-Plane datarefs that get captured for replay won´t work. We need to find a way around that, but definitely planning to add later. "Eyebrow windows". We could possibly add those later, but they require a lot of effort (cut 3D model, add windows, etc.). Down on the priority list, but once we run out of things to fix, who knows ;-) FMS Pilot entered HOLDS. While we have database-inherent holds (like at the end of a missed approach), we won´t feature the HOLD page where you could enter all sorts of HOLDS. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. RTA feature. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later, but low priority. OFFSET feature. Omitted due to time constraints,planning to add later, but low priority. ABEAM points (after shortcutting route, for example). Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. You CAN enter stuff in the FIX page, and "find" a PBD point that way (enter a fix, enter a radial and a distance to see the green radial and distance-circle) Entering user created waypoints (point-bearing-distance, for example) and using those in the flight-plan. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Entering descent wind forecast (normal wind entry on PERF INIT page possible). Display of "RTE DATA" on EHSI/map, i.e. showing ETA and restrictions next to waypoint. You can see that on the LEGS page, for now. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Automatic entry of performance data (weight, etc.). We might include that for the "ready to fly" scenario, not decided yet. For now it must be entered manually, if FMS performance assistance is desired (not mandatory). Fully working PROGRESS page - we started to code it, but much of the things shown are placeholders. We expect this to be one of the first things we will add soon after release. Full VNAV functionality for descents with speed and/or altitude restrictions. Basic descents work, though. GUI Dedicated flight-planning software. We feel that this is not necessarily within the scope of our add-on. We model the plane like you get it after delivery from Seattle (+ free lifetime fuel!). There are plenty of flight-planning solutions out there, we include a basic "ballpark" fuel calculator. Complex and visually appealing load+trim software. We feel that clicking empty seats to fill them and pulling sliders to load cargo is fun for a few times - but really all you get is a weight and a center of gravity. And you might just as well set those directly in the gui. We have simple sliders and click-buttons for that (or you can use the default X-Plane menus). No way to output any CDU, EADI or EHSI onto an external device like iPad or such. Would like to have that (especially for cockpit builders), though. Exception: it is possible to use AirFMC, available at the Apple App Store. No pop-out 2D displays of flight instruments/CDU/EFIS to make reading or entering stuff easier, no hiding of yoke to not obscure view. We feel that the ergonomics (or lack of) an airliner cockpit is an important part of the experience, so we don´t want to "help" too much. We have "preview pop-ups" of the EHSI when making changes on the EFIS control panel to help you see if you have the right setup. No mousewheel scroll support for turning knobs. We are pretty happy with the click-hold and drag system, but if user demand is strong, we might add mousewheel scroll support later on. Warning systems TCAS. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. This is a VERY complex system, and to get it right (including all the modes, synchronized avoiding behaviour of both TCAS systems involved in the conflict, multiplayer aircraft, correct EADI display) will take a long time. You can hear the basic X-Plane audio warning, but no symbology or resolution advisory for now. The system is also very rarely used in real flight (fortunately), so the return on investment (development time) is very low. EGPWS look-ahead feature (sheer-cliff protection). We do depict the terrain on the map, with correct colour shading. But the "Terrain ahead" and "Obstacle" warnings won´t be given for "look-ahead" scenarios. All other (conventional) modes are there, so you will get the "Terrain, Terrain", but later than the look-ahead warning would be issued. Omitted due to time constraints, possibly planning to add later. Other systems Wxr radar returns can only be displayed on the left EHSI/map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Terrain colour display can only be shown on the left EHSI(map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Flight attendant panel 1L. Including cabin light switches, ground service switch. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. The ground service switch can be "moved" through a sidebar menu. Operating CB´s. We decided that most CB´s will never be moved in normal operation. We will add moveable CBs with the yellow collar later (to be used in abnormal situations), and possibly some others as well (standby altimeter vibrator!). Automatic startup/shutdown "macros". Won´t add that. This plane is about realistic operation (it´s not hard!). If not desired, just select "ready to fly" or "turnaround-state". IRS using "false" position. It is not possible to deliberately enter a "false" position and have the IRS align to that. The entry will be rejected unless reasonably close to the real position. In the real plane the GPS would also "correct" your wrong entry (if close enough) or warn you. A position far from the old "shutdown" position would be rejected once. A wrong latitude would be detected during the alignment process...It would be a lot of coding effort to maintain a "wrong" position with the corresponding effects (map-shift, etc.) A dedicated way to fly the same plane together in multiplayer. Note that SmartCopilot has made great progress in making our plane flyable with a crew of 2, and while not perfect yet, it is working very well, going by user reports: Dedicated support for more advanced hardware like multiple thrust levers, flap levers, speed-brake levers and other cockpit hardware. Very eager and interested to make it work eventually, but nothing tested (might work, might not) for V1.0. The planes controls and radios were tested with dedicated Saitek Hardware. So mapping axis to speedbrake and flap lever should now work, as well as controlling the comms and nav radios. It is also compatible with XPUIPC and many users have set up a great variety of hardware to work well with the plane. We are trying to be as upfront about the shortcomings of our model as possible. I have myself bought many aircraft for flight-simulations boasting great things, only to be disappointed. I want to avoid that for everyone, so if you find a "must have" feature on this list, I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch. I could make a feature list of things we have that would take you hours to read, but instead you can assume that our plane can do everything that the real one does, except for the things noted above. Cheers, Jan
  5. Mitsubishi MU-2 for 9

    Hello All, I wanted to play X-Plane again after some time ( long time ) installed x-plane 9 and wanted to add MU-2 which i bought but i do not have a copy of it on hdd and i don't see any option on official web site for x-plane 9. Now I understand that to improve quality they ditched X-Plane 9 support but it would be nice to have old version for download also. So is there some official way to get my hands on MU-2 for x-plane 9 ? ( And no I don't want to buy X-Plane 10 ). Thanks a lot for any help.
  6. High community I bought the Saab 340a. Installation without problems. When loading x-plane (using the SAAB) loading stops and x-plane crashes. Works with any other plane e.g. 737classic, crj200.... I attach the log file as well as the crash file - if anybody can read somethin out. Many thanks for helping Regards from Vienna Guenter Log.txt crash_report_08_21_2016_10_56_03.rpt
  7. SkyMaxx Pro + RWC with the latest updates ... is still the best cloud and weather presentation addon for X-Plane and worth every brass penny! Thanks guys, for such a quality addon that gives me awesome skies and increased fps. I see lots of attempts to enhance X-Plane skies but none of them come close to the degree of technical professionalism, precision and artistry of SkyMaxx pro (and I do try those others on a separate X-Plane install just to see what's out there). Simply amazing. With the influx of people taking up X-Plane these days, I tell everyone I can; if you want awesome skies in X-Plane then it's SkyMaxx Pro ... period. Nothing else compares.
  8. Thanks you all

    Hi all, Just wanted to say thank you for all the comments on my promo vid for the IXEG 737 Classic. I had a blast making it :-)
  9. Epic Victory (by Aerobask) in Mykonos
  10. Beechcraft Duke flying in Himalaya (Aircraft by RWDesigns)
  11. Flying with Antares 20E

    Video flying with Antares 20E (by Aerobask)
  12. Escape from Henderson in a Cirrus SR20 I hope you like it and happy new year 2016!!
  13. Boeing 767 in Princess Juliana

    Boeing 767 (by FlightFactor) in Princess Juliana I hope you like this video
  14. Flying with Rotate MD-80

    Flying with McDonnell DouglasMD-80 (by Rotate) I hope you like it
  15. First Flights with Ultra Weather XP by Almuntassir Graphics Designers Team. NOTICE: This video is recorded using Ultra Weather XP & Skymaxx Pro simultaneously. A previous installation of SkyMaxx and after an installation of Ultra Weather XP with all features except clouds textures. Some features of both products may not be displayed as if they were independently... Thanks!! I hope you like it!!
  16. Embraer E-175 flying in French Polynesia. Aircraft by X-Crafts and scenery I hope you like it
  17. Greetings pilots! I'm here to introduce you to a project that I am working with my teammates, a launch of "yet another virtual airline", called Finnaviation-an airline with roots from the original Finnish carrier, absorbed into Finnair. We've incorporated several features that enhance the way you fly, and these features require a lot of explaining, but to keep this short: This is a Virtual Airline that follows a different route than most other establishments, because we focus on other areas besides the typical "custom system, new website" gimmick thrown at the user upon clicking at the VA's website link. Instead, we treat Finnaviation as a product, which means we build and develop our airline centric to the needs and wants of pilots. Focusing on developing a system that allows pilots to experience the most out of a flight sim is what we're always aiming for. A pilot-centric Virtual-Airline System, also means a personalised experience-which is what we offer unlike your typical VA support. So everything from your personal handbook, to our method of supporting the issues pilots are experiencing in Finnaviation is handled more face to face, rather than solely relying on support tickets. In addition to personalised experience and a developed system, we are going to introduce 3D modelled cabins at a later stage after the launch of Finnaviation, pilots are able to fly their aircraft with our designed cabins, so add-on aircraft with modelled aircraft interiors (that are part of our fleet) would have a Finnaviation designed cabin, pilots can explore the interior in-sim. With 3d cabin modelling for pilots to experience, we would seek to introduce a custom programmed ACARS app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux used in X-Plane and FSX. And lastly, training, we love to provide useful material to our pilots so they could learn to fly their favourite aircraft properly, so our training documents are appropriated versions of real-world documents, the documents are designed to support several aircraft add-ons from both the X-Plane and MSFS platform. These are just some of the features from a list that includes so much more. If you're interested to fly with in (when we've launched), you may pre-register now for your early access to your personal handbook: <Click here for pre-registration form> Lastly, I apologise for any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this post, English is not my first language. Kind Regards,
  18. Hi there, I'm Claudio from We just released the new Reality Expansion Pack v2.0 for X-Plane. It's an A2A-Like software for the C210 by Carenado. The new version adds more complex engine dynamics, more damages (such as engine's oversquare operations and failures), the interactive walkaround, the towing and other stuff that you may like. Here's a video of the walkaround and the towing: You can find more informations athttp://www.simcoders...nado-cessna-210 We're going to release the same thing for the F33A Bonanza. Hope you like it!
  19. Flying over New York City

    Flying over New York City with scenery by Drzewiecki Design I hope you like it!!
  20. Scenery of Rio de Janeiro -SBGL / Brazil X-Plane 10 The airport which is an ultra-detailed rendition of the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro comes with the following features: – Ortho-photo textures and occlusion environment – The Christ the Redeemer statue is included in this scenery package – Custom Runways, ground and taxiways textures – 3D Grass, based on the lawn type found at Rio Airport – Auto Gate Ready (AutoGate Plugin by Marginal (included) – Custom Jetways – Animated Traffic – Animated objects, vehicles, people and aircraft – Ground Traffic and aircraft traffic – Using Ground Traffic by Marginal – Modeled Underpass under runways M and N (Bridges) – Customized Approach Lights Systems – ALS – Night textures and HDR lighting – Construction work on current expansion is included – and much more. Review by Aerosoft Sim News More Information: Presentation Video:
  21. Flying over Huahine in a ViperJet LXR (Aircraft by Aerobask and scenery by [
  22. Diamond DA40 in Mykonos

    Diamond DA40 in Mykonos (Greece)(LGMK) (Aircraft by Alabeo and scenery by Aerosoft) I hope you like it
  23. Hi Guys, Just received my second X-plane PC to be used as a master for the visuals. The GPU is a MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB Windows 7 All drivers are installed already but I would like to know what the best driver for this card is at the moment? Any advice??
  24. Cessna 177 Cardinal II (by Alabeo) landing in Maupiti
  25. B1900D emergency in Alaska

    Beechcraft 1900D (by Carenado) emergency near Mount St Elias (Alaska) I hope you like it