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  1. just woke up. I didn't receive any message from Wechat? are you sure you did it?

    1. Rossco


      Not yet will install & message. I meant I messaged you in this forum. 

    2. Rossco


      Have installed & sent you contact message.

  2. Have sent you a message.
  3. This looks great. Interested if you can sort your international shipping. I'm in Australia. What sort of cost?
  4. Rossco

    what is ground speed on a carrier?

    Well done! Looks great.
  5. Rossco

    what is ground speed on a carrier?

    Yes I believe Carrier speed of 29kts would be ground speed as per simulated satellite GPS reading. Interested to know what the switch panel is you are using?
  6. Rossco


    Actually you can use Spad.neXt however in doing so I had issues with the commands sending double inputs at times so it wasn't reliable enough to not cause problems. I have allocated the up mixture to one rocker switch on a spare Saitek throttle I have mounted upside down beneath my PFC throttles & the down mixture to the other side of the rocker. This way I can use the one switch to operate the throttle till it gets to flight idle then take over with my PFC throttle to handle the rest of the operational ranges. Using Spad.neXt I have also allocated a short push on the toga button to activate the TOGA & a long push to enter Taxi/Reverse mode. So far has been working pretty well.
  7. Rossco

    Throttle issue in new update

    Don't know if there's some kind of connection however I had this issue with the previous version (only owned it since 5th Feb) & I found it was my Saitek Spad.neXt profile causing the problem. Once I changed the profile it has since been fine (touch wood :-)) I just quickly tested the new version & so far appears to be OK.