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  1. What is the next IXEG?

    I think pmdg stated somewhere they want to bring the ng to x plane. If that does happen, itll probably be a few years at least haha
  2. Really low volume for altitude call-outs

    Yea that's a bug associated with xp 11. Best thing I do is increase the volume pretty high for landing.
  3. Really low volume for altitude call-outs

    Are you using xp 10 or 11?
  4. Fmc Freeze the simulator for a few seconds

    What external hard drive are you using and are you using USB 3.0 or 2.0? A slow hard drive can cause stutters and freezers.
  5. Error while practicing touch-n-go

    When the crash happened, did you pass the last waypoint in your flight plan?
  6. Error while practicing touch-n-go

    Did you by chance pass the past waypoint?
  7. Electric hydraulic pumps

    Try walking through the cabin (with the pumps on), and you should be able to hear the sound when u get towards the wing section. Also for testing purpose, turn all the sounds up from the ixeg preference menu. If you don't hear the sound, its probably the "sound slots" as Jan said.
  8. Electric hydraulic pumps

    Make sure your hydraulic power is on and there is no orange warning light above it. Also make sure you turn up your sound too.
  9. Can you take a photo of your joystick settings?
  10. A few bugs

    Ah okay, I'm a big rusty with mac, haven't used it in a while. Just for the sake of an experiment, can you enable HDR and see if the blue line is still there? I'll do it on my end as well and see if I get the same result.
  11. A few bugs

    Thank you very much @PilotNuts for the extra info! Sorry for my late response, got caught up this weekend. Hopefully IXEG will fix the tiller issue with V1.1 I'm not quite sure what you are seeing with respect to number 3. when I have the ground service, or any menu open, the fms gets updated. I'm testing this by adding fuel into the plane and watching the fms update the GW and fuel. Maybe a video would help to see what exactly you're seeing. That's weird that you have that blue line. I've personally never seen that before. I would assume it has probably something to do with your system. Possibly try updating your gpu drivers, they may be out of date. And out of curiosity, do you have HDR enabled?
  12. A few bugs

    Hi pilotnuts 1. Do you by chance have an axis set to the tiller? I've seen this happen before when people had a tiller set to an axis. 2. Bank limiter only works in hdg mode. Not lnav. 3. I havnt noticed this but I'll test tomorrow 4. Can you take a picture of this? So I know where to look exactly.
  13. Gizmo crash

    Okay thank you Dave. That's a bug that's in v1.07. It'll be fixed with 1.1. So in the mean time, make sure you fill the discontinuity. It's known as the last way point bug. Gizmo will crash after the plane passes the last waypoint.
  14. Gizmo crash

    Thank you very much. Did you by chance have a discontinuity after OSDER
  15. Gizmo crash

    Thank you. Do you remember your route?