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  1. WCA rule of thumb?

    You can also download the e6b app and use the true and actual track tool. It incorporates everything you are using in your formula, but makes it easier by getting rid of the math. It's also quicker to use
  2. FMC Crash with STAR

    Can you post your route? I'll see if I get this crash when I get home
  3. Gizmo problem ixeg 737

    I'd go with defiance's advice and do a fresh install. Since every other plane works well. I'd also make an exclusion for the x plane folder and exe In your anti-virus software. (Windows defender for example)
  4. Gizmo problem ixeg 737

    Monitor your vram, and ram settings. Is your ram and vram reaching their limit? You can monitor vram using gpuz, and ram using task manager.
  5. I'd your mcp panels are lit up with the lighting knob off, that shouldn't happen. Can you by chance send a picture of your cockpit of this issue happening. Do you have hdr on by chance?
  6. CTD

    Id do a fresh install if it's giving you an invalid object error. Try that and see if it works.
  7. Ixeg Activation

    Contact x aviation.
  8. Problem during descent

    VNAV is pretty basic, I would not fully rely on it on decent. Kinda what most RL pilots do. FL change (flight level change) is really helpful for these situations. You had to descent to 12000ft in 10nm, what was your altitude at the previous waypoint? So from what altitude were you going from to get to 12000ft
  9. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    You can always modify each gwps file and increase the gain on them by using a program like audacity. Not sure of it'll work, I havnt tried yet.
  10. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Open the ixeg in plane maker. To go standard - systems - then electrical tab - and you will see a box that you can check which says "auxiliary power unit" . Check that on, save and exit.
  11. IXEG Approach mode

    Okay. Yea, whenever you have a chance, record a video of what you're doing.
  12. IXEG Approach mode

    For vor loc on the ils, you have to give it a few seconds to lock. As to your random turns, it sounded like a course issue but you said you have the correct inbound course. What plugins are you running? I'm just curious. Doubt Thats an issue thoguh.
  13. MCP Crash after VNav selected

    Ah okay. Yea give it another go, make sure you see a vertical profile in the legs page, and that you have filled your perf page. If it happens again, can you take screenshots of your panel, and pages in the fms so we can see a better picture of what is happening.
  14. MCP Crash after VNav selected

    Another thing to note, not sure if it's part of the problem, but your auto throttle is not armed. When engages vnav, it should armed. And like what mmerelles said, the plane shouldn't crash. Hopefully that'll be rectified in v1. 1
  15. IXEG 737 Gizmo Menu Broken - Aircraft unusable!

    With the latest Gizmo version, it'll fix Any issues people had with Sierra and Gizmo supported products.