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  1. Sun reflection offset on water surface

    Laminar needs to create an astronomical model that simulates some known time before we can match it exactly.
  2. GPU upgrade may help?

    It's hard to say without knowing what other add-ons you have installed; if X-Plane is CPU-bound, then the new card won't help much. But if you were CPU bound, I would have expected lowering SMP's cloud draw area settings to help. If the new card is on its way, there's certainly no harm in trying it! I have a somewhat similar setup here and can hold around 30 FPS with high graphic quality settings and SMP's cloud area maxed out, but I don't have any add-ons other than SMP/RWC and other Maxx-XP products. I don't know for sure if your video card is part of your machine ID from a licensing standpoint. I kind of doubt it, but I'd have to defer to X-Aviation staff to answer that definitively. At any rate, the new licensing mechanism should allow you to release your older license on your own if necessary to free up a new slot.
  3. Unable to install SkyMax Proo 4.5

    I honestly don't know; the installer is written and maintained by X-Aviation and I don't know much about how it works. I would imagine it might leave your settings and Gizmo installed, however, which is another plugin all X-Aviation products depend on. You could try completely deleting your resources/plugins/SilverLining folder after un-installing; that's where SkyMaxx Pro itself resides. But I suspect it's still something specific to where your other two installations are located, or the file permissions on them.
  4. Unable to install SkyMax Proo 4.5

    If it were me, I'd install a clean X-Plane 11 in a new folder, re-download the SMP 4.5 installer, and run it to install into your new installation - just as a sanity check. Like Cameron, I've never heard of this happening either - it's something really weird going on, but I'm not sure what.
  5. Unable to install SkyMax Proo 4.5

    I'm not really a Mac expert but I think it's unusual for your Desktop folder to be under Users/user. I think maybe the installer is getting confused about where your X-Plane installation is for some reason. Are you sure you specified the correct location for it when installing? Moving your X-Plane installation somewhere else may be worth a shot, too.
  6. RWC Problem

    Currently there is no way for X-Plane to communicate with add-ons like SMP in order to synchronize the precise placement of thunderstorm cells. So you may see mismatches between where SMP draws thunderheads, and where X-Plane thinks there is wind associated with them. If you enable SMP's precipitation synchronization with RWC, then the rain should at least be consistent. We've talked to Laminar about ways to make this happen in a future version of X-Plane, and already have some code ready to go for it on our end. As for performance of storm clouds, we're working to improve that too. For now, the best way to improve performance in stormy conditions is to lower your "cloud area covered" setting.
  7. pixelated/ flashing boxes on clouds

    It's odd; some Mac users report clouds don't appear at all with HDR off, and some report graphical artifacts. Naturally, it works perfectly here with HDR on or off, so I'm really not sure what's different about the Mac models that have trouble with it. However - with XP 11, you should be able to run with HDR on without a problem. So for now I'd stick with that as a workaround if this is affecting you.
  8. Sky Max Pro 4.5 no clouds

    Could we also see a screenshot of your SMP and RWC settings?
  9. Yeah, I know who you're talking about there. SkyMaxx Pro combined with Real Weather Connector is not limited to 3 or 6 cloud layers - I forget the exact number, but last time I did the math the upper limit was in the thousands. Our approach is to completely disable X-Plane's cloud drawing and take complete control of it ourselves, so we aren't limited by anything. Normally I'd say more, but I don't want to enable any competitors who are about to realize how hard this really is! Wind layers might be a different story, but SMP/RWC only concerns itself with clouds. Actually, I can think of a workaround for wind layers as well without trying too hard.
  10. SMP creates too much brightness in XP11

    Cloud shadows depend on a few things with SMP - the cloud coverage of course, and also the visibility conditions. In the screenshots you posted, the clouds are more sparse than in the default clouds scene, and so I wouldn't expect as much darkening underneath them. But it probably has more to do with the reduced visibility at the altitude you're at - we fade away cloud shadows as visibility gets worse, as cloud shadows don't look right on top of fog. If you were to gain some altitude and get above the haze, the shadows would become more clear with SMP, I'm guessing.
  11. SkyMaxx Pro Activation Popup

    I think this means the activation system does not recognize your copy of SkyMaxx pro as a legitimate copy. Try re-installing SkyMaxx Pro 4.5 (the newest version) using the installer from X-Aviation.
  12. SkymaxxPro v4.5 crashed my XP11

    Try deleting the METAR.rwx file in your X-Plane folder; it may be corrupt. Then restart X-Plane. Also make sure you have the latest version of SkyMaxx Pro (4.5).
  13. Micro freezes ?

    There are some long-ish load times indicated in your log while loading custom scenery tiles. You're also downloading new weather conditions fairly frequently from the looks of it, and it can cause a stutter as RWC parses this new information - but your log indicates this never took more than 1/5 of a second or so, and nothing has changed in SMP 4.5 that would affect that time. It's also possible that you're paging memory - I don't see anything in your log that might suggest that you're running low, but check the SMP configuration panel to ensure you have plenty of free RAM and VRAM next time this happens. What's probably more likely is that Windows is running some big software update or virus scan in the background that's interfering with your flight.
  14. No clouds in 4.5

    Lucky guess. Actually SMP works fine with HDR on or off on the Macs I have in the office here, so there is some unusual configuration that seems to be problematic that we haven't identified yet it seems. Apologies for the trouble.
  15. No clouds in 4.5

    I believe they aim for 3 business days. Your case may be an odd one, though. Looking at your log, it seems as though SkyMaxx Pro believes it is licensed and is trying to draw clouds. You might want to spend some time trying different rendering settings like toggling HDR mode, or switching between manually created and real-world weather. I wonder if it's something like haze or fog causing the clouds to disappear due to low visibility, which would be working as designed.