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  1. The installer is made and maintained by X-Aviation; I don't really have any information on how it works. You should file a support ticket at X-Aviation's website. @Cameron if you know offhand how this is supposed to work please chime in.
  2. sundog

    Real Weather Connector

    Like I said, it would be helpful to know your settings for Real Weather Connector, and if you have a log.txt and metar.rwx file you can post after you've experienced the problem it may help us to figure out what's going on.
  3. sundog

    Real Weather Connector

    What are your settings for Real Weather Connector, and are you using it in conjunction with any other weather add-ons (such as FSGRW or ActiveSky XP?) Normally Real Weather Connector does not actually download weather conditions itself, it just translates the weather conditions given to it by X-Plane or these other add-ons to SkyMaxx Pro. So the issue probably lies with X-Plane or one of these other add-ons. It might also be an issue with the source of the weather data itself. Any additional info you can give us, such as your log.txt and metar.rwx files and where you were flying, would be helpful. As a quick test I just sparked up Seattle with real-world weather here and it seemed to work (just using X-Plane's weather, and RWC set to "automatic" mode.)
  4. It sounds like perhaps you put the installer files in your X-Plane plugins folder, instead of running them. If you just run the installers you received from X-Aviation, it will install everything you need into X-Plane in the proper places.
  5. sundog

    VR - clouds in cockpit

    Yes, I believe so, but beta testing will tell us for sure. In the meantime, try disabling cloud shadows in the SMP config screen, and turning cloud/terrain blending to 0 - that may clear up the issue (as well as improve performance)
  6. sundog

    Unable to install terramaxx

    @Cameron ?
  7. sundog

    Volumetric clouds

    I think maybe there are some misconceptions going on here - our clouds are not just 2D textures. They are 3D objects that use use a texture-based volumetric rendering technique, but they are still 3D objects. You can fly around and through them, which you wouldn't be able to do if they were just flat pictures.
  8. sundog

    Volumetric clouds

    SMP actually has a volumetric cloud engine (the more precise term is GPU ray-casting) within it that we haven't exposed. Even today's GPU's struggle to make this technique perform well at large scale, and look good up close - and so we use particle-based volumetric rendering instead. You can make GPU ray-casting look good at a distance, or good up close over a small area, but not both. Competing products suffer from the same challenge. Our stance is that particle-based clouds both look and perform better given current technology. Even if we were to support Vulkan, it wouldn't help volumetric rendering to be any faster. Vulkan frees up CPU resources, and rendering these types of clouds is bound by GPU performance.
  9. sundog

    SkyMaxx corrupting Moon.png

    It's expected behavior for the file size of moon.dds to change while booting. SkyMaxx Pro replaces it with its own moon texture at startup, then restores the original when you exit X-Plane.
  10. sundog

    SkyMaxx corrupting Moon.png

    My guess would be it's one of 3 things: Your default moon.dds file somehow became corrupt, perhaps due to a crash at just the wrong time. Try running the X-Plane installer and allow it to overwrite this file with a clean version, then delete our potentially bad copy of the file by deleting the contents of Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors There is some sort of file permission issue on your resources/bitmaps/world folder and/or Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors folder. Some other plugin is also trying to control this texture. I noticed an error in your log about an AOS Seasons extension that failed to install. I don't know what that is, but if it affects the sky at all it may be in conflict with SMP.
  11. sundog

    Clouds are not moving

    My guess would be it's one of 2 things: The wind is too slow to move the clouds noticeably. They are very far away and it takes a fast wind for you to see motion in them. The wind was not set up at an altitude that includes the cloud layer I'd have to see the details of your weather settings to speculate further.
  12. sundog

    Unable to install terramaxx

    Tagging @Cameron
  13. sundog

    Predefined sky colors SkyMaxxPro

    I can't explain exactly why that workaround works or is necessary, but it makes sense. We're actually working with Laminar now on some other issues surrounding how plugin dialog boxes work, so it's possible we'll uncover the root cause of what you're seeing in the process.
  14. sundog

    Predefined sky colors SkyMaxxPro

    That's really weird. All I can tell you is that it works for me on the latest update of Windows 10, and the latest X-Plane and SkyMaxx Pro versions - and I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this. My guess is that something else installed on your system is interfering with X-Plane's UI in some weird way. Did you install any other plugins around the time when this started happening? It might be possible for another add-on to corrupt the coordinate system we're assuming in that dialog box. If not, my best advice would be to install a fresh copy of X-Plane into a new folder, install nothing but SkyMaxx Pro into it, and see if it works then.
  15. sundog

    Predefined sky colors SkyMaxxPro

    You mean if you click on a different sky color set, it does not highlight it? The screen itself looks correct to me. As explained in the text right above it, changes you make there won't take effect until you restart X-Plane. But you should be able to select a different choice there, close the dialog, and see the change applied after restarting X-Plane.