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  1. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Storms require us to draw many more clouds and larger clouds, and this taxes your CPU more, impacting performance.
  2. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Yes, when there are lots of clouds present SkyMaxx Pro will demand a lot from the CPU and not just the GPU. So that would definitely be a factor.
  3. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Storms involve rendering a very large number of clouds, including some very large cumulonimbus and towering cumulus clouds. Accurately depicting these sorts of conditions will consume extra resources on your system; there's just no avoiding it. All I can suggest is reducing your "cloud area covered" setting further if you plan on flying into stormy areas, and making sure your X-Plane graphics options are tuned properly for your system.
  4. sundog


    Broken clouds are just scattered cumulus clouds, and as such a layer of broken clouds won't have a fixed "top" to it. The bottoms of cumulus clouds will be near the base altitude specified, but the tops will vary from cloud to cloud. We simulate how large the clouds are in nature and size them accordingly. In your example, you'd be limiting cumulus clouds to 2km in height, which is much smaller than they would be in the real world. If you create a solid cloud layer such as stratus or overcast, then we honor the top altitude as well as the bottom, since these types of clouds are "slabs" where that makes sense to do.
  5. sundog

    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    We're waiting on Laminar to address some issues with how VR interacts with plugins still. Until that happens we're stuck on VR support I'm afraid.
  6. sundog

    Precipitation and Icing

    Neither FSGRW nor X-Plane's built in weather system has access to precise real-world placement of storm cells. The best they can infer from the METAR data is "there are storms North of the airfield" (or some direction,) but more often it's just "there are storms around here somewhere." In that case, RWC just scatters them about randomly surrounding the station reporting those conditions for lack of anything better that it can do. If you have SMP configured to take control of precipitation (see its precipitation control panel), you should at least see precipitation visual effects where it should be associated with SMP's individual clouds. But there is no way for plug-ins such as SMP or RWC to communicate back to X-Plane to tell it where it positioned individual CB clouds, so it can create a consistent experience with winds and the radar. Laminar contacted us a long time ago about extending their plugin API to allow us to do that, and we even wrote some code into SMP to support it - but that feature hasn't made it into X-Plane yet. So for now, it's behaving as well as is possible within X-Plane's architecture. As far as I know, SMP is the only weather add-on that even attempts to represent individual storm cells with cumulonimbus and towering cumulus clouds, so it's sort of a bleeding edge thing still.
  7. sundog

    Not setting correct textures.

    The current system just uses latitude and the month to estimate the season, and can't account for micro-climates such as England's. Keep mind 51 degrees latitude is the same as Canada and some pretty cold parts of Russia too. In the US it's even north of Maine, where it's still quite wintry.
  8. sundog

    Any News on updates?

    We have some more performance improvements ready to go here, and some small bug fixes. The main thing we're working on is VR support; right now we're waiting for Laminar to look into some things on their end, as it seems as though X-Plane's SDK isn't behaving as it should in VR mode. But that's why VR is still in beta. Right now I'm calling it 4.7, but we haven't really talked about a release plan for it yet.
  9. sundog

    Not setting correct textures.

    If you examine the seasons.txt file inside TerraMaxx's plugin folder, it will answer any questions you have about how seasons are chosen for a given location and time. If your simulated date in X-Plane is in April, you would have to be flying above 50 degrees North for TerraMaxx to consider it "Winter" in auto mode.
  10. sundog

    Not setting correct textures.

    What date was being simulated in X-Plane? In April, the cutoff latitude for winter is defined to be 50 degrees North.Perhaps X-Plane was set up for a different time of year where the cutoff is further South. " considering there is no snow where I live it should not be deep winter. " Again bear in mind the weather data available to X-Plane tells us nothing about whether there is snow on the ground. We make no claims that what we represent will automatically match what you see out the window at all times. All we can do is make a best guess based on your location and the time of year. The temperature will affect just how "frozen" things looks when we do think there may be snow on the ground. You can easily change the season manually using TerraMaxx's configuration screen if you want to.
  11. sundog

    CTD En Route

    Thank you owine... I loaded up your METAR files at the location you specified, and nothing crashed - so I'm cautiously optimistic this won't happen again after our next release.
  12. sundog

    Does MaxxFx work in naitive V.R ..?

    I think I remember seeing a report that it does not, but bear in mind VR is still in beta with Laminar and they are still working out the kinks involved with supporting third party add-ons with VR. We are actually working pretty closely with Laminar on VR integration with add-ons. I expect we'll get it working but it is all a work in progress still.
  13. sundog

    CTD En Route

    Sure, if you can provide your metar.rwx along with the location you were flying at when it crashed, I can use that to make sure the fix I wrote yesterday actually works. Thanks.
  14. Yes, I think some unusual weather conditions triggered this. Presumably the issue has already passed. But, I'm working on making this part of the code more robust for our next release right now.
  15. sundog

    CTD En Route

    You're right, that does look like the same issue. Given that it seems to have happened around the same time, I think there were some unusual weather conditions being reported that found a case that triggers this crash. I'm looking into it to see if there's anything we can tighten up for our next release.