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  1. sundog


    We're aware of this and awaiting a change to Gizmo to allow us to download the data via https. Meanwhile if you can use "automatic" mode together with X-Plane 11.32, that should get the weather data flowing again.
  2. If you can turn around 180 degrees after it happens, and it happens again when you fly over the same point from the other direction, that would make it pretty definitive that it's the one degree tile boundary you're hitting.
  3. sundog

    Clouds no refresh with FSGRW

    What is your RWC setting for "never change visible weather?" That might be the culprit.
  4. Some images, together with your log.txt and fsgrwrsmp.rwx files, would be helpful.
  5. Did some testing, and things seem to be working as they should here. My guess would be that you're crossing a one-degree tile boundary, which can cause the clouds to visibly and suddenly shift in position a little as X-Plane moves into a new coordinate system. Or, you might have the "cloud area covered" setting in SkyMaxx Pro's configuration set too low. That might cause new cloud layers to appear too close to your viewpoint, which might be distracting. For reference, a properly configured FSGRW / SMP / RWC setup should look something like this. This was taken just now near Seattle. If your clouds don't look like that, it may indicate a configuration issue.
  6. Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you had it on based on your original message. Looking at the code, new clouds should fade in over 10 seconds when you have "never change visible weather" unchecked. You might be crossing a tile boundary as I described. We'll do some tests to make sure it's working as expected.
  7. With "never change visible weather" on, cloud conditions don't fade in and out surrounding you, but you'll only see new cloud formations as you fly into them as the appear over the horizon. If that option is on, the only case where the clouds themselves should change is if you suddenly move to a new location, or if you cross a one-degree tile boundary in X-Plane which can cause the local coordinate system to shift slightly, and cause the clouds to move slightly as a result. If however visibility is suddenly changing, then that would affect what clouds you see or don't see from the viewpoint suddenly as well.
  8. Real Weather Connector and SkyMaxx Pro only handle the clouds and precipitation, not visibility or winds. I'd report this to the developers of FSGRW.
  9. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    It appears the data in this file does not match either the conditions shown in your FSGRW screenshot nor the conditions represented: GCTS 041648Z 08014KT 7000 NSC 24/10 Q1019 That says clear skies, with no clouds at all - and the time stamp is from the day after when you saw the issue. Seems FSGRW overwrote this file, destroying the "forensic evidence" we need. If it happens again, please copy the log.txt and fsgrwsmp.rwx files immediately so we can try and catch it in the act.
  10. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    Hm, as far as I can tell from your log, we did receive data from FSGRW and processed it successfully. If you still have the fsgrwsmp.rwx file from that flight in your X-Plane folder, we may be able to track it down further with that. I'm not really sure if it's their issue or ours.
  11. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    If it happens again, please provide your log.txt - it might shed some light on what's going on.
  12. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    Is RWC set to FSGRW mode, and "never change visible weather" unchecked? If so, sometimes it can just take a minute for new weather conditions to be reflected in the scene.
  13. sundog

    Does MaxxFx work in naitive V.R ..?

    It does not work in native VR. Laminar does not provide the SDK hooks needed for it. Unless that changes, our hands our tied.
  14. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    Rain in the cockpit in VR is another problem that was introduced in 11.30. I believe it exists with the default rain as well, but it's less noticeable.
  15. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro Update 4.7.3 Released!

    Make sure you have the cloud/terrain blend setting turned up in the SkyMaxx Pro settings. If that doesn't help, I think it's related to a change in X-Plane 11.30 that prevented us from accessing the depth buffer in VR that tells us where the ground is. Rolling back to 11.26 would be your only potential fix if that's the case (or waiting for Laminar to address the issue in a future X-Plane update.)