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  1. sundog

    SM4 not working in xp11

    No, I only mentioned NOAA because that is the data source that X-Plane's default, built-in weather uses. You don't need the NOAA plugin to get weather data from NOAA (it is a bit confusing)
  2. sundog

    SM4 not working in xp11

    X-Plane itself believes there is no rain at this location, and we're just representing the conditions X-Plane is giving to us. SMP and RWC just represents the weather provided to it, either through X-Plane's built in real weather system or external products such as FSGRW. My guess would be that the weather data X-Plane is retrieving from NOAA is out of date; it can be delayed by up to an hour, and that's normal. It's also possible that there is some sort of problem preventing X-Plane from downloading data from NOAA. If the problem persists, please provide a copy of your log.txt and metar.rwx files so we can see what's going on.
  3. sundog

    Moving / fliggering clouds in VR

    My guess would be "fast".
  4. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.2 Update Released!

    It is 4.8.2.
  5. sundog

    Night Sky with SkyMaxx looks "pixelated"

    I would also recommend calibrating the brightness and contrast on your monitor. I think you just have things turned up way too high.
  6. sundog

    Night Sky with SkyMaxx looks "pixelated"

    I can't see it either. But what I would try is selecting a different sky color set in the SMP configuration, and then restarting X-Plane to ensure it's picked up.
  7. Tagging @Cameron
  8. sundog

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    OK, so I think it's saying that you do indeed have a 2GB video card. It may be that an X-Plane update, an increase in your monitor resolution or anti-aliasing settings, or something else caused X-Plane to start using a little bit more VRAM, and that didn't leave enough for SMP to work with. Laminar recommends 4GB or more for X-Plane 11. Updating your video card would be money well spent, but failing that, there are some things you can try: - Try lowering your monitor resolution, and disable any anti-aliasing your video driver may be set for. - Assuming you can get to X-Plane's graphics settings, turn the quality down such that HDR is not enabled. Also disable any anti-aliasing for now. - If at this point SMP will start up, disable any SMP features you don't need that consume more memory. Mainly, turn down the "cloud area" setting as far as you can tolerate, turn off cloud shadows, turn off cloud reflections, and set terrain blending to zero. If that gets you up and running, you can start re-enabling the features most important to you until stability is impacted.
  9. sundog

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Thanks for taking the time to rule everything out there. I am just as puzzled as you are now. Did you try updating your video drivers? That's about the only thing left that I can think of to explain this. I also looked up your AMD R9 380 video card, and noticed that it comes in some variants with only 2GB of VRAM. That might not be enough to run both X-Plane and SMP. Do you know how much VRAM is on your video card?
  10. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    For what it's worth, we haven't made any changes related to the appearance of cloud shadows since we first rolled out the feature. It just depends a lot on your graphics settings (HDR in particular,) the color of the underlying terrain, the types of clouds present, and the visibility. I've been struggling to make them more prominent, but we're limited in our ability to modify X-Plane's rendered terrain while staying within the rules of what Laminar supports for plugins.
  11. sundog

    Moving / fliggering clouds in VR

    Cloud shadows do work, but they can be subtle in many conditions. Turning up the cloud shadow setting, or flying over water, can make them easier to see. But yes, I can confirm they do seem to be the source of the translucent cockpit in VR. In VR there is no distinction between the ground and the cockpit when we are doing our drawing, so getting cloud shadows to work in VR without that side effect may be tricky. But I'll try to get it working for our next release.
  12. sundog

    Moving / fliggering clouds in VR

    We've seen reports of cockpits going transparent, but so far I haven't been able to get it to happen here with the default aircraft I use. You might want to try disabling cloud shadows in SMP, as that's currently my best guess as to what might be causing it. The upcoming 4.8.2 release should improve the rotation artifacts a bit. Choosing the "fast" or "soft" options for cumulus cloud art should help too.
  13. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    Might want to experiment with non-HDR mode in X-Plane's graphics settings, if dark cloud shadows are important to you. As I recall, it was an X-Plane update to HDR that made it more difficult to manipulate the shading of the terrain, and made the cloud shadows less prominent.
  14. sundog

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    @FlyAgi's advice is sound. I would also try updating your video drivers - it's a long shot, but honestly I'm at a loss as to why this is happening to you. Unfortunately there isn't any useful information in your log to go on. When all else fails however, testing in a clean X-Plane installation is generally the way to go. Sorry for your frustration here; it's understandable. I can at least assure you that thousands of people are using SMP successfully, so it should be a solvable problem.
  15. sundog

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    I would start by un-installing and re-installing SkyMaxx Pro; it's acting as though perhaps a resource it needs is missing. If that doesn't help, try a flight using a default aircraft - the other possibility is that the memory SMP needs has been used up, or corrupted. I haven't seen any similar reports of crashes with 4.8.1, nor were there any changes in 4.8.1 that I would expect to have the potential to cause a crash - so I think it's something along the lines of a corrupt installation.