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  1. Hello I have recently picked up Sky Max Pro and not too pleased with it.I have played with my settings and watched some videos before,and I still cant get a reasonable balance between performance and the overall cloud representation.When I disable Sky Max Pro my fps goes back up to what it was before I had bought the product.Currently I regret buying this product.


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    2. airlinepilot44
    3. airlinepilot44


      Do you think there will be much performance improvements in v4.7 of Sky Max Pro ?

    4. sundog


      We haven't planned what will be in 4.7 yet, so the honest answer is I don't know. Offhand I don't know of anything we can do to substantially make it faster than it is already, without sacrificing quality or something else.

  2. The air is partially rendered.

    I'm really not sure what's going on there, but try setting the overcast representation in your SkyMaxx Pro configuration to "HD puffs", and I think that might clear it up.
  3. Rain Clouds

    Rain is generally associated with stratiform clouds. Setting your overcast setting in SMP to "solid stratiform" will produce more natural looking stratus clouds from the ground, but it's rare for FSGRW to generate the conditions that would result in these cloud types being shown. As for cumulus congestus clouds that may be generating rain, it gets tricky because although they may appear dark from below, generally speaking they are still white from above. Earlier versions of SMP would darken the clouds based on how dense they were, but this resulted in a lot of complaints from people who still wanted them to appear white. So I guess that's a long winded way of saying - it's complicated, but setting overcast to solid stratiform may help in some situations. Regarding the lone towering cumulus clouds you're seeing - I'd recommend experimenting with not running FSGRW, but just letting SMP and RWC do its thing. We just place clouds where the weather data tells us to, so we rely on the fact that it's unusual for towering cumulus clouds to appear in areas where there are not other cumulus clouds present in nature. If you're seeing otherwise, it suggests a problem in the incoming weather data. Glad you're enjoying SMP/RWC overall!
  4. SMP 4.6 locked FPS again ....

    You have a lot of hi-res scenery installed. What I think happened is that when you entered stormy conditions, loading up those clouds consumed more memory than what your system had left over after loading all of your custom scenery and other add-ons. Once your PC runs out of memory, it starts swapping to disk, and that means a dramatic reduction in frame rate. I know you have a good PC, but custom scenery can eat RAM and VRAM alive. It's not really a problem with SMP, it's just a matter of pushing your system too hard. Your log shows that you were flying over several ortho scenery and custom scenery tiles. If you were to fly through similar conditions using a default aircraft and default scenery, you might compare performance in a situation where SMP isn't competing for scarce resources.
  5. SMP weather report

    Most people choose a slider value for the cloud coverage that provides acceptable performance on their system and leave it there. You don't need to fiddle with it during a flight; we're just saying that if you tend to only fly GA then you might want to consider a lower setting, as it will result in faster performance and more detailed clouds. But if you are flying an airliner, you'll want to set it as high as your system can manage.
  6. SMP weather report

    X-Plane's weather screen should reflect what you see. We use the same METAR mechanism X-Plane uses, so it will be consistent.
  7. far scenery not loading/seethrough

    SkyMaxx honestly has no interaction with your scenery loading. The sky colors may affect the color of distant, fogged scenery, but will not affect the loading of the scenery itself. You might want to go back to its default "Hosek Wilkie" sky colors, as that leaves X-Plane's default colors intact near and below the horizon - it would rule us out completely. Or you could set it to use X-Plane's default sky colors as a test. However i suspect this has more to do with changes in the new X-Plane beta releases and not with your installation of SkyMaxx Pro.
  8. Maxx FX does not work in XP11.10

    Can you give us a screenshot of the exact error message you're seeing? There's nothing about 11.10 that would be incompatible with Maxx-FX to our knowledge, so I think something else is going on that we need narrow down.
  9. Night Overcast (storm) Completely White

    That's odd, and no I haven't seen that before. I would suggest switching your SMP settings from "solid overcast" to "HD cloud puffs" - that might help if it happens again. And make sure you're on the latest version of SMP (4.6.)
  10. MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Might want to check your spam folder for a reply. I don't have access to the ticket system myself. However, I think I've heard of some MacOS versions where decompressing the installer is problematic. I've heard that running "stuffit expander" on it clears it up. Mac isn't my primary OS so hopefully someone else with more details can chime in here.
  11. Fog layer disappears?

    I think so - the only case where SkyMaxx pro would attempt to depict "fog" would be if you're in the middle of a "solid stratiform" cloud layer, which you would only see if you changed SMP's settings and configured a stratus cloud layer to be at ground level. In the general case, visibility effects are managed by X-Plane, not us.
  12. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    SkyMaxx Pro doesn't actually affect X-Plane's visibility effects in any way. All it does is draw the sky and clouds. So yes, I would guess there was some sort of update in the visibility in the underlying weather data there.
  13. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    carthorse, you'll want to experiment with the overcast representation setting in SkyMaxx Pro. If you're using real weather and Real Weather Connector, "HD Cloud Puffs" is probably best. Otherwise "solid stratiform" is probably the one you want. Make sure you're using the latest release (SkyMaxx Pro 4.6) as it has evolved quite a bit over time.
  14. SoundMaxx

    You might be too far from the VOR beacon at DFW; that's how SoundMaxx determines if you're near a "big" airport.
  15. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    It's an issue with X-Plane itself that you can see runway lights through the clouds. This happens with SkyMaxx Pro, default clouds, X-Enviro, and every other cloud package. All we can do is wait for Laminar to address it in a future update.