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  1. Actually I just tried it here (SMP 4.7.2 + XP 10.30b7), with an overcast layer over Seattle with SMP in "HD Puffs" mode, and the lights do not show through the clouds at all. Even broken cumulus seem to be doing the right thing. Perhaps it depends on your graphics settings? HDR vs non-HDR might make a difference. Another possibility is that your cloud layer was thinner than mine.
  2. I wasn't aware that this was addressed in the 11.30 beta. We can certainly look at it for a future update. You might want to try selecting different overcast representations, as they may behave differently.
  3. sundog

    smp 4.7.2 minecraft type clouds?

    Whoah, haven't seen that before. If you can make it happen again, please send us your log.txt file after ending your flight so we can see what exactly you did.
  4. sundog

    CTD SMP 4.7 w/TBM 900 XP 11.30b7

    Well, that log does seem to be implicating the TBM. SMP 4.7 does use more system resources than 4.6 did in terms of memory, but I don't know if that might be affecting it.
  5. sundog

    Mac Crash SkyMaxx Pro 4.7

    A brief update - we think we have a fix for Mac users who found that SMP 4.7 caused a crash when starting a flight. Fundamentally 4.7 used more video memory on the Mac than 4.6 did, and this pushed some systems over the edge. We found some ways to reclaim that memory, and another update is on the way to help those affected. Sorry for the trouble this caused anyone. We did test on several Mac systems prior to releasing, but none of them exhibited this problem.
  6. No. Real Weather Connector is a connector between detailed weather data, either provided by X-Plane or external add-ons such as FSGRW, and SkyMaxx Pro. It does not generate its own weather data; it parses the data it finds and transforms it into cloud formations that SkyMaxx Pro can represent.
  7. It would be really helpful if you could provide any crash log your Mac may have written after this, as well as your metar.rwx file. I am seeing a few reports of crashes from Mac users, but we can't reproduce them here, so we're not really sure what's going on yet. It looks like running out of memory, but you should have plenty.
  8. sundog

    RWC and Active Sky XP

    Yes, I as well as a few users I've seen on Facebook have reported it working with ASXP.
  9. Yeah, actually we just heard from them. They've identified the issue and we're working with them on a solution.
  10. sundog

    Mac Crash SkyMaxx Pro 4.7

    Thanks for providing the crash log. As Cameron said, I don't think that crash has anything to do with RWC. But it's puzzling - I just tried our final release on my Mac here and it loads up and works fine, nor did any crashes arise at all during our beta testing. Your log suggests the crash happened while MacOS was trying to allocate memory internally while compiling our shaders. However, it looks like you have 32GB of RAM and an 8GB video card, which should be plenty. It's possible it is some issue specific to your OS version or configuration, which would make it difficult for us to track down. I did however look at all of the code that changed in the area that crashed for you, and made a few changes in it for our next minor update (expected soon). It's nothing that would explain a crash really, but sometimes the Mac video drivers can be very particular about things.
  11. sundog

    Mac Crash SkyMaxx Pro 4.7

    Please open a support ticket with X-Aviation if you haven't already (they produce and support the installers, not us - otherwise I'd try to help.)
  12. sundog

    CTD SMP 4.7 w/TBM 900 XP 11.30b7

    You should probably start with the TBM900 support forum and see if they've seen this before. You're right that the log isn't very telling, but it seemed to crash immediately following the load of one of their plugins, so they might at least know what it's a symptom of. SMP has no direct interactions with aircraft, so whatever is going on is probably more complicated - such as running out of memory, or some add-on writing outside of its memory bounds. I'm just starting to go through SMP 4.7 support issues this morning, so if I find any evidence that we're writing outside of our memory bounds I'll update this post.
  13. This sounds like a question for FSGRW and not us. SMP / RWC does not play a role in temps or pressure.
  14. sundog

    Rain/Ice Effect broken by SMP

    Sounds like you were running out of memory or video memory, from just having one add-on too many - or one custom scenery package too many.
  15. sundog

    Winter with no snow?

    No, the seasons you see in the settings box are the only ones available.