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  1. MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Might want to check your spam folder for a reply. I don't have access to the ticket system myself. However, I think I've heard of some MacOS versions where decompressing the installer is problematic. I've heard that running "stuffit expander" on it clears it up. Mac isn't my primary OS so hopefully someone else with more details can chime in here.
  2. Fog layer disappears?

    I think so - the only case where SkyMaxx pro would attempt to depict "fog" would be if you're in the middle of a "solid stratiform" cloud layer, which you would only see if you changed SMP's settings and configured a stratus cloud layer to be at ground level. In the general case, visibility effects are managed by X-Plane, not us.
  3. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    SkyMaxx Pro doesn't actually affect X-Plane's visibility effects in any way. All it does is draw the sky and clouds. So yes, I would guess there was some sort of update in the visibility in the underlying weather data there.
  4. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    carthorse, you'll want to experiment with the overcast representation setting in SkyMaxx Pro. If you're using real weather and Real Weather Connector, "HD Cloud Puffs" is probably best. Otherwise "solid stratiform" is probably the one you want. Make sure you're using the latest release (SkyMaxx Pro 4.6) as it has evolved quite a bit over time.
  5. SoundMaxx

    You might be too far from the VOR beacon at DFW; that's how SoundMaxx determines if you're near a "big" airport.
  6. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    It's an issue with X-Plane itself that you can see runway lights through the clouds. This happens with SkyMaxx Pro, default clouds, X-Enviro, and every other cloud package. All we can do is wait for Laminar to address it in a future update.
  7. Not possible to activate SMP 4.6

    When did you contact support, Ingrid? I don't have access to the licensing system myself, but hopefully this thread will get some attention from those who do.
  8. Why the 2D Slides instead of 3D clouds?

    It's just a matter of settings. Set the cumulus clouds to "fast" and the stratiform clouds to "dense particles" and you'll get the cloud style you prefer back. We changed the default representation because a lot of customers were telling us how much better a more 2D approach is! We can't make everyone happy out of the box, but we do provide settings that let you make the product your own.
  9. Adjust distance between clouds

    No, there's no way to adjust this as a user. My only advice would be to use Real Weather Connector when possible, as it does provide lower cloud densities for few, broken, and scattered conditions compared to custom weather mode (but only when real-world weather is active.) I have adjusted the custom weather settings to be consistent with RWC and real-world weather for our next release, however.
  10. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Your log doesn't actually show a crash of X-Plane, 777-300. I don't see how SkyMaxx Pro could cause an issue with your aircraft. I'd suggest installing the latest update to your 767 if you don't have the most recent version. Sometimes old versions of SASL (which is probably part of your aircraft package) can cause trouble.
  11. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Sorry for the confusion; I was answering branislavmilic's posts. By "checked off" I mean the never change visible weather option should be activated. Guess I should edit the post to be more clear.
  12. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Nothing changed in 4.6 with regards to cloud formations, unless it's a storm system. I suspect you're flying around a corner of one of X-Plane's one-degree tile boundaries. When you cross one of the boundaries, X-Plane changes its internal coordinate system and we need to re-generate the clouds that surround you. Also, make sure "never change visible weather" is activated in RWC if you're using it and flying with real world weather. Otherwise, the culprit may be some third-party weather injector you're using that's updating the weather too frequently. SMP provides a variety of sky color sets if the one you're using isn't to your liking. Our Hosek-Wilkie model is the most accurate, but we're forced to blend it with X-Plane's own sky near the horizon in order to smoothly blend into X-Plane's haze and fog effects. I would imagine this could lead to some inconsistencies in some situations. If that's a deal-breaker for you, try one of the other sky color sets or the default setting.
  13. Any plans for VR support ?!

    Did you try the settings I suggested?
  14. Any plans for VR support ?!

    We don't own a VR headset so it's not something we specifically develop for. However, I'd recommend setting your overcast representation in SMP to solid stratiform if you're not using Real Weather Connector, or Dense Particles if you are using Real Weather Connector, to minimize the usage of billboards which I think is what you're talking about. That should help. For perfect VR, you need GPU ray-casted 3D clouds, and that just isn't practical yet on modern hardware at the scale and quality expected by flight simmers.
  15. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    It looks like maybe you have the time of day set to dawn or dusk, which is increasing the contrast between the clouds and the sky. Choosing a brighter sky color set would help to reduce that contrast and make the clouds appear less bright. Your scene shows some scattered cumulus congestus clouds with a cumulonimbus or towering cumulus cloud developing amongst them. I'm not sure how you're generating your weather, but if you were in an area that was reporting overcast conditions with rain I think the scene would look more like what you want. Conditions like this do indeed happen. For example here's a reference shot I took while developing these clouds.