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  1. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro V4 install and poss incompatable plugins

    I don't own those particular add-ons, but I haven't heard of them causing problems with SkyMaxxPro. However, anything they do to affect the default clouds in X-Plane will not affect SkyMaxx Pro's clouds. If you're using them to make the clouds look better, then you might gain some performance back by disabling them while using SkyMaxx Pro. SkyMaxx Pro can be used without Real Weather Connector, but you need RWC in order for SkyMaxx Pro to depict more complex weather conditions. Without RWC, SkyMaxx Pro is limited to representing X-Plane's default 3 layers of clouds that are uniform in every direction. If anyone reading this does own these add-ons as well as SMP, please chime in!
  2. sundog

    Cloud not working at night

    In this particular case, you're inside fog it seems. Visibility according to your log is less than 1 km. So, I think that's causing our clouds, which are on the ground in this case, to be faded out due to the fog. What I'm seeing in your screenshots is no clouds in either day or night; there is only a fog effect, which is separate from SMP's clouds. The real issue is that the runway lights are punching through the fog, I think. As an experiment, you might try modifying your weather conditions to have higher visibility, and see if the clouds re-appear.
  3. metar.rwx is in the top-level directory you installed X-Plane into, but it will only appear if you've selected real world weather in X-Plane. I don't think you'll have any conflicts using NOAA weather. Lots of people use it with SkyMaxx Pro.
  4. I don't own Pilot2ATC so I don't know for sure, but Real Weather Connector works through the standard metar.rwx file that X-Plane uses for default weather. So I would think that Pilot2ATC would work with X-Plane as it would normally; both Pilot2ATC and Real Weather Connector / SkyMaxx Pro should be getting their weather data from the same source, so it should "just work" without any special configuration. We don't bypass any of X-Plane's built-in channels for reading weather data. If it isn't, that's probably a question for the Pilot2ATC authors.
  5. sundog

    Cloud not working at night

    Could you provide a shot of your SkyMaxx Pro settings while you're experiencing the problem, as well as a copy of your log.txt? I think this may be a matter of choosing the best settings for overcast representation for you, and/or a subtle difference between where SMP is positioning the clouds compared to the default weather. You might want to just try experimenting with different overcast representation settings, such as solid stratiform, to see what works best for you.
  6. sundog

    Loving SMP

    Glad you're enjoying it! We've been waiting for summer to come along so people could start enjoying our cumulonimbus and towering cumulus effects. We do have a few performance enhancements and minor bug fixes queued up here for the next release of SMP. The main thing we're waiting on is for Laminar to make some fixes to how VR works with 3D plugins such as ours - we'd like our next update to be VR-ready, but we're dependent on some changes in X-Plane itself before we can do that.
  7. sundog

    Darker storm clouds?

    Glad you're enjoying it! As you've surmised, the color of the clouds is driven by a lot of factors and it's complicated. Notably, if you're in truly overcast conditions where the coverage is 100% everywhere, things get a lot darker. If you're a tinkerer, it is possible to make the cumulus clouds appear darker as they increase in density. If you open up the file plugins/silverlining/resources/SilverLining.override in a text editor, you'll see this line: cumulus-density-darkening = 0.01 Increasing that value will make the clouds darker. Ironically, it's set to be too bright in response to feedback from other people who thought the clouds were too dark in earlier versions of SMP. Its "normal" value is 0.10. Be sure you have a copy of your original SMP installer, so you can re-install if something goes wrong. Once you start editing our files, we can't make any promises that things will work or provide support.
  8. sundog

    Location of Preset Effects

    Glad you're enjoying it A few of the built-in effects, including "Mojave Desert", involve specialized shader code and can't be replicated just through presets. That particular effect does some fancy stuff to play games with the saturation of the colors in both HSV and RGB color spaces.
  9. sundog

    Maxx FX Installation Error. Will not install

    Try reducing the text size option in Windows. I think there's supposed to be a password field below the email address field, but it's not showing up because the text size has been increased and it no longer fits in the window.
  10. This message means that the folder containing SkyMaxx Pro's resources is missing or was moved someplace. Try un-installing and re-installing SkyMaxx Pro, and check for a corrupt file system on your PC.
  11. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Storms require us to draw many more clouds and larger clouds, and this taxes your CPU more, impacting performance.
  12. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Yes, when there are lots of clouds present SkyMaxx Pro will demand a lot from the CPU and not just the GPU. So that would definitely be a factor.
  13. sundog

    Low FPS in stormy conditions

    Storms involve rendering a very large number of clouds, including some very large cumulonimbus and towering cumulus clouds. Accurately depicting these sorts of conditions will consume extra resources on your system; there's just no avoiding it. All I can suggest is reducing your "cloud area covered" setting further if you plan on flying into stormy areas, and making sure your X-Plane graphics options are tuned properly for your system.
  14. sundog


    Broken clouds are just scattered cumulus clouds, and as such a layer of broken clouds won't have a fixed "top" to it. The bottoms of cumulus clouds will be near the base altitude specified, but the tops will vary from cloud to cloud. We simulate how large the clouds are in nature and size them accordingly. In your example, you'd be limiting cumulus clouds to 2km in height, which is much smaller than they would be in the real world. If you create a solid cloud layer such as stratus or overcast, then we honor the top altitude as well as the bottom, since these types of clouds are "slabs" where that makes sense to do.
  15. sundog

    Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    We're waiting on Laminar to address some issues with how VR interacts with plugins still. Until that happens we're stuck on VR support I'm afraid.