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  1. sundog

    VR....almost perfect !

    Thanks, I may take you up on that.
  2. sundog

    VR....almost perfect !

    The "white flashes in the cockpit" seems to only happen with certain aircraft. I did talk to Ben Supnik from Laminar about what is causing them, and unfortunately we didn't come up with a solution. It has to do with differences in how X-Plane handles the depth buffer in VR, and how that interacts with 3D plugins. I'm not entirely sure it's a problem we can solve. What's weird is that I've never seen it in my own testing (using a Vive Pro and default planes) so it's a tough thing for us to track down.
  3. sundog

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    Not sure I understand the issue here - the METAR calls for broken clouds at 1100, and you're just below them at 1000 unless I'm missing something. Can you provide more detail on what I'm looking at here, and if you tried any of the troubleshooting steps I suggested earlier?
  4. sundog

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    I'd really need to have your entire METAR.rwx that was in use during this flight to say what's going on. From your log, I can tell that initially RWC received a totally empty Metar.rwx file from ASXP, which would result in no 3D clouds being displayed at all and only certain visibility effects showing up. That might explain what you're seeing. Did you try my suggestion of changing SMP's settings a little bit to force it to reload the weather? It might also be a discrepancy in how we define the "bottom" of a cloud layer; the first screenshot might be what I'd expect to see as you're just entering a cloud layer but you're not deep enough inside it yet to completely obscure your visibility. Hard to say exactly what's going on without that METAR file though.
  5. sundog

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    It's not a known issue, assuming you have RWC set to "external injector" mode and "never change visible weather" is not on (which is what you want to ensure the scene matches what ASXP is sending in.) You might also want to try going into the SkyMaxx Pro configuration, change some setting slightly (like the cloud draw area,) and see if that causes new clouds to appear where you expect them to be. There can be a race condition where where ASXP sends in its weather data after SMP has already constructed the scene, and that's a way to force SMP to recreate everything. If you're still seeing this problem after trying that, we'd need to see any METAR-related files in your X-Plane directory, your log.txt, and the location your plane was at. I think ASXP deletes its METAR files when it shuts down though, so collecting the data we need is unfortunately tricky. It's possible you're seeing the effect of "scud", or the irregularities at the top and bottom of a cloud layer. Real clouds are not perfectly flat slabs; there is some distance between the bottoms of the bottom-most puffs that make up the cloud, and the point where you are 100% enveloped by it. 2,000 feet seems a bit much for that, though. There are also a few cases where we will override where an external injector says clouds should be because the data is not physically plausible. It could be one of those.
  6. Not yet! It's only been 4 months since the last update, and my "day job" has been getting most of my attention during that time. We have a couple of minor fixes teed up so far, regarding cloud coverage and precipitation.
  7. It sounds to me like memory fragmentation on your video card. You're probably running out of VRAM over time, which leads to this sort of behavior. The best solution is to turn down your "cloud area covered" setting, or other graphics settings within X-Plane, to ensure you stay within the bounds of your video card's memory.
  8. sundog

    SkyMaxx clouds on LOWI

    Looks nice; thanks for posting!
  9. sundog

    Active sky and RWC

    Your metar.rwx file is completely empty; there is no weather information in it for SMP/RWC to work with. I think there might be some sort of setup issue with ASXP going on, or perhaps it emptied out the metar.rwx file before you copied it. Try copying the metar.rwx file during your flight for us, and we'll also need to know where you were flying. Might be a good idea to check that you can see weather with ASXP when SMP and RWC are disabled. Get ASXP working first, then introduce SMP/RWC.
  10. sundog

    Active sky and RWC

    Make sure "never change visible weather" is off in the RWC settings, and worst case you can try changing some setting inside of SMP, like "cloud area covered", a tiny bit just to force it to reload the clouds. It might be a timing issue where ASXP sent its data after SMP already set up the scene. If you're still not seeing the weather you expect, we'll need to know more details - where you are flying, and your log.txt and any metar files that are in your X-Plane folder at the time.
  11. The current version bases its automatic season selection on rules based on latitude, longitude, date, and temperature. Since altitude is highly variable within a scene, and we can only load one "season" at a time, we don't use it directly - but there should be some correlation between altitude and temperature. TerraMaxx works by replacing X-Plane's built-in land textures, so if X-Plane has classified a mountain peak as being in a permanent snowfield, that will still be honored. We work with X-Plane's terrain classification instead of replacing it. We wouldn't represent winter in the jungle the same way as winter in the Alps, because the jungle would be at too low a latitude and too high a temperature for our "deep winter" season. Of course, TerraMaxx allows you to manually force whatever season you want, and we won't stop you if you choose to do that.
  12. sundog

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    He tweaked some of the cloud puff textures in SkyMaxx Pro 4.6. We made further improvements to them ourselves between then and the current version (4.8).
  13. sundog

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    @xZone you might want to refer to the SkyMaxx Pro manual; it details a ton of things you can customize to get the look you want. I'm attaching it for your convenience. The "fast" option is under Plugins / SKyMaxx Pro / Select Cumulus Textures. SMP_Doc.pdf
  14. sundog

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    Our clouds are 3D objects that you can fly around and through. I think you're probably referencing the "volumetric clouds" that one of our competitors talks about a lot. Our clouds are volumetric too, they just use a different, more efficient rendering technique that allows us to include more detail when you're close to the cloud. SkyMaxx Pro has actually has the same "volumetric" technique being used by our competitor (GPU ray-casting) under the hood, and it's been there since version 1. But we haven't exposed it to users because we aren't satisfied with its look or performance. It's our view that today's GPU's just aren't up to the task yet, but we'll enable them as soon as they are. If you just don't want the cumulus clouds to look like they are made of textures, try selecting the "fast" option for cumulus clouds in the SkyMaxx Pro UI. This results in a more "volumetric" look.
  15. sundog

    Bad Rain Rendering in SkyMaxx Pro

    I'm still pretty sure you're running out of rain particles. Our next release will fix that.