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  1. sundog

    Bright night haze?

    That haze color is not coming from us; all we draw are the clouds - so I doubt re-installing SMP would have any effect. Really not sure what might be going on there.
  2. sundog

    Unexpected loading of different season

    I've seen a few more posts on this topic this morning, and there's a theory that the TBM900 is somehow interfering with Terramaxx's ability to verify its license through Gizmo. That would be a plausible explanation. But it's something X-Aviation will have to sort through. At any rate, do open a ticket on the issue so it gets their attention.
  3. sundog

    console popup box

    Please open a support ticket with X-Aviation on this - whatever is going on has to do with the specifics of your licenses, and we have no way of looking into that.
  4. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    We are currently testing a 4.7 release with VR support and some performance improvements. It hasn't gone into beta testing yet, so no estimate as to a release yet.
  5. sundog

    Unexpected loading of different season

    According to your log.txt, there is a problem with your license for TerraMaxx: License challenge failed; TerraMaxx disabled. So, that's probably why it's not behaving as expected. You'll have to open a ticket with X-Aviation to see why your license doesn't seem to be valid.
  6. sundog

    Bright night haze?

    Pretty sure that haze isn't coming from SkyMaxx Pro. We don't interfere with X-Plane's haze or fog effects, unless you have a stratus layer on the ground - but even then, with the settings you have, it wouldn't look like that. Perhaps the real issue is the contrast between the haze and the sky, in which case your choice of sky colors might be the actual problem. Try setting it back to default or our Hosek-Wilkie sky model.
  7. sundog

    Visibility bug with the sun

    Thanks, looking forward to checking it out!
  8. sundog

    Terramaxx and true earth

    I don't know anything about this particular product, but in general TerraMaxx will replace any default scenery, leaving photoscenery you may have installed intact. So I would expect that TerraMaxx would not overwrite this custom scenery package, but it also would not create seasonal variations of your photoscenery automatically. If True Earth has its own seasons system, TerraMaxx shouldn't interfere with it. But we don't really know how these two products might interact until someone tries it.
  9. sundog

    Skymaxx pro 4.6

    I don't work for X-Aviation and can't do anything about your license, but I think the short answer here is that because you were caught violating X-Aviation's license terms by using a stolen copy of their software, they are under no obligation to help you at this point.
  10. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    SkyMaxx Pro is not compatible with VR. We've tried, but we're pretty sure there's a bug within X-Plane itself that prevents 3D plugins such as ours from working properly in VR. I talked to Laminar about it yesterday and we're going to keep working on figuring it out. If there's something we can do to work around it, we should have a patch out in a reasonable amount of time. But if it's something Laminar has to fix on their end, it's out of our hands. We just don't know for sure yet, but I plan on spending time next week tracking it down.
  11. sundog

    Hurricane Irma

    Did someone auto-schedule a post a year in advance by mistake?
  12. sundog

    SMP feedback

    All I can add is that the sky colors near the horizon are actually coming from X-Plane, not from us. We blend towards X-Plane's sky at the horizon to ensure the sky blends properly with the distant fog on the terrain. And, rain above clouds may be due to another cloud layer above you. We'd have to see a log.txt after you experience that to figure out the details. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Just to follow up, I heard back from Laminar, and as I thought the only thing that's breaking in 11.30 is add-ons that modify X-Plane's built-in shaders. No Maxx-XP products do that, and so they should continue to work through version 12.
  14. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    From what I've been able to gather so far, what's breaking in 11.30 is add-ons that modify X-Plane's built-in shaders. SkyMaxx Pro doesn't do that, because that's never been something you're supposed to do in the first place. This very well may break other weather add-ons, though. I have a question in with Laminar for clarification, but my understanding is that SkyMaxx Pro should continue to run in its current form at least until X-Plane 12.
  15. sundog

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Re-writing SkyMaxx Pro to use Vulkan is a massive undertaking. I haven't seen this live stream nor heard anything about Laminar deprecating its existing OpenGL support for plugins in the immediate future. As of now we have not received any betas to test with, so I simply don't know yet. I'll have to ask them directly what's going on as imminent deprecation of the API's we rely on is news to me. Real Weather Connector itself should be unaffected, but it requires SkyMaxx Pro to work.