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  1. Can someone just check if your IXEG dose a weird thing on the MCP when you turn your runway turn off lights? It appears to bright the mcp when you turn on the runway turn off lights. Also, map and background lights don't work as they used to.
  2. Javier


    Hi Jan thanks for answering. Sorry didn't explained very well. Was talking about "CRT style" of the panels. Did a picture. I think is caused by XP11 light wich is pretty dark. 1.bmp
  3. Javier


    Hi. Are WIP the cockpit panels? I've noticed that they look awesome on xp10 but in xp11 they look flat. Thanks
  4. Dose "ninja" fixes includes engine parameters for xp11? Cause I've done it manually but suppose that they will include that.
  5. Javier

    Chrash before touch down

    Thanks captain..Appreciate it
  6. Just 5ft before touch down pop up gizmo show me this I'm using Xenviro, this was in LEMD. Then sim almost crashes and I had to respawn in other airport LELN then CTD (but I think was caused by other addon) GizmoLog.txt
  7. Javier

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    yeah shut up and give me more money! What's going wrong here? Few days Jan said he was gonna upload some pics... Even pics are coming later...
  8. Javier


    Would be awesome to have a little tablet (like ipad or something ) to see charts,procedures and so on.Like a EFB. I think it would give a definitive touch. You won't need to use pop ups menus anymore. m1M1c/s1600/DSC_0058.jpg
  9. Javier

    Electric hydraulic pumps

    Yes It's still there...I can hear the sound and I got a poor sound card
  10. Javier

    Training Video's

    I´d like to share with you this video. Hope you enjoy it. It´s 737-400F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z49i6vpM5Is
  11. Javier

    Cuando activar VNAV

    yes,RSK, sorry :-)
  12. Javier

    Cuando activar VNAV

    Te respondo en español por que creo que hablas mi idioma: Normalmente VNAV no se activa debido a que los puntos que has introducido como SIDs o STARs no contienen velocidades especificadas ni altitud. Comprueba que introduces todos los datos posibles en la pag LEGs. A la izquierda introduces la velocidad y después añades un "/" y la altitud. Un saludo.
  13. Javier

    What did you fly today?

    Out of KBOS to CYYZ. Second flight UMMS to EFTP
  14. Javier

    left fmc inoperative after gizmo crash

    Sorry didn't know I have to restart xplane... I´m right now re-doing the same flght and no problem at all.... I can re-select STAR and make changes on LEGS page without any problem. Thanks Tom
  15. Hi, I just did flight plan and while I was climbing I changed app on left fmc and what was happened... Still managed to enter the app on the right side fmc so I continued the flight. V 1.0.5 and default navdata.