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  1. sizziano

    [Merged] xEnviro

    I have only had this type of crash when I load up the 733 with xEnviro loaded and I change livery, move the plane via the location menu or try and do a Gizmo reset. If I turn off XE then do what I need to do and turn it back on while preflighting I don't have issues. Haven;t had a single CTD while flying for what it's worth.
  2. sizziano

    [XP11 bug] Plane moving in Cold And Dark

    Is the plane powered? The IXEG is not XP1 compatible.
  3. sizziano

    Gizmo CTD

    The problem Ben isn't whether xEnviro works or not with Gizmo. It obviously does for the vast majority of users. The problem I see here is your statement, "You have xEnviro installed. Your configuration is not supported." What exactly does that mean? If you have xE installed you can't receive support for Gizmo products? If so then the relevant product pages should be updated immediately.
  4. sizziano

    Gizmo CTD

    Will this be added to the IXEG product description?
  5. sizziano

    A little poll for curiosity

    Look closer, there are some missing "needles".
  6. sizziano

    A little poll for curiosity

    Until the digital gauges are fixed I use the steam.
  7. sizziano

    Pop up

    Ah crap!!!! My mistake lol! Spoiled by the FF birds that do it automatically.
  8. sizziano

    Pop up

    Actually this reminds me, tje V1 call out is always much to early for me. About 10-15 knots.
  9. sizziano

    Will there be an 737 - 800 expansion?

    Nope. Probably won't even get a 400.
  10. sizziano

    Clouds popping in/out

    That's XP11
  11. sizziano

    POLL: VNAV use

    Pretty interesting. I'd like to see an updated poll of pilots flying modern aircraft. I would wager the use would be higher.
  12. sizziano

    PMDG Development Update Thread

    737 was basically confirmed by RSR during a livestream. Not sure about the 777 during the XP11 run.
  13. sizziano

    Any news coming up?

    Altitude knob is a bit sensitive but I agree, very well implemented.
  14. sizziano

    CDU crashes after GO-AROUND procedure.

    A bit OT, is it normal for the missed approach fix altitude to not display on the CDU?