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  1. And I bet you saw a lot of passengers under and over 170lbs as well
  2. You can also descend and increase speed in order to increase TAT and help warm the fuel.
  3. The clickspots for the Duct Test switch are the labels around the switch. Click the label (Loop A, Loop B, etc) you want to rotate the switch to and hold, you might have to zoom your view in and pop out the EICAS. Mouse scroll wheel is not supported because its a momentary switch. You have to click the desired position and hold.
  4. Yes, if you do not fly in Career Mode you will use the default XP11 weight and balance system.
  5. Yes, number of passengers (pilots are already included) and somewhere around 20lbs (or 10kg) of bags per passenger. If you filled out the service request sheet in the FBO and the passengers arrive at the aircraft, you do not have to edit anything in the default XP weight and balance. Remember to use the phone to call the FBO to come pick them up when you park at your destination!
  6. I see your SAT is 34C, so yes the engines will stay hot for a while especially in calm wind. If you need to quick turn, you can dry motor the engines. To dry motor, simply engage the starter and wait for ITT below 120C until introducing fuel.
  7. The data that ForeFlight wants for weight and balance is extensive and not really necessary for a CL650 type operation. Passengers are constantly moving throughout the cabin and changing the CG, so a table with CG range vs amount of passengers and fuel is generally used. The tables will be published soon.
  8. Do you have a hardware switch bound to the battery? Honeycomb Alpha and some others have battery and avionics bound by default. If you do, make sure your physical hardware switch is off when you load the aircraft.
  9. The screens are not touchscreens. You have to use the DCP scroll knobs to change values.
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