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  1. Try setting the P2A Setup "Ignore Avionics Switch" and "Ignore Battery Switch", I did it like this and it works fine.
  2. I just checked it, it was activated. So it was probably my mistake when configuring the FMS. Thanks for the help, I have to keep reading a lot and watching tutorials. Thank you both for the help.
  3. Today I was able to take a flight and everything was perfect. It is possible that during the flight where I noticed that problem I changed something in the FMS and my cruise altitude and climb profile were misconfigured. Surely it is because of what you mention, due to a bad configuration of the FMS. Thank you for commenting Rastuasi.
  4. I'm sorry if it's a silly question, but lately the line that marks the point where you reach the desired altitude on the map(I do not know the name), does not appear, and I do not know if it is something that I have to reactivate somehow or a bad configuration in the FMS, could someone guide me?
  5. Fixed, the activator works great, deactivate old machine and activate the new one without problems.
  6. Hello good night,A few days ago I had to change hard drive and install a new operating system. Now logically it detects new computer and I need to reactivate all my purchases, but I still have not done so because I have doubts if it will block the keys because it detects a new computer, I have to lock the old machine or it does it automatically when reactivating the licenses. I'm sorry about my English, I'm using an automatic translator.
  7. I do not have problems at the moment.Try reinstalling the TBM again, maybe a file has been corrupted with the update.
  8. I thank everyone for their advice and answers. In the end I flew to FL310 but I have to confess that I did something cheating, the day I could do the flight of that duration, had very bad conditions of wind against and crossed up to 60 knots, I was not going to be able to reach my destination, I modified the wind in Xplane to have a tail wind of 30 knots and in the end I arrived without problem. For the rest of the flights, I exclusively use Xenviro. Thanks for the link, it seems very useful.
  9. I will try a medium term and depending on the fuel consumption during the first 100-200 mn I will go down to a maximum range configuration. You're right, it's just a simulation and the goal is to have fun. Thanks RobW05.
  10. Thank you flyboydanmke. I'll try it at that level of flight, although to make sure, maybe I'll go a little slower. I'll tell by here if I got to the end. Thank you.
  11. Thanks for the clarification, I assumed I was in Vegas because the Skyvector calls it Las Vegas Municipal, although it's already a little late to choose another departure airport since I'm already more than halfway through the 7815 MN trip, I'm already in SBNT (Natal Augusto, Brazil). Sorry for my english,some time a must use google translator.
  12. Thanks for the advice Goran, I will try to configure the wind as you advise, I usually use Xenviro but I guess for that trip I will use the Xplane Weather.
  13. What would be the appropriate flight level and what engine configuration would be the best to cover a stage of 1215MN on my trip to the Canary Islands from Las Vegas? In the manual, according to the tables I believe that the torque should be 45-46, is it correct? Sorry if I'm asking something obvious but I do not understand the performance tables well.
  14. press the red button in the PFD
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