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  1. Hello, What a superb aircraft, couldn't resist to mention it Not sure if this is the right forum to ask: I tried CL650 with ATC addon Pilot2ATC, unfortunately without success. When I "Connect" Pilot2ATC, the "PWR" indication (bottom-left of Pilot2ATC screen" stays RED i.s.o. GREEN. (No Avionics ON detected by Pilot2ATC, and as consequence the radios don't work in Pilot2ATC). Has anyone similar problem? Is there a solution? Best regards, Frank.
  2. Many thanks for this info. Have nice flights. Frank
  3. Ok, found answer on my second question. The white lamp indicates only for the first flight of the day. My first question is still open. Regards, Frank
  4. Hello, First of all many thanks to the Hotstart development team for the superb CL650, especially the systems detail. My questions regarding checklist usage "CL650 Expanded Normal Procedures.pdf" or from the cockpit MFD-checklist. 1) How to know if a checklist item is intended to be executed (manually) by the "Captain" (LH-seat) or executed (automatic) by the "First Officer (Copilot)"? 2) Some checklist items have an icon of a white lamp between triangles (Eg. Flight compartment checklist item 3 "FIREX MONITOR) What is the meaning of that icon, what is it intended for? Thanks in advance for reply. Best Regards, Frank
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