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  1. Thanks for getting this fixed up quickly. The yoke works great in VR now.
  2. I have refueled MU-2's in real life, a lot. The tanks are hard to get to and it has a reputation for spilling a lot of fuel because of how the filler is set up. So maybe it is already more realistic the way it is!
  3. What does the wig wag switch do? I can't find any reference to it online anywhere, including in the documentation.
  4. Thanks for the fast response!
  5. I tried with both glass panel variants and the yoke does not have any kind of click spot for me to grab onto it with my VR controller. I have no way of controlling the aircraft.
  6. Great job on this plane. I have a few bugs to report to help you make it even better in future releases. 1. When I try to load the plane while in VR it crashes. I know that the fbo view can't be handled in vr but the plane should still be able to be loaded 2. This is the most disruptive of my bugs to be reported. When in VR, many of the 3-position switches can not be placed in the middle position. For example, if I do a lamp test I can move to 1 and 2 but not to the middle to stop the test. I am stuck with all lamps illuminated. More switches like this include the 2 fire detector aural test switches and the ADG test switch. I do not have a workaround for this bug. 3. In VR there is no center position to grab both throttles at once. Please add this. For now, as a workaround I can grab one at a time and try to keep them at about the same place but in real life throttles are moved together most of the time and it feels wrong trying to grab them separately. 4. The reversers can't be grabbed in VR. I have a workaround that makes this ok for me but others might not so I still wanted to report it. Thank you for making the best plane that has ever been a part of this simulator. You have raised the bar and I appreciate all of the effort you all put into it. Keep up the good work! I don't know that it matters but I'm using a valve index with knuckles instead of the mouse.
  7. I am having trouble in VR with the panel textures. The G1000 screen is nice and sharp so I know the resolution is fine but the actual words on the 3d cockpit are all blurred out so can't tell what the buttons say on the autopilot or the mfd controls or really anywhere. Does anyone know how to deal with this?
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