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  1. Great pictures Tom, been following this beauty patiently for many years. But it will be totally worth it! Edit: By the way, when it's time to add the manipulators, please don't forget us VR users!
  2. Looking great Tom! Just flew it a couple hours ago and in cruise time I was wandering all the advances X-Plane has +10 years later. Really looking forward those ones making it into the next version. (Maybe some new raising-the-bar ones?) Cheers, Jerry C. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  3. Hey breadwild, I suggest you check Vlad's sim (if you already haven't found that amazing site). http://arduino.svglobe.com/ Jerry
  4. Wow, seems really interesting and useful, with many many possibilities!
  5. Kieran, I don't own a Nvidia card but maybe I can give you some ideas based on my experience using 3 monitors with an AMD card.I use (Win7/64). Try one (or more) of the following: -EXTENDING your Windows desktop (the Windows bar only appears on one screen) vs. EXPANDING the desktop (the bar spans all across 3 monitors). -Select a different Main Display via Windows Control Panel, Display Properties, screen resolution (right click on desktop) (I used to select the leftmost monitor in this case) -Try customizing X-Plane's fullscreen resolution (e.g. 5760x1080 in case your monitors are 1920x1080 each.) -There's an option on AMD's driver to "create a display group". Maybe there's one similar on Nvidia's. Hope it helps, Jerry C.
  6. Hey Goran congrats for the team, it looks just like the quality X-Plane needs in the BizJet area! The manipulators functionality with mouse look great. Also, I would like to know if you're planning to release this aircraft with the necessary Custom Commands/Datarefs to be able to assign these functionalities to any key, joystick button, rotary encoder for those we have/prefer another input methods and sim cockpits like Arduino, Teensy or simply a Saitek panel?
  7. Hi everyone, I would like some guidance or steps to integrate a better resolution mesh. I would like to use the new 15m/30m DEM files from Mexico while keeping all other data (OSM, vector, etc.) untouched. (well, would be great to integrate new OSM data also because it has grown a lot since the original XP10 release). I know editing DSF files it's not a walk in the park but better than waiting an official update! Thanks in advance! Jerry C.
  8. Hey, so now that the new GNS430/530 is in X-Plane 10.30, are you going to use it on the Citation or still planning to do a custom GPS? Regards, Jerry C.
  9. gercarst


    Yes, I confirm; F9 is the default (and non customizable/programmable) key for showing/hiding the panel.
  10. Hi Tom... Seems that the HSI's CDI doesn't respond to GPS deviation; the little red deviation indicator just below the Artificial Horizon responds fine. Is there any chance of a "quick fix" to this? I like flying the MU-2 with the great freeware KLN90B (this one acts like a Master that control the default X-Plane's GPS), and having a working HSI's CDI with the GPS would be great! Thanks, Jerry C.
  11. [sOLVED] Hey Tom, I've just found what the conflict was... It is the X-Hobbs Plugin (by Barbarossa), it stores many aircraft settings INCLUDING DG Drift, and somehow it "saved" a "drifted" parameter; I don't know why this happened only to MU-2 and default Baron 58 ( and also in these airplanes you cannot adjust Gyro Drift) but now it's not a problem since you can edit the file it writes for each airplane and modify only that parameter; anyway, thanks as usual for your support. Jerry C.
  12. I still haven't found if it's a problem with my X-plane and MU-2 or other users have this problem too
  13. Thanks Tom, indeed, now you put it that way I also think it's a better practice, (a more 'generic' way), I'll suggest them that approach! Regards, Jerry C.
  14. Hello, I have the same problem as OlaHaldor but with another app like AirTrack, it's called RemoteFlight Radio HD... is there a list of datarefs that I could give them so they can update their app and add this compatibility? Thanks, Jerry C.
  15. Hi Dozer!... The thing here isn't that I want to use one or other heading, it's a kind of bug (I think), because all other aircraft on X-Plane doesn't have this problem! Regards, Jerry C.
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