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  1. I think you can edit that number searching first in the aircraft folder there are many xsMU2B60_xx_xxx_prefs.txt (don't confuse with the "mu2b60_prefs.txt" one), choose the model that you normally use and want to modify (GNS, OEM, 5B, 4B, etc.). Open that file in a text editor and there is a field called "__hobs_time" with a number on it. Modify that number. I'm not sure in what units it is written but I suppose it's in seconds. Hope it helps, Jerry C.
  2. Hey Tom, first of all thank you for adding all the new commands. They help a lot when trying to couple many functions with physical switches for our home cockpits. After reading the Updated custom command list, if I may ask for the radio switches also for a BOTH (L and R Radio switches) command toggle and ON/OFF (just like the Landing Lights Switches) so we have the option to use only 1 switch for a function and later as we grow and get more switches assign the dedicated real L & R switches. Not a priority at all but that would be nice maybe for a later release! As always, Thanks for your great support to our suggestions, Jerry C.
  3. Yes, I was mentioning your solution as a suggestion to Tom to integrate something similar to the throttle behavior so that no extra LUA script would be necessary.
  4. Looking real good and useful Tom. One thing I think it's still missing (using Bulva's script as an example) is to make the "Lift throttles command" ONLY valid when hardware throttles are within that Alpha/Beta transition zone in order to avoid sudden jumps when HW levers are already way down the Beta zone but the Software levers are locked in lowest Alpha then Lift Levers command is pressed and that's where the "catch up" jump occurs. In other words, only allow the Lift levers command if HW levers are in that zone, not before nor after; to avoid any unsync between HW and SW levers. Just my 2c.
  5. 1.- At first I thought… "I read somewhere about a green line in the takeoff trim" so searching in the AFM appeared this… so just to double check it I found this video. Mitsubishi Makes Airplanes? MU-2 with Record Pilot Barrington Irving 2.- Sorry, I think I wasn't clear with my phrasing… I'm not referring to a real sound. The same click sound EFFECT that you still get when you press the aileron trim, you could hear it when using the yoke's pitch trim on v2.0.0. It's missing in this release (I don't know if it's on purpose) and I just thought IMHO that it was a nice "confirmation" sound EFFECT that the Pitch trim was activated. Kind of a helper for a desktop simulator (like the throttles GUIs that are used on other planes) Thanks for clarification. Definitely not removal at all, neither amplitude or frequency change... most precisely it's looping point. Sounds like a cracked "pop" or "thump" just like when you loop a sound at non zero-crossing samples. I hope it's clearer now. My bad. I was just trying to pull even further down the switch and never tried that. roc* typo for rocker switch. That separate ON/OFF commands will do I think. Just to assign the parking brake to a toggle switch with 2 positions. Thanks in advance Tom, Jerry C.
  6. Here are some findings after some more flights in this airplane: BUGS No takeoff green line in pitch trim window No click sound for pitch trim MOVING (Useful audio feedback in v2.00) If XP's avionics dataref value is 0, GNSs don't turn ON when flipping Radio switches (must be turned on manually by the avionics XP command or manually changing dataref to 1) Strobe lights stays ON when the switch is turned OFF coincidently when they are flashing Taxi lights stays ON despite switch is turned OFF Should Trim UP and DN annunciators in AP pedestal panel turn on when pitch trim is in use/activated? Ground roll sound "loud thump" when repeating loop Already reported: Throttle 4 not moving when "Auto stop power levers at detent" preference is not selected Can't turn OFF engines with R-C-S switches Show/hide Avitab command does not work Cabin pressure rate indicator not working REQUESTS Add a HOLD parking brake command (or one command to turn on and another to turn off to assign to a roc) Add commands to change AP Altitude Selector up & down Throttle gate/detent sound could be moved just a little "up or fwd" of detent stop because when "Auto stop throttle" feature is enabled it sounds only AFTER the levers are lifted causing potentially that your real levers are way past the detent and then abruptly XP catches up throttle position when you activate the lift levers command. If you could add a command to control the radios power switches 1, 2 and 1&2 Keep enjoying Oshkosh!, Jerry C.
  7. Thanks Tom, obviously the real capacity data takes precedence. Always a mess with all these different measure units. I've just checked the fuel weight in FSE is 5.924~ lb/gal (there's no weight difference between avgas and JetA in the system). So you can use safely that 6.71 lb/gal. No "spillages" on FSE and also matches real world data so everyone's happy I think. Cheers, Jerry C.
  8. Haha yeah, I imagine there's much more yellow spares than green. Great Tom! Always amazing willingness & support!
  9. I've just noticed that the 0° flap light is yellow instead of green. Is that on purpose? Not trying to be a nitpicker here, I understand "flying solo" with a release must be chaos the next days, just trying to mention things that come up during my flights. Anyways great release! This is always a great plane to fly! Regards, Jerry C.
  10. Hello Tom, great support as always; thanks in advance for that! Me being a FS Economy fan I stumbled upon this: I filled up the tanks on the web page (404 gal. max.) then when starting the flight in-sim the client told me 24 gal. were "spilled". So only 380 gal. were able to fit into the fuel tanks. Investigating into this, based on MU2's web documentation it says it's capable of carrying a max. of 403 gal. (2720 lb., 1215 kg.) of fuel. But checking in Plane Maker, the capacity says it can carry only 1169~ kg. (on XP Weight and Balance page matches that number of 1169 kg. or 2579 lb. in Imperial system). So it looks like there was a unit conversion typo there in Plane Maker. I understand that 404 gal. (FS Economy) vs. 403 gal. (Official) difference (due to decimal conversion imprecision), but I think a 24~ gal. difference isn't negligible. Cheers, Jerry C.
  11. OK, thanks for the tip Tom, I changed the number to 30 and its feels better IMHO. (Tried 50 but the lag of the number drums animation gets lagged behind the rotation animation) Although that modification only affects the mouse click method. The mousewheel stays the same. What I noticed is that for each 10 forward or backward detents from the mousewheel represents only 100 feet of change (You would need 100 only for a 1000 feet change!) . Usually for 1 mousewheel detent there is a 100 feet change. As @kutyafalmentions I also think a good compromise is to give a coarse adjustment via the mouse click and a fine adjustment with the mousewheel.
  12. Hey Tom, same suggestion here; I tried both methods and found them too slow. No difference in speed between mousewheel and click manipulator. OS is Windows 10. Mousewheel speed is fine with other aircraft. Regards, Jerry C.
  13. Hey breadwild, I suggest you check Vlad's sim (if you already haven't found that amazing site). http://arduino.svglobe.com/ Jerry
  14. Wow, seems really interesting and useful, with many many possibilities!
  15. Kieran, I don't own a Nvidia card but maybe I can give you some ideas based on my experience using 3 monitors with an AMD card.I use (Win7/64). Try one (or more) of the following: -EXTENDING your Windows desktop (the Windows bar only appears on one screen) vs. EXPANDING the desktop (the bar spans all across 3 monitors). -Select a different Main Display via Windows Control Panel, Display Properties, screen resolution (right click on desktop) (I used to select the leftmost monitor in this case) -Try customizing X-Plane's fullscreen resolution (e.g. 5760x1080 in case your monitors are 1920x1080 each.) -There's an option on AMD's driver to "create a display group". Maybe there's one similar on Nvidia's. Hope it helps, Jerry C.
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