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  1. Hi, did you try in: to assign one of these commands to a key? I didn´t test it, but it looks if this could be you are serching for.
  2. Dear Santa Claus... I wish .. :D :D A PC-12 NG with this level of detail and simulation depth. But i´m realistic. The NG has a honeywell Primus APEX avionic suite what would be really much work in re-engineering/programming. So i don´t expect this from HotStart as they invested so much work in the addon functionality of the LR G1000 with Synthetic vision , Weather Radar, TAWS. Maybe a Cessna Grand Caravan-EX as a "workhorse" ?
  3. Hi, in the WPT - Airport information it is not always KLAY displayed. Normally it´s your destination airport. E.g. this "flightplan" shows that airport info: and: If you press the FMS button, and go with the cursor for example to a frequency, press enter, then the frequency is (pre) selected in the COM: It is more than "nothing". But yes, for the fully (100%) functionality of a G1000 we have to wait until LR upgrades the implementation
  4. Hmm, maybe it´s too easy... :D In the normal MAP view, just press the "Menue" button
  5. just some additional informations: I had a look in the POH, section 7.9 of the real aircraft. Compared to the model , the implementation of the FAN, just adding more fresh (and maybe cold) air, is correct. But the real aircraft has a control for the evaporator (parts 20, 22), which is not implemented in the model: So, finally: If you don´t want to freeze, stay on automatic mode
  6. me again i think i found the "room for improvement": In flight, -36°C OAT, IAT setpoint 21°C. AC = AUTO: just switching AC = MANUAL: Vapor system active with full cooling power in manual mode. So my first assumption should be corrected. We don't reach the temperature due to missing heat power, it seems we heat and cool at the same time, instead of just heating at this temperatures. But i think, this is now a task for the developers Anyway, i´m still excited from the aircraft. Such a complex air conditionin
  7. Hi, i have seen some similar: In Mode AUTO -> everything is fine. In Mode Manual: - Teste at ground with engine in idle With further testing i saw, this behaviour is depending on the outside temperature. So we might don´t have a "cooling", we just might have not enough heat power. This seems to be the reason for the temperature drop on higher fan levels. In this diagram: AirCond was off @ 8:00: set temperature to 20°C, FAN = 4 @ 7:30: FAN = 2 (here the AC holds temperature) @ 5:25: FAN = 4 (drop to missing heat power)?? @3
  8. Hi, i could verify this crash is also on 11.26, even in a clean x-plane installation. I have no solution, only a workaround that helped me with my crashes: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15091-possible-ctd-workaround/ Problem of this CTD is, you don´t get any debug.log / crashlog, tracehistory, so it will be hard for the developers to find the cause. I have somestimes crashes, where even the last line in the log is not present However, i personally think it's gizmo, but i´m not able to make any test with deactivated gizmo plugin, because the engine
  9. I agree, i had a close look at the navigraph charts: it might be a reserved airspace ?? Would match from the color of the ring, but not the same position... maype a temporary restriction (i used airac 1811)
  10. What i desribed is the "real life" functionality of this sensor. I´m not sure, if the simulation is so detailed, to set a chip detection error only if some other mechanical wear is really high.
  11. Hi, is see this too sometimes, but in my case it is a problem of the display in the MFD, changeing the range and the aircraft sits back on the purple line. I see this also in the default G1000 sometimes.
  12. Hmm, i don´t remember exactly, but it might be possible that i filled up the oxygen (did some high altitude testing during flight). Ok, but the poor guys doing the maintenance in a cold hangar. I would pay the charge for a heated hangar :D (setting to 20°C)
  13. next small issue: After engine shut off, the engine is cooling down a little bit too fast And the temperatures were set to 0.0°C, even if i had +5°C outside
  14. Hi, in the flight plan: Go to EDIT mode by pressing the FMS key, then select the line/field with the outer FMS ring, and then you can adjust the altitude with the inner FMS ring. But depending on the flightplan, e.g. if SID/STAR/APPROACHES are added, not every height is adjustable. Additional you can set only in the editable fields an altitude, but not an ABOVE/BELOW/AT restriction like this:
  15. Hi, when going through the ckecklist with the "check" button, at the end you get "go to next checklist" selected, but the previous checkbox is not marked as checked (see red marking): Maintenance / Engine Timers: The timer of the starter seems to count all the time, not only if starter is active: (Sorry, forgot screenshot) Runtime of all other components was about 21h, starter runtime was ~ 1280min ( i think, display in minutes instead of hour is intended )
  16. Hi, glide range would be phenomenal, over 75nm :))) but it isn´t. It´s the available flight range based on calculation of speed over ground, fuel consumption and fuel volume in the tanks.
  17. Hi, was there a specific reason why the 1.1 is renamed to 1.0.9b ? Do i have to reinstall the aircraft? I loaded the package when it was named "1.1". Another question generally: The payload (persons and baggage) isn´t stored to the next flight? Just not implemented? Is there a list of conditions, what must be done, that the aircraft is recognized as properly shut down? regards, Martin
  18. Hi, the CHIP sensor detects small metal parts/shavings in the oil. The reason for the metal parts is normally wear of mechanical parts, e.g. the bearings. So if you get the chip message, either some other parts should show heavy wear, or maybe the sensor itslelf is defect ;)
  19. Hi, i have the same weather combination, and i had some ice (not much) yesterday on a flight.
  20. Yes, before start everything was "as new", and the accellerated wear option was not selected. Thats the reason i wonder about the sudden engine failure in flight.
  21. Hello, i was on a flight from BGBW -> CYYR, as my new engine (total about 6.0hrs) failed at 26.000ft. I could do an emergency landing :) and looked in the log file 2018-11-03 16:44:44 TBM900[fail.c:931]: Component compressor has failed due to excessive wear (worn: 0.165200%, slope 1.0, rate: 0.000%/s). You can prevent this by observing performance limitations and servicing the aircraft regularly in the maintenance hangar. 2018-11-03 16:44:44 TBM900[fail.c:934]: Failure impact: tbm900/failures/engine/comp_stall 2018-11-03 16:45:03 TBM900[fail.c:931]: Component compressor has fa
  22. Hi, this is because nearly everything is defect (check maintenance). Best is to create a new airframe. I didn´t figure out if it is due to the update or the new "cold & dark" feature after a CTD.
  23. You could see in some other posts, these crashe could also appear in a clean x-plane installation. Try this: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15091-possible-ctd-workaround/ It reduced the amount of crashes in my case from "nearly every flight" to "maybe 1 of 5 flights". I would bet the troublemaker is gizmo, but i can´t prove it due to not created logfiles/traces etc. :/
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