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  1. I had this issue and for me the reason was that I was zooming with my mouse to get closer to the pfd and my cursor just happened to pass over the break knob making it rotate (as I was zooming) giving me a brake alert.
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    my first one... Log.txt
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    What’s next?

    No really expecting an answer of course. I just hope that you guys liked working together and that we’ll see other planes from hot start. What you have created is not only nice looking and nice sounding, but it requires a lot of practice to be able to handle it properly. All the other planes are too easy to fly. It took me 2 weeks of flying to finally master to stay on the center line on take off and landing, as you would expect in the real life. You actually need to “learn” how to fly the TBM and that’s the best part of simulation, to learn something new. I hope that all the good aircraft developer out there will follow you and make their planes on the realistic side as well. So that’s just to say thank you. Baptiste ps: I like to pop up the PFD, resize it and move it to one side of my screen, but for some reason from one flight to another, it doesn’t remember my setting, so I have to resize it and move it again on each flight. Not a big deal of course.
  4. Well. That's a simple fix. thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, When i turn on lights they appear to be on as when i look at them its easy to tell, but they don't create light. So I can't see anything at night. This is true for the cockpit and the cabin lights. Also when turning on the cabin light on the overhead panel, nothing happen. This happen also with the taxi/ldg lights. they're on but they don't shine. Am I the only one? What is happening? BTW I have never come across such an amazing addon. As a fan of steveo, its a pleasure to fly his plane. Baptiste
  6. Thanks Japo32. It is simple but now it fly better. About the contamination, i actually don't get the problem anymore.
  7. Thanks for your answers Yes it is the CONTAM warning light. it always happen first to the left and then the rigth. Yes i might have had a bad management of the power as i was learning the plane. So i noticed than in cruise ( often around FL150 ) I had the RPM lever to "flight" which all the time cause an over-speed of the RPM. So now I flight with the RPM lever down to taxi and so far... no problem. But it doesn't seem normal to have to use this lever in taxi position while your flying. PS : i don't have random failures activate Thanks for your time
  8. Hello Everybody, I have been flying the 32 for few days now, and the contamination of the oil happen too often. I have been reading on other topic that this was a random problem created by the plugging. I would be happy to believe this if it didn't happen so much ( I mean at least once every day that i fly it.) Whatever the weather, altitude, speed, it does happen. So i finish my flight crashing... Disappointing... I must do something wrong... But i have no idea what... Someone to help??? Thanks Baptiste
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