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  1. At that time (back in June) there still were two entries in Navigraph Data Manager. Unluckily this is not given any more since latest AIRAC Cycle
  2. @Ben Russell Just had another CTD. Again, Gizmo seems to be the culprit. Logs attached Enjoy the debugging ;-) btw. where can I see which version of Gizmo beta is installed? TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  3. After almost 3 months or so flying with 11.50bX without one of the dreaded CTD's (which I did get occasionally before) I "finally" had my 1st CTD yesterday (11.50b13, TBM 1.1.12). The addons which were running at the time are the same that always run. No traffic (AI, real world, etc.). No custom scenery whatsoever. Note: this is not one of the "something overwrote our exception handler" crashes. Curiously the last line before the TBM900[except.c:171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION was a line G64: warn: IPC Message from SASL Could this be related to Gizmo? (I a
  4. @skybird12345 Maybe it has something to do with the NavData for "X-Plane 11.50 (and above)" I didn't even realize that there is a new entry for this in the FMS Data Manager. So I am still using "X-Plane 11" to update, even for my Beta Installation. Doing that the MFD shows the correct AIRAC cycle. Is there any chance the FMS Data Manager is simply updating in the wrong folder? This would also sort of explain the default AIRAC cycle showing on the MFD [Update] Just did a quick test with the "X-Plane 11.50 (and above)" and it shows the same behaviour as in your original post.
  5. @Marius_B, your screen shot shows that AP is in ROL and PITCH mode, so it won't follow the ILS down. I have observed this behaviour every now and then when ILS gets activated (if I remember correctly, even on 11.41, in fact I haven't tried Beta10 yet). AP switches from NAV/APR to ROL/PITCH with APR button remaining activated. Solution is simple: just activate NAV and APR again. It's always good to double check if the AP is in the correct state.
  6. Hi cessna_man, this actually seems to be correct. I did a quick check on my trusted old calculator: assuming a OAT of -20°C (unluckily it's not showing on the screenshot) it shows TAS of ~275kt at an IAS of 207 Don't forget that at higher altitudes there is quite a significant difference between IAS and TAS. Cheers
  7. The typical use of VNAV would be not so much for the approaches but rather for arrivals (I am not sure if the altitudes in the approach segment have any real effect on VNAV). In the flightplan you need to scroll to the waypoint for which you want to have an altitude restriction. In the field to the right of the waypoint name you can enter the altitude you want to be at for this waypoint (don't forget to confirm by pressing the enter button). During the flight you would then use the steps I mentioned in my above post. If you only wish to be at the correct altitude at the IAF, try ente
  8. What exactly does not work? Did you... put a lower altitude in the altitude pre-selector? confirm the altitudes in the flight plan? (i.e. select the altitude and press enter) activate the VNAV button within 5 minutes of the TOD? (afaik that is the limitation of the LR G1000) These are the first things which come to my mind to check, but maybe I am misunderstanding your statement!?!?
  9. Yes, I can confirm that - I tend to find them rather annoying, that's why I have set them to zero even before I even purchased the TBM. btw, I can really understand that this one is really hard to track down - I am not even able to reproduce the effect on my single machine with a limited amount of plugins. I can live with this happening from time to time.
  10. For me it is definitely not AI or traffic as I don''t have any of it activated. Until yesterday I was almost sure that it was related to Real Weather Connector - starting roughly 2 months ago I started from (almost) plain X-Plane to gradually re-activate (i.e. move back to the plugins folder) my handful of plugins in order to track this thing down. The last one remaining was RWC and I didn't have a single CTD during this whole period. Alas, on my last flight yesterday (basically when I had just decided: maybe the issue was somehow fixed by XP 11.40, let's re-animate RWC) I had the o
  11. okidokki

    XP 11.35

    Just do double check: are you sure that the VOR you have tuned in does in fact have a DME associated, i.e. is a VORTAC or a VOR/DME? For me it does work with both NAV1 and NAV2 receivers tuned in to a proper station. In my opinion LR has actually modelled the DME pretty realistic, meaning that it shows the slant disctance from the airplane to the station, so if you overfly the station directly at FL180 it still shows a distance of about 3 NM.
  12. okidokki


    @shivanandrs: this is a know bug of the SkunkCraftsUpdater v2.4 (Discussion on x-plane.org). This is not related to TBM.
  13. My mistake - realized now that voltage is indeed indicated on the screenshot, still seems low (<24V). GPU seems to be connected ("GPU DOOR"). The "no fuel flow" thing is puzzling
  14. Seems like no voltage on the battery. Are you sure you put the SOURCE selector to BATT? Currently not at my PC. Can‘t verify if this makes sense. Cheers
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