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  1. Hello Goran, I have a clean X-Plane installation, nothing installed apart from TBM. AI traffic disabled. But, I'll have another look anyway. Regards.
  2. Hello everyone, 8 months have passed after my initial post and I am still unable to use the TBM900. I have tried everything, several clean installations, drive changes, everything... Although the simulation world has a magnificent community and a lot of enthusiasm, this began with a commercial transaction of 60 dollars. Honestly, I think I should have been refunded when I requested it more than six months ago. I think it is time to forget about Hot Start TBM, my 60 dollars and X-Aviation forever. Regards.
  3. Hi again Goran, A little update about my case. I have completed 3 or 4 flights more with no issues. Except in the second attempt where I had a CTD on the ramp. I went back to the "Global Scenery" folder and untick the read-only box. I Restarted X-plane and no further issues so far. What I am doing is perform this step before every flight. Trying to dig a bit more, the read-only box in the folder properties is not actually ticked. It has a black square. As far as I know, this means unknown status. I have checked from the command console with "dir /ar" on the XP11 root folder and I hav
  4. Hi Goran, I moved X-Plane 11 folder to a different drive, where games are out of "program files". Steam does not allow two libraries on the same drive (as far as I know). TBM crashed on the parking, so no changes. But, I tried something that allowed me to complete a flight, at least for this time. Same route as before and no CTD. Considering that this type of CTD is scenario related i checked the "global scenary" folder properties and it was as a "read only". I unticked the check box and tried again the flight with no crashes this time. Probably is too early to reach a conclusion. I
  5. Dear ones, I am experiencing constant CTD since I purchased the TBM. I fact, I have not been able to complete a flight. During the cruise, the sound rattles for a second and then X-Plane crashes and goes to the desktop. I do not have any add-on scenery, no plug-ins except Gizmo. I have verified the integrity of the local files using steam and no luck, the thing keeps crashing. Re-installed several times. In the log (attached) appears to be: "TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" System info is: i7
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