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  1. When you say fix already works, are you referring to your version 1.1.12 from April or do you have a fix out that I don't know about, or does LibRain have a fix out? Thanks,
  2. Now that x plane 11.50 is final, is there any fix going to happen so we can have rain effect with Vulcan Thanks,
  3. How do we install the x-plane 11 navdata if 11.50 if final? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did find something from jardesign forum about crashes (not the tbm in particular, but any crashes in general) and one of the things they mentioned was the gizmo plugin and I believe X-Aviation installed it. I deleted the plugin and so far i was able to load the tbm twice with no crashes. I'm not 100% sure yet, I need to do some flights. Going to keep my fingers crossed, lol Thanks again
  5. Any fixes for the the CTD when loading the airplane with x-life deluxe. This airplane is the only one that crashes with x-life deluxe so I would think it has to do with the aircraft. Regards
  6. Any one using x-life or x-life deluxe with the TBM 900? I've been having CTD with x-life deluxe since purchase of the TBM. I thought must be plug in, but non of my other aircraft (either freeware or payware) crash when using x-life. I'm wondering if something with the TBM 900 needs to be fixed. If anyone else is using x-life deluxe with the TBM are having crashes, maybe it's the airplane causing and not x-life. Regards,
  7. Hi okidokki, Thanks for the reply. I forgot about TAS altitude, ect. Makes sense. Thanks again
  8. Hi all, I was flying at my cruise alt. and I noticed that with a 26kt headwind I had a 207kt Ias and a GS of 257 kts. flying with a headwind I shouldn't have GS faster than IAS.
  9. Not sure if my CTD is same, but i also get CTD when its loading. Not every time though. I do also get them after aircraft is loaded. I think mine may be due to xlife plugin, but I thought I'd mention it here also just in case.
  10. Thanks Goran_M you've been a great help. I'll have a look there. In case I can't find file what file is it that I would have to modify
  11. cessna_man


    noticed xlife has up date from last month. going to install and hope it will work with the TBM
  12. I know this is more of an xplane issue, but is there anything I can do on my end to lighten up cockpit. For example the over head switches blend in with the black panel and I can't tell if switch is on or off, even if I zoom in on it. Same with throttle can't see it. Certain times of day with sun at right position I can see them. Like I said I know it's xplane issue, but I just thought I might be able to lighten up cockpit texture or something to help see switches, ect. better. Thanks,
  13. cessna_man


    Thanks Goran_M, I'm going to check x life forums and see if any mention of the tbm
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