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  1. base1962

    Ng reading

    I see in the quickstart guide and in the actual POH where 104% Ng is allowed but here it turns red at 102.5. Am I missing something or is there a file I can edit the text to change it 104?
  2. I've narrowed it down to turning on too many of my exterior lights. beacon, nav, landing, and strobe. volts remain 28.4 and amps read 0
  3. 11.40b5 but it's done it before I went beta.
  4. Sometimes while on the ground, my Ng will drop out of the green from 49-50 ish down to mid 30's causing a yellow arc ITT idle without any changes in configuration. Any ideas?
  5. Every time somebody has issues, they want to see the log so I thought maybe there was a particular place to see if there was an issue with scenery, airplane files, X-Plane bug, etc. Thanks for the timely reply.
  6. I'm aware of the potential beta risks, I have a non-beta install on my computer. I'm trying to learn how to decipher the log.txt.
  7. I'm not good with this kind of stuff so just wondering if this is a beta specific thing or a combo TBM vs Beta. Thanks. Log.txt
  8. Well... I may have been looking at battery load instead of generator load. I had to zoom way in to make out the difference on my screen. In flight gen swap reveals a functional standby generator. I need another beer.
  9. As per the checklist, following engine start, verify load less than 80 amps. I put the gen switch in standby and it doesn't pick up the load and voltage drops to about 24. I reset the generator and it'll start to pick up the load and drops again. Maintenance says all electrical systems are good. Any idea?
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