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  1. Guys you are awesome! You nail it! Now take off is how it suppose to be! I know sometimes it is frustrating to wait for update, but it was totally worth it. Thank you for listening!
  2. sd_flyer

    Few bugs

    Sorry forgot to mention absolutely not important but super annoying perpetual clicking sound which reminds all fashion keyboard max buffer sound:) This sound is attached to all kind of switched including flaps
  3. My plugins setup haven't changed since last several updates. Attached is exact route flown. CTD happens in cruise somewhere near LA or SD KHAFMMMZ01.fms
  4. If Laminar cared about my feedback nobody would complain about taildraggers today
  5. OK, I found another oddness. For some reason taildragger version have extreme pitch up moment during slow approach with full flaps. I totally understand this behavior go around power. But here ware are talking about roughly 70 kts and elevator trim full nose down! I get by pulling stick down, but don't think it should work like that. Did owner mention anything about it?
  6. sd_flyer

    Few bugs

    Also not sure if it's bug synthetic comes out very "pixieated"unlike TBM900. I'm not sure why resolution is so low, perhaps due to performance issues? Very minor: wingtip strob light shouldn't have any refection on the wing. It blocked by aux fuel tank
  7. sd_flyer

    Few bugs

    5. ALT knob (that set autopilot altitude) is going to negative values. It should go to zero.
  8. sd_flyer

    Few bugs

    Few more: 1. Load manager: fuel values go no negative when decreasing 2. Load manager: fuel value flip to lowest when increasing past max value (i think it's logical when max value of fuel achieved adding more fuel should stop) 3. I believe that G1000 should automatically set transponder to ALT right after the take off. And to ON right after landing 4. Somebody might reported it already. During autopilot operation in cruise attitude my ailerons flapping like a humming bird wings
  9. I have experience with taildragger in real life. Among others T-6, Citabria, Decathlon. While take off is sort of ok there are big problems with ground handling of PR! Also I have noticed tail wheel is linked to rudder? Shouldn't it be free castering ? In addition, is there way for tail wheel lock?
  10. Got it. On position is forward or back?
  11. Got it. Also checklist calls for inertial separator. Where is it?
  12. Manual mentions it but I can't find it in maintenance panel !
  13. Never mind! After round of clicks on fuel control I got it! Gotta bind it for my TM!
  14. Where is engine start switch? (I'm using tail dragger model)
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