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  1. Hi, as I've been speaking with Totoritko and Graeme, I am unable to trim manually the plane. CB's are in, channels are on, my bindings work with other planes and A/P is able to use the trim but I can't do so manually. As suggested by Graeme I am attaching my log file. Also worth mention that I've uninstalled the plane twice but the problem perists. I don't know if I did it correctly as I still had the saved aiframes than used to before the uninstall Thank you for your time Yuri Log.txt
  2. The same is happening to me. Following this topic.
  3. That did it, thank you Goran!
  4. I have done both things you've said. Also the filename was correct, 1.1.4b.
  5. Hi, I am getting the following error when trying to install the 1.14b version. I've downloaded the installer several times now. Sorry if I should've used another channel for support. Regards
  6. The fact is that on this occasion is a small offset but, before this direct the one i did previously had a big offset between the actual direct path and the path flown
  7. Hi, sometimes after a Direct the route followed by the AP does not correspond with the route drawn on the MFD. I will post a picture as example. It is a small offset but I've had bigger offsets after a Direct. Regards
  8. Thank you very much. I will have a look!
  9. Yuriala12

    Enter Holds

    Hi, I've been reading the documentation and I can't find the way to enter manual holds into the G1000. Is there any way? Regards
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