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  1. Hi Torbjoern. Regarding the HUD symbology size you also need to have the correct seating position. I can see you're sitting too far behind so you'd need to move forward. Than might feel to you like you're getting too close and unable to see all the PFD/MFD's you'd like. For that you need to change the FOV as Oisín says. White and orange balls needs to align for correct seating position. Too far back in the seat.
  2. Hi. The idea behind the Challenger not having a maintenance system is to simulate or immerse you into being the pilot of the plane. As a corporate pilot you don't do much maintenance in the same way as you do if your an owner/operator of e.g. a TBM. The only similar maintenance feature you see is in the menu: Challenger 650 > Ground Services > Engine Oil replenishment system, as that's something the pilot of a CL650 would be able to do themselves. FBO for the TBM is a maybe at this time. Others have also suggested it.
  3. Don't be sorry. It's all very appreciated. Thanks
  4. You need to hold the toe brakes, and set the parking brake while holding the toe brakes. If you simply apply the park brake, there will be no braking effect. You can still assign a button for it, but toe brakes needs to be held as well.
  5. Pilot turned off XEnviro and solved the issue.
  6. If you bind CL650/checklist/prev_checklist you can go back in the checklists and find Quick Turn Checklist. It doesn't have custom audio implemented yet, that's a known issue.
  7. Hi, librain didn't make it into release version, but will be added soon.
  8. Thanks for posting these. All issues are known and will be fixed soon.
  9. WX radar isn't implemented yet. It'll most likely be a feature alongside with XP12.
  10. You insert 14.0 GW into PERF > PERF > LSK 3R (Approach) > Page 3 I believe.
  11. It's a regional thing. US will give you lbs/gal even if your plane is set to kgs. And in EU he'll give you kg/liters.
  12. Needs AC/DC utility switch ON. And of course airplane otherwise be powered up.
  13. Passenger oxygen panel is on the FO side above the oxy mask. Set that to normal.
  14. All known issues. Thanks for pointing them out though.
  15. Try to set CL650/pedestal/gear/man_down and CL650/pedestal/gear/man_up
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