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  1. tbh if we could get this as a popout bindable to a key I would have less issue with it. approaches/departures can be a bit fast paced especially on vatsim. an option to at least do that would be nice so I dont have to leave the controls to fumble with the screen (considering the non interactive cabin display is a pop out I find this fair)
  2. I see the page for the settings but dont see anywhere to tell it where to send the report to. is the page just incomplete? I can send and recieve normal text messages so I'm trying to figure what I can and cant do yet.
  3. yeah I noticed this too. along those lines can we get some kind of function for apu not available ops? there are some airports that prohibit apu for noise for example. there are options in the fms for air config to be used for takeoff/landing in the perf pages for ice and bleed config. maybe use those as a reference for what copilot does? otherwise I have to do everything manually
  4. so i spent some time waiting for weather to clear with the study panels of the air system open just experimenting and found something a bit odd. looking at the air conditioning diagrams Ill try to explain best I can on text. normally with both packs on the APU, the ACU inlet TT is about 132C ok thats fine and makes sense. if you shut off the packs ACU inlet TT goes to 63C which also makes sense (though seems a little fast for what happened to my brain) if you dont shut off the packs and instead close the LCV, which also simply seems to close the packs for lack of pressure except leav
  5. perhaps a click option in the help overlay as to if you want to turn around or secure for example? would require more commands to the checklist system but im sure theres a way.
  6. yeah the only thing I get is the galley dome lights when I switch boarding lights (which are still a bit dim in my opinion but I dont have the real ones to compare to). also emergency exit light switch does not appear to turn on any lights though when dark the exit light at the stairs is always on regardless of switch position. side question where are the seat bbelt/no smoking signs supposed to be in the cabin? those dont appear either
  7. slider is maxed so yes its on
  8. dont actually see this setting anywhere. only options are "draw parked aircraft", "draw shadows on scenery", and "use vulkan" everything else is a slider
  9. that would solve it! glad to hear. though I would have been surprised if it wasnt, a confirmation is good.
  10. eicas shows pressure. so guessing the gauge just doesnt work then
  11. I turned on every light I could in the control panel. in the stream I saw the accent light around the curtain door handle lit which is not on for me unless I'm missing a button somewhere? also is there a way to turn on the stair lights? I know it has them as there is even a plackard on the side of the steps for turning them on with battery power only
  12. is this just not simulated yet or am I missing a way to service/fill the o2 bottles. gauge in the external panel is always 0 and I dont see anywhere else to read it but masks still seem to work from the sounds.
  13. sequencing just goes from shutdown to secure and I cant figure how to start the turnaround checklist after shutdown so I dont have to repower the plane from scratch or any of the alternate checklists like immediate return for that matter
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