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  1. I was looking around for information on this too - check out Graeme's post for an overview
  2. Given the reference to GFX heap memory I've went ahead and backed off my Texture Quality one notch, reloaded the flight from the runway entry auto-save, and flew it offline. No crashes this time. I'm not familiar enough with X-Plane logs to know if that was actually the culprit, so I'll leave this open in case that alone doesn't explain the crash/hang.
  3. This was my fourth flight overall and my first online with Pilot Edge. Full X-Plane log and CL specific log attached. It did not crash to desktop itself, the sim window became unresponsive and after a couple minutes I killed the application manually. It was performing great up until the crash and this is the first issue I've had. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  4. It's to the far right on the lower half of the display on the line that starts with the arrival airport code, LSGS. Yep, I just couldn't see the '14.0 GW'. What I needed to do was toggle the FMS1 DSPL MENU WINDOW value from VNAV to ON. When it's in VNAV the weight info is covered by the approach VNAV data.
  5. In one of Toto's streams he was able to pull a predicted landing weight from the MFD and use that to feed in to landing perf calculations. My MFD shows time and distance to waypoints, but I don't see any weights. I poked through the configs and nothing jumped out but I'm guessing I'm missing something. Has anyone had luck getting predicted weights? Edit: attached screenshot from the stream, you can see it at https://youtu.be/fEPCUt2wEZc?t=3820
  6. Awesome to hear - looking forward to it!
  7. Huge fan of your work on the TBM. It is easily my #1 flown aircraft in X-Plane 11. We're about one year in from your announcement on the Challenger - any chance you can confirm if its still in progress? I know things are crazy right now for everyone and I hope you are all doing well!
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