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  1. nope. no breaker popped. I have tried resetting the breaker, tried triggering the failure and resetting it. No dice, the cas message remains. in the electrical page of the study panel, the L AOA heater does show 0W and 0A pulled so it does not work, but I have no visible reason for it I had no problem to put the covers at the end of the flight though I use the Ice simulation Lua script though, I'll try removing it see if it might be the cause.
  2. hi I have the same issue now and then when doing a multi leg flight or encountering icing conditions Left AOA heater and stall fail cas. I checked the failures and none are triggered. no pitot cover either
  3. I have recreated the incident again and here is the log. steps I used to recreate the CTD from a new cold and dark flight. Batt master on APU and APU gen on APU LCV and 10th stage isol open REV armed Nav and logo lights on Launched cabin check checklist check all items through the mfd controls (if the lines are white it does return to it if you press the checklist/check_item binding) at the end of the checklist use the mfd control pannel to go to the "next normal checklist" by scrolling to the line on the mfd and pressing the rotary knob. MFD should show the "quick turn checklist" (but I had the CTD with the "immediate retrun" checklist too) at any point in the cheklist use the checklist/check_item binding I have the following results : F/O says "engine start checklist next" X-plane crash with the Xplane crash report prompt Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  4. I have tried to use the quick turn around checklist on the MFD in a two leg flight today. However when used the checklist item check button (for the one the F/O is reading) by mistake it caused a crash to desktop for Xplane. unfortunately I repeated the mistake several times causing each time a CTD while I guess the button for the oral checklist given by the F/O is not supposed to work in this particular case (using a normal checklist different from those handled by the F/O support) the CTDs are pretty bad.
  5. I have been trying to use the CL650 custom command lines to control the reverser handles. while the CL650/pedestal/throttle/reverse_L_up and CL650/pedestal/throttle/reverse_R_up works fine CL650/pedestal/throttle/reverse_L_down and CL650/pedestal/throttle/reverse_R_down have no effect whatsoever. in fact the handles act as if I was pressing the "up" command again.
  6. I understand it is not the same immersion, but as a private pilot (if I remember from before I lost my medical certification) I was to check the logbook for faults or maybe signs of rough landing and make sure the plane had been serviced within the correct intervals (At least in France those were the pilot's responsibility to check if the plane was fit to fly or certified fit to fly by proper mechanics) and if needed have a mechanic check them out before I could take off. I never owned a plane so I didn't perform the maintenance myself, but I did have to check it had been done and to signal and request repairs if needed. Hence my idea to have a maintenance/service desk in the FBO where you can request repairs. I haven't tested how the airframe manager works fully to see how it handles the age of the plane,rough handling (so far only did soft landings) or the use of system failures, so I'm not sure how it saves those status
  7. hi, I bought the plane and I have nothing to complain about! It's a great working and I love the FBO Implementation. I was wondering though if you could implement the same kind of maintenance system as present in the TBM. It could maybe be placed in a separate "Maintenance and Servicing" office in the FBO or maybe plane logbook where all the grips would be noted after each flight. on another note if you implement the FBO on the TBM too you will have a winner
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