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iGoDispatch for Saab-340A


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Hi, pilot fellas!


Today, I would like to share with you something I have been working on for the past several months. It will be an iOS application to perform flight planning for this great plane. This video demonstrates how the application will load a plane with passengers and/or cargo, and how weights, fuel, and center of gravity will be calculated.



The application is about one-quarter ready and should be available in late fall.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them to me at the following email address:



Thanks a lot!



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jiggyb2. I'd really love to, but it means complete redesign of the panel layouts. This will require time, may be more than a month. It will definitely not happen this year. May be next year, I will have time to adapt it to iPhones. This time I will be getting iPhone 6, so I am curious to know whether the application can be usable on it.


Meanwhile. I just wanted to demonstrate how the application calculates fuel.


Imagine this is our plan: KLAX LAX KSFO KSJC

FL: 18000

Temperature: -29; ISA Dev: -8

Winds at FL: 10 at 45 kts

Payload: 8475 lbs (3844 kg)

ZFW: 21212 lbs (9622 kg)


Let us use the charts.


1) We calculate Diversion Fuel, i.e. fuel required from Destination to Alternate airport:


Weight: ZFW. Air distance: 25 nm.  ISA 0 (it would be -20 if ISA Dev was <= -10)

FL rounded to 19000.

Required 552 lbs. In fact there is no fuel for 25 nm, so we take the closest available, which is for air distance 100 nm. No correction is need, since the distance is less than 100 nm;


2) Calculating fuel required for holding for 30 mins at 1500 ft:


Weight: ZFW + Diversion fuel = 21212 + 552 = 21,764 lb


Also, it says that at 22,000 lbs we need 408 lb of fuel, this is a pretty straight forward linear dependency. Applying an easy linear formula, we get a more correct number 406 lb. We need to apply correction: minus 5 lb for each 10 degrees below STD. Since our ISA Dev is -8, we need to deduct 5. NOTE: This is where it is slightly flawed. In fact, we need to know the OAT at altitude 1500 and then deduct 5 lbs for each 10 degrees less than STD (15 at 29.92). But since it is an extra variable added that we will hardly know and that will not make significant difference, I left it as is.


Fuel reserve = 401 lb


3) Now we calculate the trip burn fuel.


Weight: <2> + 401 = 22,165 lb

Air distance: 335 nm ; Rounded to 350 nm. ISA 0. FL rounded to 19000.

Required fuel: 1450 lb.

Fuel correction: For each 1000 lb below 22000 lb landing weight subtract Fuel correction. We do not need to apply fuel correction since our landing weight is close to 22,000 lb. (Otherwise, it would have been applied).


4) Fuel Contingency: 5% of Trib burn fuel: 72 lb


5) Fuel for start up: 10 lb. You may calculate and add taxi fuel if you want. I just omitted it for this exercise.


6) Total:  552 + 401 + 1450 + 72 + 10 = 2485.


Now, let us check it against the iGoDispatch Report:





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Hi, mmerelles. Thank you for your interest. I am currently in the process of preliminary testing. I will then need to prepare all necessary material, e.g. manual, support page, etc. Then I will do some beta-testing, and then I will need to submit it to appstore for approval. ETA is still the end of November or earlier. Just wanted to share with you what it will be like. Cheers.

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The application has been just released:




I hope you will find it useful. Your feedback and suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated. 


PLEASE NOTE that to properly connect the application to X-Plane, you need iGoConnect plugin VERSION 1.0.1. It was uploaded yesterday. If you had downloaded the previous version, please replace it with the current version.


Many thanks to the developers of this wonderful plane and to all of you.



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