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  1. I am talking about the official source of truth for the charts, which are the links Grumpler dug up for you. Every single one of those links can be found by googling 'New Zealand AIP' or 'Netherlands AIP' or 'UK AIP'. In fact, I find it's easiest to find for Europe. Then again, I hear you on having a single convenient source for everything.
  2. Hardly takes any time at all to type whatever country name + AIP into google. Pretty much every country has an official source of charts online available!
  3. The tutorial flight for the PMDG DC-6 has you going from KPDX to KSEA. An enjoyable short hop, 53 minutes including taxi time. From 8000', here's a view of Mt. Adams.
  4. I was wondering when I was going to see some live shots of the DC-6!! Would love to hear your opinions on it. I'm overall positive about it, but there are a few aspects I found disappointing. Nonetheless, nice to see some study level vintage aircraft in X-Plane!
  5. That is dedication! Mad respect, and thank you for sharing the results of your hard work.
  6. Alaskan has a lot of flights to Hawaii, so there's a good connection for ya :-) And while I can't speak for someone else, I read Leen's remarks as, "You did a great job, it's unfortunate that the paintkit doesn't reward such effort as well it should if it wasn't horizontally compressed." I.E. you got a great compliment from one of the most well-known texture artists in the X-Plane community.
  7. Saw the HEB can and thought, bet he lives in Texas ... then I saw the location under your profile photo.
  8. And you'll get along even better with more! I, too, dislike the drama surrounding their style of announcements. Which is why I don't really pay attention to it. Doesn't matter to me until the product is released, vaporware until then. Nonetheless, I'm also really looking forward to this release. A well-built DC-6 simulation (even if a DC-6 is not your thing) is a bajillion times better than the alternative of nothing at all...
  9. You mean what glorious excitement?!?!
  10. I called it! Thanks for the x-post with link, didn't have to leave here to get all the info + original source for our convenience!
  11. Have fun and learn a lot at university Theo, and best of luck Goran on the texturing, always good to advance one's skill set.
  12. The restriction offers the possibility of an addendum to the contract, i.e. an additional agreement between Google and the individual customer. The addendum you quoted is one such addendum. In this case, it does not alter the original terms away from the very clear "Customer will not" language. I am of the opinion that your opinion is correct.
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