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  1. Nothing, I was laughing at this statement: "I didn't realize that in the real thing the pilot had to get out of his seat, head over to the touch screen panel above the sink, press an announcement button, and then head back to his seat each time" Can you imagine what that would look like!
    Looks Great! the only issue I have is my registration number is not displayed, I only see the red "QS" Could I be missing a windows font? Issue fixed, I had to enter the plane from the FO then the registration appeared!
  2. I know you are running out of solutions but before I remove the AviTab I was signed in with Navigraph, then I removed the AviTab to my desktop. Not sure if that helps but those were my steps. Good Luck!
  3. I did get the popup to work by first removing AviTab, then when I turned the battery on it prompt me for my Navigraph username and password.
  4. Same here, just subscribed to Navigraph and get the same results as you. Hopefully someone can share how they did it.
  5. Try this, To properly set the parking brake I have to push and hold the "B" key, and then push and release the "V" key, then release the "B" key.
  6. I believe without setting the parking brake properly was the cause, also I was able to fix it using the differential brake trick. Thanks for the help everyone! now it's time to get in the air!
  7. Great, I will try this! Thanks @EnQ
  8. I also have the same issue, rudder pedals work fine, but the wheel is locked like the image above from the previous poster(chocks are removed) so now I cant taxi, the nose wheel will not move at all. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Just wanted to report that on average I get around 38fps, when I turn on the interior lights (red lights on panel) my frames drop from 38fps to 31-32 fps.
  10. This video solved my lack of VNAV knowledge.
  11. You call that a rest! you guys need a longer break than that! Thank you for creating this masterpiece!
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