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  1. If it has happened twice, could you please try and get a video of it? Aside from arming APPR much, much too early, I'm not sure what could cause it
  2. I cannot reproduce this even by arming approach. My only other hunch is that you accidentally hit the NAV SRC a button on the DCP, which would have caused the NAV source to switch to LOC
  3. Testing this right now, but my suspicion is that you armed APPR while on the star. If that’s the case, the FMS could have initiated a NAV-NAV transfer, thus setting the autopilot to follow the ILS rather than LNAV.
  4. Hello! Could you try an access https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/2113/xml_data/d-TPP_Metafile.xml in your browser, and see what it says? From your log it looks like there is a SSL issue when trying to get the charts list from the FAA servers.
  5. Okay folks that’s enough, stay on topic and stop with the ad hominem please.
  6. There’s a whole complex dance that the FMSs have to execute, but in normal ops the conditions are: There is a suitable (read: LOC or ILS) approach procedure linked in the flight plan that the plane is in, or that is coming up down track in your FPL; The plane is within 31nm of the approach airport
  7. Simbrief is pretty hit and miss (and “miss” more than often) when it comes to cruise levels. As Graeme mentioned, these numbers are all in the Ops Reference document that comes with the plane — use it
  8. Things you need to check before the pax will deboardm pax signs are turned off engines are shutdown beacon is off cabin door and main door open
  9. It looks like you shut down the battery master switch before the end of the APU shutdown sequence, causing the APU to go into fault mode. If you open the APU servicing panel (under the number 1 engine), you can press the RESET FAULT button and you should be good to go
  10. This issue is caused by running the APR test while the engines are not running. As mentioned by Bruno, running the test again when the engines are running will fix this
  11. As highlighted by @RP31, Cowl Anti-Ice must be on, and 2 minutes must have elapsed, for the Supplemental Ground Wing Anti ice test to complete.
  12. Hi! I'm not familiar with the plugin itself, but I believe this is due to the aircraft using a fully custom electrical system, and therefore not setting the expected data refs to indicate the avionics are powered. This has been logged and is being worked on
  13. Could you please create a separate post, and add more data? We can't do much of anything without a log and screenshots of the issue Thanks!
  14. Hi Ed! Thanks for the report. I believe your issue was that you entered "5000A" -- "at or above 5000ft". Therefore, the VNAV solver starts at your most restrictive constraint (the @2100ft one for CF27), then projects the 3° profile back. 5000A doesn't require the solver to put you at 5000ft, but anywhere above that, so it won't show in the VNAV window, because VNAV is not aiming for 5000ft, just checking that whatever profile it comes up with passes SUM above 5000ft. If you want to make sure that VNAV gets to SUM at 5000ft, you can just enter "5000" as the constraint, and once you do
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