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  1. not been able to use this feature yet. never get the window that pops up to tell you to log in and aprove Navigraph
  2. Ok well I have tried removing every pluggin that Xplane does not need to launch. Really was hoping to get it working.
  3. Hi, It seems I am supposed to get a pop up window that sends me to Navigraph Website So I can link my account to the Aircraft however I never get this pop up. Starting from cold and dark, and clicking the Navigraph option in User settings, then powering on the BATT and AC I get nothing. Please Help Andy
  4. same here, I have it selected and have an active sub but all I see in menu is "Coverage Not Avaiable" at every airport.
  5. Just landed and was Sitting with engine off plane jumped up in air and landed destroying the landing gear and pressure vessel. Where to the panel states get saved so I can make copies for back up. I am rather angry as I flew this plane all the way across the atlantic with FSeconomy and now its ruined
  6. Highly recommend the TBM Performance app by PohPerformance (Android) not sure if it works on Apple. Superb in depth fuel planner
  7. Hi, over the last 2 weeks I have been flying back some long legs from South of Spain (as FSEconomy keeps track of aircraft location) and have crossed the Atlantic (Via Iceland). On arrival at KBOS I checked the maintenance hanger (first check since starting my trip) and found I had "Dirty" oil. I Changed it but I thought I read somewhere it should never need changing except at TBO. Did I do something wrong? Ive been keeping everything in the green and cruised at <80%. About 50 hours from new. Thanks
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