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SkyMaxx Pro - Coming Soon!


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Videos and Screenshots below!


Hi, Captains!,
As we get closer to launch of SkyMaxx Pro (how does this weekend sound? ;) ), I wanted to highlight some of the great screenshots and videos already taken in X-Plane 10 with this amazing sky rendering engine!
First, let's go over what SkyMaxx Pro is and what it means for you as an X-Plane user!
SkyMaxx Pro is an amazing new sky/cloud/weather rendering engine which overrides X-Plane's visual weather rendering (clouds, sky colors, etc) in order to provide you with an ultra realistic sky environment. This is all achieved with the use of a custom plug-in which also integrates seamlessly into X-Plane's weather menus and options so that you have a very minimal learning curve when it comes to using this amazing add-on. In fact, once it's installed you really don't have to do anything different than to set your weather just as you always have in X-Plane! This said, we realize that a lot of people have different perceptions as to what a sky should look like, so we also include a wonderful user interface for this plug-in which lets you adjust sky colors, crepuscular rays, how the clouds move, and more! With all of these options available to you, not only do you get an amazing sky environment, but you also get it how YOU want it. All of this is coupled with the fact that almost every one of our testers notices an increase in FPS over that of the default cloud engine supplied with X-Plane!
To give you an idea of the user interface, here's a quick screenshot of what it looks like from within sim:
Again, it's really important to stress here that this user interface is optional to use. SkyMaxx Pro works SEAMLESSLY with the already existing weather menus you know how to use. There's nothing new to learn here other than picking up your jaw in amazement after seeing this product work its magic!
SkyMaxx Pro introduces clouds aloft with wind speed, crepuscular rays, and full 3D clouds. In my opinion, it's quite literally the missing piece to the puzzle of X-Plane 10 to really make it feel like a complete, beautiful sim environment!
Some of you may be seeing this add-on for the first time, so lets get to some screenshots showing this product in action (videos down below as well):

Want to see some videos? Check these videos showcasing SkyMaxx Pro out!...




We're really excited to get this out to you, folks, so stay tuned! Release is near! :)

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This is great news. With SkyMaxx Pro on final, HD Mesh v2 at the gate, IXEG 737 starting descent, seems like X-Plane is reaching new heights and is setup for a long haul. The amount of excellent quality add ons currently valuable and under development is huge, both freeware and payware. The community is growing slowly but surely and X-Plane is consolidating as the best flight simulator in the market period. 

Thank you to all involved in making X-Plane what it is today.

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I have a couple requests;


1) Can you please post opposing shots of the same scene with HDR on & off? I've heard it isn't 100% with HDR yet but I would like to see the differences as I always leave HDR on.


2) Can you post a shot or two with fog or low visibility?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


PS-this request has absolutely no bearing on my purchase, i've been sold and patiently waiting since its onset...   8-)


Best Regards,



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I use X-plane 64 bit.  How does one create movies like the ones we see on You-tube with such clarity?  Also, what view is being utilized to see it all from wherever you want.  I see views from the back seat, far off in the distance etc.  I seem to use the Circle view but cannot get the same perspective.  Any insight would be great.  By the way I am waiting patiently for the download to come available this weekend for SkyMAXX.....it looks amazing.  I'm also going to download Urbanmax Pro and HD Mesh.  I never knew about either one.


Thanks for all you do for X-Plane!!



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