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  1. Thank you Bulva though I am not familiar with the location of the Dataref's. I got around it by assigning a button for NW Steering.
  2. This has not helped at all. I am now stuck without NW Steering. I have tried the noted trick, no joy, have deleted the GNS 5Blade Pref file, no joy. has this not been corrected yet? I am using version 2.0.1. Where is the command located and are we able to change it manually? I was having a ball with this plane now I just run into anything in front of me..
  3. Don't forget to go into the Plugins/RXPGNS/Settings and set "USE SIMULATOR COMMANDS". Also, be sure to do this for each unit (530 & 430).
  4. Yes, just drop the "RealityXP.GNS.ini" file in the MU-2 root folder (overwrite original) and the RXP GNS units will take over the XP GNS unit in the virtual cockpit.
  5. All,RealityXP.GNS.ini I have done the integration of the RXP GNS 530430 units and all works correctly. Be aware though, the attached file is for the GNS units and NOT the GTN units. Enjoy..
  6. Yes, and this is the output file I was referring too. As you can see, it is pretty much all black and I don't think the two areas top-right are the instruments since they are the same dimension and vertical. Using the integration instructions, you need to know where the top left and bottom right corners exist in this preview to locate the X/Y positions of the gauge screen (for each unit 530/430). Without a visible representation, it would be a guessing game to determine where X1/Y1 positions even are. No biggie, though the RXP's are way beyond the XP capability for GNS units. By the way for the Developer, glad you brought this bird into XP-11+, she has deserved this flight for some time..
  7. I was going to attempt this integration last night only to find the Panel Preview doesn't show the placeholders for the GNS devices. No way to confirm sizing and location to implement them. If the Developer could indicate the placeholders in the panel file it could be done.
  8. Just wanted to say, another fine update. Excellent work...
  9. Just got around to another hop in my TBM this morning. This aircraft is a dream to fly. Used it to fly an AH2 Cargo hop, "FLAWLESS". Entire process, startup to shutdown went without issues. Absolutely love this bird.. It had been a while since I've flown XP and the only maintenance required since, was an oil change. No problem for the ground crew, they knocked it out while I loaded the cargo. Thanks again to all at Hot Start, wonderful work!
  10. Just wanted to thank you all again. I love my hangar of SR22's both types 1000 & Entegra. Just did a short hop in the updated Entegra in VR and had a tremendous experience. All was outstanding and even with overcast conditions I didn't see any issues with frame rates though I don't use any SSAA in VR, only FXAA. Again, Love it, you all keep up the fantastic work over there. Best birds in the sky!!!
  11. Saturday can't come quick enough. Standing by, with towel in hand, to catch all the drool from the excitement.. For all having issues, it definitely works, I fly my 22 all the time. The starting function is a little finicky but she does fire up and flies like a work of art. Keep up the good work people let no one bring you down.
  12. Looks like another fantastic product all. Will be standing by awaiting its unveiling. Hope my new build components show up soon though.
  13. Anxu, just to compliment the inquiry, I have a Rift S and use the touch controllers, all work fine with the SR and a tremendous experience. You can't go wrong with these birds.
  14. That's odd, seems to work fine for me with the default XP Mixture AXIS in control setup. I have a Warthog setup though.
  15. Are you hitting the ENTER keypad button after inputting the frequency? Also, you need to assure the COM button is still in command before hitting the SWAP key. It jumps back to FMS rather quick. It definitely works from the keypad. Good Luck.
  16. SR22 Series N263JL View File Fictional repaint for the TS SR22 original. to install, copy the included folder to the \X-Aviation\SR22 Series\TorqueSim SR22\liveries Submitter Pivot Submitted 08/12/2020 Category General Aviation Livery For https://torquesim.com/sr22/ X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  17. Version 1.0.1


    Fictional repaint for the TS SR22 original. to install, copy the included folder to the \X-Aviation\SR22 Series\TorqueSim SR22\liveries
  18. Their heads weigh that much???? Keep up the good work guys, this is my #1 bird in the bird cage for sure. Here's a thought on the disappearing heads, have them fly off if you use the CAPS system..
  19. SR22TN_N2163P.zip View File Fictional livery for the new and beautiful SR22 Series from TorqueSim. Submitter Pivot Submitted 07/31/2020 Category General Aviation Livery For https://torquesim.com/sr22/ X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional livery for the new and beautiful SR22 Series from TorqueSim.
  21. To keep wings level, be sure to keep an eye on your rudder trim. This goes with pretty much, any change in power during flight.
  22. Bingo Coop, that did the trick. Let all know that cures the starter (key switch) issues. Fires right up and holds in place where needed. Thank you guy, greatly appreciate you all's response to these VR issues. I know we are kind of the minority here but you all come through flying high..
  23. Coop, any news on the Key startup.ability yet. Seems that this shouldn't be too hard of a fix for VR controllers. Without being able to use the key start in AH2 VR mode the plane doesn't seem to work in AH2.Guess it doesn't like flipping between 2D & 3D. I haven't noticed any other info on the new site so I posted here.
  24. Thank you Coop, these get us in the cockpit. Still seem to have an issue with the key in Start position, it locks in any of the others but not start. Had to 2D it to get her running. After that though all was fine. Have to agree with the other posts though, feels really strange to use up & down for throttle/mixture. Keep working on it though, you all are heading the right direction for sure..
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