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  1. Their heads weigh that much???? Keep up the good work guys, this is my #1 bird in the bird cage for sure. Here's a thought on the disappearing heads, have them fly off if you use the CAPS system..
  2. SR22TN_N2163P.zip View File Fictional livery for the new and beautiful SR22 Series from TorqueSim. Submitter Pivot Submitted 07/31/2020 Category General Aviation Livery For https://torquesim.com/sr22/ X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional livery for the new and beautiful SR22 Series from TorqueSim.
  4. To keep wings level, be sure to keep an eye on your rudder trim. This goes with pretty much, any change in power during flight.
  5. Bingo Coop, that did the trick. Let all know that cures the starter (key switch) issues. Fires right up and holds in place where needed. Thank you guy, greatly appreciate you all's response to these VR issues. I know we are kind of the minority here but you all come through flying high..
  6. Coop, any news on the Key startup.ability yet. Seems that this shouldn't be too hard of a fix for VR controllers. Without being able to use the key start in AH2 VR mode the plane doesn't seem to work in AH2.Guess it doesn't like flipping between 2D & 3D. I haven't noticed any other info on the new site so I posted here.
  7. Thank you Coop, these get us in the cockpit. Still seem to have an issue with the key in Start position, it locks in any of the others but not start. Had to 2D it to get her running. After that though all was fine. Have to agree with the other posts though, feels really strange to use up & down for throttle/mixture. Keep working on it though, you all are heading the right direction for sure..
  8. I seem to be in the same position, cannot start engine at all, regardless of settings. Also ran the battery down trying and the plugin "charge batteries" doesn't seem to do anything. I am dead in the water. Oh and VR is a whole other nightmare. Ignition key keeps flipping back to off so gave up on this.
  9. Wow, the default values weren't even close. I wasn't sure what I was looking at. The VR Tools couldn't even back up far eneough.
  10. Hooray... Got it, now to go fly through the eye of the hurricane.. Oh boy, chiseling it onto the hard drive.. hahaha
  11. What the HECK .... Longest Saturday in history..
  12. Sundial is off due to cloud cover from the hurricane..
  13. Guess I'll have to change pants again, more holes in pockets..
  14. Sure hope their server handles the loading..
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